More Snow & Some Sledding

We started off Christmas break with the kids going sledding and playing in the snow.

We still had some snow from 2 recent snowstorms so we wanted to take advantage of it before the warmer weather came in to melt it.

I'm glad we did because we have been having above normal temps since then--like even 50 degree days so who knows when we will get another decent snowfall for sledding.

A Beautiful Snow

We had a beautiful snowfall the other day--like big fluffy snowflakes that stuck to everything.

It was so beautiful, so I had to take the kids outside to let them play and snap some pictures.

The ended up building snowmen--all by theirselves. They did a great job!

Fall Scarf Exchange

I joined up with a few blogs a couple weeks ago for a Fall Scarf Exchange.


I love doing these exchanges because I have found some really great blogs in the process.

For this exchange I was paired up with Andrea from The House of Sprout.

I had a fun time shopping for her so I hope she enjoyed her goodies!

I loved my scarf that she picked out for me! I have already worn it multiple times. It is the perfect weight. Not to heavy or bulky but just warm enough for the 50 degree days we have been having.

She also included a super cute pair of earring in my box as well. Love!!

Thank you Andrea! I love everything!

Thank you to CourtneyLiz and Whitney for hosting! Be sure to check out the link up to look at the other blogs who participated! :o)

Halloween Costumes--Through the years

Snow White and her Dwarf

Red Riding hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Madeline and Pepito

Mary Poppins, the Penguin and Bert

The Incredibles
Rockford Peaches--Dottie, Jimmy Dugan and Kit

 Is it wrong to already be thinking about our costumes for next Halloween?? :oP



We had a perfect day for trick or treating this year. It was nice to not have to carry umbrellas or bundle up.

This year the kids went as the Rockford Peaches--Dottie, Jimmy Dugan, and Kit.

I made their costumes again and I love how they turned out.

After pictures jn their costumes, it was time to get the candy!!

The kids had a blast and got tons of candy!

Indianapolis Zoo

Over the kids Fall break, we decided to head down to Indy to meet my bestie and take all of our kiddos to the zoo.

I was super glad I could meet up with Sara. All of our kids getting to hang out was just a bonus.

It was a lot of driving and it was a long day...but it was a fun day!

Pumpkin Pickin'

So we went pumpkin picking at a new place this year.

It was just a small family owned farm right down the road from us...but it was fantastic. It was the perfect place to go! Not a lot of people and cool pumpkins.

The kids had a blast!