Here are just a few videos of Hannah that I couldn't resist posting!  :o)


It's a hole.

Fascinated with the camera.

Hannah clapping.


Show Us Your Life—Wedding Party and Details

This week over at Kelly's Korner is Show Us Your Life—Wedding Party and Details. 

So without further adieu, here is my wedding!  :o)

I married my high school sweet heart on September 29, 2007... after 11 years of dating. (geesh, that's a long time.)  

Our wedding day was perfect!  We got married outside and the weather was gorgeous. 
The ceremony site was decorated with twig branchs covered in button mums.   I made the aisle runner with our monogram on it.

Our wedding party consisted of our closest friends and siblings. Nick had 5 groomsmen and I had 5 bridesmaids and a junior bridesmaid.

My Maid-of-Honor, Sara.  My best friend from college.

My Matron-of-Honor, Erin.  My best friend since middle school.

All the girls. (L to R) Sara, Erin, sis-in law Mandi, me, high school friend Michelle, junior bridesmaid Megan, my sis Holly

The girls wore a plum floor length dress made out of satin. They had a different bouquet in the same colors, and I added a crystal initial to each one.

All the guys. (L to R, speaking for Nick) high school friend Austin, college friend Kevin, Nick, friend since elementary school Jerry, brother-in-law Dan, high school friend Rob.

The guys wore black suits with silver vests and ties... except for Nick, he wore a black vest and tie.

I could add another twenty photos but I will stop here.  :o) I hope you enjoyed the photos.  I can't wait to blog about the reception!

**All photos were taken by the fabulous Kimberly Jarman!**


Hannah's 9 months stats:

weight -- 19.3 lbs -- 55th percentile 
(+1.5 lbs from 6 months)

height -- 28 inches -- 65th percentile 
(+2 inches from 6 months)

head -- 43.6 cm -- 45th percentile 
(+1.6 cm from 6 months)

Hannah has seemed to level off in weight and height.  At 6 months she was in the 85th and 75th percentile respectively for those things.

Now she doesn't go back until the day after her 1st birthday.


9 Months!

Hannah is 9 months old today!  Holy Crap!

She is crawling all over the place.  Right now it is just the army crawl but in the past week she has been pushing up on all 4's and rocking, so I don't think it will be long before she starts to crawl on all 4's.

She is talking all the time and has just started saying mama.  We are pretty sure that she knows that I am mama... I will go to get her out of her crib or play pen and he will say it at me. But of course there are those times where she calls daddy mama and she just says it while playing.  But I'm going to stick with her knowing that I am mama... because it's pretty cool :o)  

She has loved everything we have put into her mouth.  There has yet to be a food that she does not like. Although she is still not really interested in any form of finger foods.  We tried giving her those puff cereals and she just plays with them in her hand. We will give her the occasional Mum-Mum and she will eat that, but it only lasts for a short while and then she gets side-tracked.

She is interested in everything.  She loves her toys and she loves looking at the jewelry I am wearing. And she really loves paper, as you could probably tell from the above photos.  :oP  For the past two months I have had a hard time getting her monthly photo because she is so interested in the paper.  She will grab it before I have a chance to snap the shutter.  So then I have to try to get a picture with her where you can actually read the piece of paper.  :oP

She is getting so big!  I can't believe it.  She goes in for her 9 month check-up on Monday so I will be sure to post her stats. She seems to be growing like a weed so I can't wait to see what she weighs and see how long she is!

Happy 9 month birthday little butterfly!  :o)



We put Hannah in a swing for the first time this past weekend.  We're pretty sure she had fun, but like other things in her life she just acted indifferent. (i.e. eating baby food for the first time, swimming for the first time...) 

This kid lacks excitement, I think.  :oP  

But she also had a really bad runny nose that day (that is why she has her tongue out in the pic) because we think she is getting a top tooth. I'm sure she wasn't feeling 100% that day.

However, she didn't scream or cry so that's gotta be a good sign.  I can't wait until my dad builds her a frame for her swing so I can push her in it at home!  :o)

On to the pics:

And then, just because I thought this was the cutest/funniest thing... 

