7 years!

I am so so lucky that I get to do life with this man!!

Things have changed slightly since we first started dating in high school 17 years ago!

It hasn't always been easy but we have created on hell of a beautiful life together! 

Our three children are by far, our greatest accomplishment! 

can't wait to see what else this crazy roller coaster has in store for us!!

Colson's Big Boy Bed

Colson finally has his big boy bed!

And with a new big boy bed comes new big boy bedding!

The bedding is from Pottery Barn and I pretty much pink puffy heart love it! It's a quilt so it's not super bulky and I love the colors. I originally wanted something with green in it along with the reds, oranges and yellows but I couldn't find anything. This had everything but the green so I went with it.

Now I just need to get yarn to crochet his blanket since the girls flower blankets are finished. :o)

Have I ever posted about their blankets on here?
I don't think so, only on IG, so here is a photo. :o)
Hailey's is on top and Hannah's is on bottom.

Anyways, for Colson's blanket I am going to match the colors in the quilt.

And I am almost positive I am going to do this pattern with the light grey yarn being the main color.

And if we thought Colson couldn't look any smaller?? Wrong! Now he looks tiny in his new huge bed. :oP He's pretty stinkin' cute though when he's all tucked in in it. :o)

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Apple Pickin'

We finally made it out to the apple orchard this past weekend. 

We went a few weeks later than we usually go so we missed out on honeycrisps but the kiddos still had a blast finding the perfect apples.

It was a bit crowded so we didn't hang out at the orchard all that much...we pretty much just took the tractor ride to the apples and then rode it back, paid for the apples, and left. So that was kind of a bummer. We usually try to stick around and grab some food but not this year. 

Don't worry though, we did get some apple and pumpkin donuts! :o)

Hopefully when we go pumpkin pickin' we can enjoy some of the extras that they have going on. We might try a new pumpkin patch and they have a few rides and some other fun stuff which I'm sure the kiddos would love! :o) 

I just can't believe it's almost October and that we will be going to the pumpkin patch in the next few weeks! Crazy!


The temp has cooled off.

The leaves are starting to change.

My favorite season is here...Fall!

My decorations are up and this past weekend we had a fire in our fireplace.

It was perfect!

We're hoping to get out this weekend to the apple orchard and hoping even harder that there are some honeycrisp apples left to pick.

In the spirit of all things Fall and apple--here are a couple recipes that caught my eye. I think I am going to have to make these! :o)

Apple Coffee Cake Muffins

Cinnamon Apple Cheesecake Bars

Now all I have to do is dust off my boots, bring out my sweaters, and buy some new fall scent waxes for my scentsy burner. :o)

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We Have A Walker!

Hailey took her first steps just a few days before she turned 1 year old.

She had been cruising the furniture for a while but was finally brave enough to let go. The first couple times, she was so excited that her head would move faster than her feet and she would pretty much just face dive into the floor. But the more we worked with her, the calmer she got and by the end she was taking a good 3-4 steps on her own.

We have since moved up to 6-7 steps and its usually between the chair and the couch.


She still uses the convenience of crawling when it comes to long distances, but she is getting there.

So, okay, we don't have a full fledged "walking everywhere" walker, but I am calling it...Hailey was walking by 1 year old!!! That's what I am putting in the baby book anyways. :o)

It's just crazy because to us she is walking so soon. The other two didn't walk until 14 months old so the 2 month difference is a pretty big deal.

Hailey just gets so excited every time she walks. It's so fun watching her learn new things! She is just getting so big!

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Hailey's 1 Year Stats

Little miss weighs in at 19.9 lbs and measures just over 28 inches long.

She is pretty spot in with Colson's stats at the same age. Hannah was the biggest at 21 lbs and 29.76 inches so 1.5 lbs heavier and over 1.5 inches longer. :oP

So it's no surprise that 12 month clothes are still a bit big on her. She would probably still be wearing 9 month stuff if it wasn't for the fact that all of our Fall clothes start at 12 months. 

