Empty Picture Frames

I have been wanting to put empty old picture frames on our mantel for a long time. I'm not sure where I first saw the idea, but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it! I think it looks super chic but contemporary at the same time.

But its one of those things where I don't just want to go to the store and buy frames. Not only would they be expensive, but that would take some of the fun out of the project. I think it would be great if I could find some old ones at an antique store.

Depending on the quality of the frame, I could either leave them in the state that I find them (which is what I would prefer) or I could always paint them in more exciting colors. Although I'm thinking this might not be the best option for our living room and our paint color.

So I'm thinking that once the weather gets a little nicer outside, Nick and I will hit up a few antique stores. Maybe we'll make a day out of it and travel up to Michigan and find some store, although we do have a few in town.

I think it would be a lot of fun.  If I manage to pull my vision, I will be sure to post some photos! :o)


Little Book Worm

Hannah is absolutely in love with books right now.  No other toy really even exists to her. Her little people are old news, I guess! :oP

Catching up on some light reading while eating an animal cookie. Or as Hannah likes to call them: ca-cahs

Hummm...maybe dada will read me a story...

Yay! I love stories! (notice the mouth full of animals cookies and the one in her hand!)

Momma, I've got another one!

And yes, we were still putting the wubby on our head.


Silly Girl

My daughter insisted on wearing her 'wubby' on her head.
I don't know. She's such a silly girl.

And 2 pics of Hannah and mommy...because those don't happen too often.

Please ignore the super crappy quality of these photos. They were taken with my little camera and more times than not I just want to throw that camera through a wall. I don't even know why I use it half the time. Between the grainy quality, funky lens flares and the camera never focusing, it just pisses me off!

Okay, end of rant!

I'm just going to stick with my DSLR from now on! If only my DSLR took video then I'd be set for life.  One day, one day!


Target Trip

Yesterday, myself, Hannah and my mom went to Target after Hannah got her 15 month shots. I love Target but I have to contain myself when I walk into that store. I could easily spend hundreds of dollars every time I go but obviously that would just be crazy.

This past trip though I found a few cute things that were on sale. A couple books for Hannah that were $1 each. A bag of animal cookies for $1. A cute pair of dress shoes for Hannah for less than $4. They are the ones in the pic below, just in red.
Product Image Pre-Walk Girls' Genuine Kids from OshKosh® Abia Dress Shoes - Black Patent
Then I got some of the necessities like dishwasher soap, baby wipes, bread, milk, etc., etc. All-in-all a successful and rather cheap trip to Target! :o)

Plus my mom got Hannah a few things which was an awesome bonus. She got her this super cute butterfly dress with pink leggings to go under it.
Product Image Infant Girls' Short-sleeve Bubble Sleeve Dress - Banana

And these super cute boots. I love them! :o)
Product Image Toddler Girls' Circo® Jaliyah Suede Boots - Fuchsia

Hannah says thanks grandma!


New Shoes

This past Saturday Hannah got some new shoes. We needed to get her some walking shoes because the shoes she had before were prewalkers. So we headed out to Stride Rite.

A lot of the shoes we liked were either not in her size or they were not wide enough for her feet. :o( But we managed to come home with 2 super cute pairs of shoes!

NMS ShawnaNMS Nicolette


Side-by-Side Comparison

Here is a little side-by-side comparison of myself, Hannah and Nick. We are all about the same age in these pictures.

Who do you think Hannah looks like???
I'm on the left and Nick is on the right.
(I put a little poll in my side bar so be sure to vote!)

When Hannah was a baby everyone thought she looked just like Nick and I pretty much agreed with them. Although I did think she had my mouth and eyes. Now that she is one people say she still looks like Nick, but I think Hannah looks a lot more like me now. I don't know. What do you think? Maybe she is just a good mixture of both of us! :o)


You're My Little Love Bug

by Heidi R. Weimer

You're my little love bug
my cuddly kangaroo
my funny bunny
sweet as honey
all of this is true!

You're my punkin wunkin
my peaches and my pie
my bread-and-butter
peanut butter
apple of my eye.

You're my wiggly worm
my busy little bee
my silly goose
my moosey-moose
my monkey up a tree.

You're my ice cream sandwich
my watermelon gum
my soda pop
my lollipop
my yummy yummy yum!

You're my lovey dovey
my stinker winker bear
my silly willy
alligator stare.

You're my bowl of cherries
my toast with berry jam
my snickerdoodle
chicken noodle
what a little ham!

You're my tootsie wootsie
my squishy wishy cheeks
my tickle toes
button nose
giggles, squeals and squeaks.

You're everything that's wonderful
you're all of the above
but most of all
what you are
is god's sweetest gift of love!


My Crafty Results

I managed to do some crafts the other day while Hannah was napping. I made a handful of hair clippies for Hannah and I love them!

I took a few photos of them so you could see how they turned out! They're not the best but it will give you an idea. :o)

These measure about 3 inches across...so they are pretty decently sized.

These are smaller and measure about 1.5 inches across...perfect for pigtails!

I put alligator clips on the backs of them and lined them with grosgrain ribbon. I might buy some no-slip stuff so they won't slide out of Hannah's hair but they work for now.

I'll have to take a photo of some of them one Hannah. They are super cute!

If any one is interested in these, let me know! I have tons of materials left to be able to make more and would love to make some for you! Blogger friends discount! :o)


Wooly Baby

I am absolutely in love with this Esty Store: Wooly Baby.

How cute are these?
Dresses from Grandma...Lambswool Slippers from Upcycled Sweater, Sizes newborn - 4 years
Moon Flowers... Cashmere Slippers from Upcycled Sweaters, Size 12-18 months
Marbles... Lambswool Slippers from Upcycled Sweater, Size 6-12 months
Hand Cranked... Alpaca Slippers from Repurposed Sweater, Size 18 months - 3 yrs
Turtles on the Way Home... Merino Wool Slippers from Reclaimed Sweater, Sizes 1- 4 years
Go Fish... Lambswool Slippers from Upcycled Sweater, Size 0 - 6 months

Love 'em!


A Lazy Day. A Crafty Day.

I am taking a lazy day with my daughter! We're doing nothing but playing in the living room. We might even have a mommy//daughter lunch date somewhere. :o) Sometimes you just have to forget all of the things that you need to do (laundry, pay bills, clean house) and just have fun! :o)

And while Hannah takes her naps today, I am going to craft.  I'm either going to crochet...something I haven't done since Hannah was born or I am going to make some hair clips for Hannah. I have tons of felt and I began an adventure a long time ago that didn't really work out, so I have all of the material to make them. I will be sure to post photos when I am finished Maybe some of you will be interested! I would be more that happy to make clippies for you as well! :o)

I made a little clippy holder yesterday. I had the "H" so I just added ribbon to the bottom so I could attach the clips.

Now I am able to see all of the bows she has! Plus she should be getting more in the mail soon, so this is much easier than trying to find them in a bin!