Yeah, she fell asleep like that.  ???? I don't know... how in the world could that be comfortable?


38 weeks

Hannah is 38 weeks old this week.

You may be wondering why I am informing you all of this little fact...

Well, it is because Hannah has now been with us outside of the womb longer than she was with us inside of the womb.  I delivered Hannah at exactly 38 weeks, at 9:26 am... and if my calculations are correct, at this moment Hannah is 38 weeks and about 1 hour old.

Why did my pregnancy seem to drag by and here I am with almost a 9 month old little girl and I feel like I haven't even had time to blink.

If I think about it too much I start to cry so I don't want this post to be all mushy, about how my little girl is getting so big.  (I did that when she turned 8 months old and I'm sure I'll do that when she turns 9 months old, so I will save you all and avoid it in this post.)

So I will just leave you with a few photos!  :o)

Hannah and mommy on the day she was born.  
October 25, 2008

Hannah and mommy on July 6, 2009.


Rocking Horse... I Mean Rocking Dog

While my mom was cleaning out her basement she came across me and my sister's toys from when we were little.  She cleaned up this rocking horse (well, it's actually a dog) for Hannah to play on.  She is still a little small to play on it herself so my mom held and rocked her while she sat on it.  I think she really liked it!  :o)


Font Junky

So I admit that I am a font junky.  I have over 5,000 fonts... granted that includes fonts in the same family (i.e. regular, bold, italic versions of the same font) but I have a ton.  The joys of working for a design company.  :o)  

But I am always looking at fonts.  I can never seem to find just the right script font, or just the right serif font out of ALL of the fonts that I have.

I am hoping that once my business picks up, I can start to buy some new fonts!  :o)

Here are just a few that I fancy:

Baker Script
Preview Image

Adagio Pro
Preview Image

Preview Image

Nelly Script
Preview Image

Preview Image

Preview Image

Preview Image

Preview Image

Preview Image

Preview Image

Yeah, I might have a slight problem!  :oP


Here We Go!

The time has come for me to announce my new website/adventure!

Click on the image!  :o)


Baby on the move!

I can't walk into the kitchen without Hannah following me to the gate.  And I can't go into the office without her crawling down the hallway.  :oP  Hannah wants to know where mommy is at all times.

Our life with a stationary baby has officially come to an end!  Look out world, baby on the move! :o) 



A couple months ago Nick and I were watching television when all of a sudden we heard a crash.  We turn around and look into the kitchen to find that one of the shelves in our hutch fell.  I guess when we moved it from the old house to the new house a pin holding up a corner of the shelf fell out... and a few weeks after moving, the shelf decided that it no longer wanted to stay in the hutch. So yeah, everything on the shelf can crashing to the floor.  :o( And of course it was the shelf that I had ALL of my serving bowls on... handmade ceramic bowls and nice Pier 1 bowls.  UGH!  Needless to say, I was NOT happy for the rest of the night.

I have yet to replace my bowls.  :o(  I usually use them when we have a party so I really haven't needed to use any bowls... but the day will come when I'll need a large serving bowl.

So, I have been browsing Etsy for handmade ceramic bowls.  Granted I can't really afford another handmade ceramic bowl as they tend to be expensive, but its fun to look!  :o)

large stoneware serving bowl / pottery by ningswonderworld

Multi Colored Bowl/Handmade Wheel Thrown Stoneware Clay Pottery

Serving Bowl Deep Brown and Purple

ochre moss wide bottom bowl


Play Date #2

Hannah had another play date... this time with fellow blogger, Hilary and her daughter Addison.

Again, all Hannah wanted to do was pull on Addison and take her toys.  I think Hannah is going to wear the pants in all of her relationships!  :oP

Here are a few pics.

Being nice and sharing toys.

But wait, you have hair...

...I want to grab it!

I guess she got bored though because all the was interested in was my feet.  :o/

Fun times though!  We'll have to do it again sometime soon, Hilary!