Hailey is still in a size 3 diaper.

Not sure what her shoe size is but we need to get her her first pair of walkers...because folks, we have a walker!!! Blog post to come!!

Hailey eats pretty much everything and it is so nice that she can eat what we are eating or what the other kids are eating. But man are we going through food a lot faster now!

She has 4 teeth but numbers 5 and 6 are ready to break through any day now.

Still sleeping pretty well. She has been waking up around 5am for a good 2-3 weeks solid now but I'm hoping that we can put an end to that since we just moved everyone's rooms around and she now is sleeping in her own room instead of our room. Blog post about that is coming too! I'm thinking teething and wanting to walk are to blame, but I usually just give her a bit of milk and she goes right back to sleep. I really want her to learn to put herself back to sleep though.

She is babbling all the time. She has conversations with toys. She can also say dada, mama, ni-ni, baba, da-er (Dodger), uh oh, and sometimes I think she has said hello. So nothing else really since 11 months but we are working on things. We are also working on learning where our nose, eyes and month are located.

She is pretty much happy all the time and is very easy going. 

Next well visit isn't until 15 months.

Hailey's 1st Birthday Party--Cake and Pesents

Hailey was the dantiest cake eater I have ever seen in my life!

After we sang happy birthday, she started to very so carefully pick off all of the pink frosting from the '1' on her cake. That was all she would eat. :oP 

I finally went in and stuck my finger into the cake part of it to show it to her...

But nope, she stuck to eating the pink icing. 

And she actually kind of hated the frosting in her hand--she tried shaking it off! 

Hailey finally got bored with the cake so we washed her off. The dainty eater only really had it on her hands and mouth so that was super easy to clean up!

Here is the cake afterwards--notice there is no longer a '1' on it. 

And these two waited ever so patiently--Colson with fork in hand, so then it was time to cut the other cake.

I would also like to point out that Nick must have also been waiting patiently for cake--notice the fork in his pocket! :oP 

Okay, really he had the fork because he had just given our niece a sneak taste of the cake before cutting, but looking at this photo...it just makes me giggle! :oP

After cake, it was time for presents.

Hailey got some super cute outfits and some pretty awesome toys (that her siblings also love)!

A huge thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Hailey's birthday!! She is so lucky to have you all in her life!

I still cannot believe she is 1 already!!

Happy 1st Birthday, Hailey!!


Today you turned the big 1 and I just cannot believe it!

You have been such a joy in our lives. I seriously never knew that my heart could grow so much.

Your spunk and sass is so fun to watch.

Your love for your sister and brother brings tears to my eyes. You love them so much.

Your open mouth, slobbery kisses are always welcome!!

This past year flew by way to fast and it's not fair. I long for that little bitty baby sleeping in my arms. But I love the little person you are becoming and it's so fun to watch you grow and discover and learn new things.

I hope you know just how loved you are--not only by momma and dada, but by your sister and brother, grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. 

Happy 1st birthday, sweet girl!! 

Hailey's 1st Birthday Party--The Details

We had a beautiful day for Hailey's birthday party! It was in the upper 60s and the sun was shining. We really couldn't have asked for a better day.

I went simple with the food and made crockpot BBQ pulled chicken and Italian beef sandwiches. Then we just had potato salad, cole slaw, fruit salad and chips for the side dishes.

For drinks, I tried to stay with the color theme of pink and teal. I made pink lemonade, berry blue punch, and a pink moscato punch. We set out mason jars as the cups.

We set up a tent in our backyard to put the tables under and so I could hang the hot air balloons that I made.

I hung the fabric banner off of our fence and put the high chair in front of it for when Hailey did her cake.

I had a little table set up on the deck for the two cakes. I was really pleased with how the cake topper looked on the cake. :o)

It was really nice to be able to have a birthday party outside! :o)

Plus, the birthday girl looked extra cute in her hot air balloon dress by Jelly The Pug.

Up next: the cake!