Vacation Part 2—Grand Cayman Turtle Farm

I think the Turtle Farm was our favorite thing we did while on vacation.

Hannah enjoyed every minute of it and didn't want to leave.

I have quite a few photos and even some video so ENJOY! :o)

The first thing we came to at the farm was the breeding area. These turtles in the next few photos were HUGE! I had no idea sea turtles got so large! I'm talking like, their shell alone was 4 feet long, large. It was crazy. And they were so beautiful!

Then we came up to an area where the turtles were significantly smaller...only a foot or two long. It was in these holding tanks that you could pick up the turtles.

 Enjoy a little video clip of them swimming. One pretty much came up to me and said hello! 

 After all of the holding tanks, we came to a bench. On this bench was a little rubbermaid-like container. In this container were 4 five month old little baby sea turtles. Can we say cute!?

Hannah was beside herself that she could actually hold one...on her own. If she could have taken this little guy home, she would have put him in my diaper bag in a second. She loved him!

Here's a video of Hannah and Colson with the little baby sea turtle.

5 months old above and the turtles in the breeding pond (and in the photo below) were 100+ years old.
And we all know from Finding Nemo that sea turtles can live to be 150 years old! Craziness!!!

I'll leave you with one last really short video clip. As we were leaving, they had just fed the large turtles in the breeding area.

Sea turtles truly are amazing creatures!

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