Your Three Words

We will find out tomorrow whether our little peanut is a boy or a girl! I am still thinking it is a boy so I will be wearing blue to our party. Nick hasn't decided what color he is going to wear so I guess I'll see what he picks tomorrow. 

We pick up our cake at noon tomorrow. Hopefully I can let it sit on my counter for the 4 hours before the party without peaking! :oP

If you haven't voted, you still have a few more hours to do so! The poll is in my sidebar. BOY is the clear pick as of right now.

Play along with Y3W over on Jenni's Blog!



  1. I hopped over from Jenni's blog. Love your idea for the party! We'll always be team green, but I'd love to attend a party like yours for a friend. Have fun, and enjoy celebrating the surprise.

  2. OMG, I have NO IDEA how you are doing that!!! It would drive me looney, lol. Especially to have the cake sit on the counter for 4 hours (!!!)... OMG.

    Hoave will power mama... stick with your plan of finding out with everyone. Your little BOY will be worth the wait ;)

    Can't wait to hear!!!

  3. how about Hannah? Is she wishing for a brother or sister???


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