The County Fair

Yesterday evening we took Hannah to her very first county fair!  I think from the photos you'll be able to see that we all had a great time! :o)

We saw sheep, cows, ducks and rabbits. 

Daddy might have given Hannah a fried oreo while mom was away getting her food...
Needless-to-say, I think Hannah enjoyed it! 
(And don't worry, she did have a hot dog and some corn before the oreo!)

Mommy (aka pregnant girl) enjoyed a fried pickle! 
Healthy, right!?

Hannah played the duck game...

...and won a stuffed doggy! :o)

Hannah really enjoyed all of the lights.
And yes, she is still holding her toy!

We had to get some ice cream. 
Hannah might have had a few bites...

We all had so much fun at the fair! I don't think Hannah wanted to leave! :o)


Fears and Excitement

There are always common fears and excitement when it comes to pregnancy and raising a child. I have been through those feelings and I have survived them.

I was blessed with a super easy pregnancy with my first and we have been even more blessed with an awesome daughter...a daughter who pretty much from the beginning, has been a breeze to take care of.

From the moment I got pregnant with Hannah I was worried about the countless sleepless nights that were to come. The constant crying and not knowing what was wrong or what to do. How we would tackle going out to eat--if we could even go out at all? Those fears would turn into something that I didn't really need to fear at all.

Hannah never had a problem sleeping and she never cried just to cry. I actually have a hard time trying to pinpoint times where we can even remember her crying. Sure when she was just born she would cry when she was hungry, but we would feed her and then she would be perfectly content. Hannah also slept most of the day (she obviously gets this from her dada). Hannah still has no problems sleeping and while we are slowing creeping into the 2 year old stage, I have yet to find myself pulling my hair out because my child will not listen. Will Hannah get upset when she doesn't get something she wants or to is to impatient to wait for something??? Of course. But it is short lived and she quickly moves on to something else. We have yet to really enter the terrible two stage of throwing fits. I'm hoping this is something we can avoid all together.

Hannah is a happy child. I am home with her. We play. We explore. We go out. She is very well behaved and we are very lucky! We have been very lucky from the beginning and I know this.

This brings me to this second pregnancy. Are we excited??? Of course...we are over the moon! We are excited to complete our family. We are excited to give Hannah a sibling...someone to play with, to grow up with, someone who will be there with her long after we are gone.

But with those things comes some fears that were not there with the first pregnancy. Fears for Hannah and how her life, while maybe for just a short time, will be turned completely upside down. How will she take to having a new baby in the house? How will she act now that it is not just her getting the attention? Deep down inside I truly feel that Hannah will be perfectly fine. I think she is going to be a great helper and a loving sister. But these are things we will not find out until baby #2 makes his/her arrival and it makes me really nervous. Because you never know!

I also fear being able to take care of two children at the same time. Once Nick goes back to work how will I juggle a baby who needs to eat every 2 hours with a 2 1/2 year old who wants nothing more than than to play? How will I run an errand with two children? And then on top of all of that, how will I squeeze in a few loads of laundry and make dinner? I know it will get has to. I will have to just roll with the punches. I guess I just fear the process of finding the balance.

Then there are those fears that I had with my first that are still there with the second pregnancy. Since Hannah was such a good baby, could we really be blessed again with another good baby? Another baby who will have no problems sleeping? Another baby who is content and doesn't cry? Another baby who loves to go 'bye-bye' to the store?

I'm sure every mother goes through these feelings. I know I am strong enough to handle whatever challenges may come but you can't help but have these feeling in the back of your mind. Either way though, we will have two beautiful children...who are a part of us. That is something that I still have a hard time comprehending. It is just so fabulous! I love Hannah more than anything and one fear I do not have is that I will not love our second as much as Hannah. I know I will! My heart has already grow with love for this little one growing inside of me and I am so excited to hold him/her in my arms and show them the world! :o)


Family Pic—Sneak Peak

We had our family pictures taken yesterday evening with the wonderful Amy Straka. She was really able to capture some great moments which was quite the feat since Hannah was more interested in running around the fields. :oP

Here are a few that she posted on her facebook:

Okay, yes there may be a slight baby bump in this picture below...although I think I just look more fat than anything. I guess you can be the judge. LOVE this picture though! It's definitely getting put up on our wall!

Cheesing it up for the camera! :oP

And possibly the best picture ever. :oP I love it! That is Hannah 100%!

Amy, thank you so much for capturing out crazy family! We love the pictures and we can't wait to see the rest. :o)


A Couple Randoms

I feel like Hannah is outgrowing some of her toys. Yes, her birthday is less than 3 months away but one or two new toys right now wouldn't hurt, would it?

I think a Mrs Potato Head is a must get! :oP
Mrs. Potato Head - Playskool -  Hasbro - Toys"R"Us

I got this dress at Target. Granted I don't have a big baby bump yet, but it still works if I wanted to wear it now. It is so comfy! Plus when the weather gets chillier, I can wear leggings under it.

Product Image Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Short-Sleeve Dress - Purple/Gray


11 Weeks

How far along? 11 weeks

Weight gain/loss: ??? I'm sure I've gained something. That's what my pants are telling me anyways.

Maternity clothes? I have been enjoying my maternity capris from when I was pregnant with Hannah.  Not wearing maternity tops yet though.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep? Eh. Better, I guess.

Best moment this week? Getting mulch in our flower beds. (was this supposed to be baby related because things are still pretty uneventful?)

Food cravings: Chocolate

Gender: Won't find out until September but I have had a feeling that this baby is a boy.

Belly button in or out? In

Movement? Not yet.

What I miss? Coke. But I have cheated and had one or two since I found out I was pregnant. Shhhh...don't tell anyone!

What I'm looking forward to: Family pics got rained out last week so we rescheduled for today. Next doctor appointment is finally less than 2 weeks away. It feels like it will never get here!

Milestones: Baby is 1 1/2 inches long and forming bone.

Baby, fetus at 11 weeks - BabyCenter
No baby bump picture yet...although sometimes I feel that I look like I did when I was 18 weeks pregnant with Hannah. I'm sure I'm not but its the 1st bump pic I took last time so its all I've got to go on. At least I hope I'm not that big yet...but they do say you show faster with the second. :o/ Maybe I'll take a photo next week...that way I'm not teasing you guys!


Flower Beds

We have lived in our house for over a year and we finally got mulch for our front flower beds.

I spent Saturday morning pulling weeds (they had gotten crazy) and then we spent the afternoon laying the mulch. It is amazing how much better it looks.

I should have taken a before picture but I only took an after.

We still have to finish laying the block for the back flower beds and then weed and lay mulch in those. We're thinking that that is going to be a Fall project though.

Fall can arrive anytime, too. I am so over this hot weather! Maybe it will come early... :oP


Pregnancy Yoga

I have had mild cramping on and off throughout this pregnancy (annoying!) and I just started to get round ligament pains. Of course, it freaks you out that something might be wrong but the nurse assured me that it is completely normal. I just wish I could see our little peanut squirming or hear the beautiful heartbeat so I would actually believe that everything is fine! (hurry up August 9th!)

But I was thinking that maybe I would get a pregnancy yoga DVD to help stretch out that area and maybe get rid if some of the crampiness.

I have been browsing through amazon and came across a few that might be good.

Prenatal Yoga with Mimi Solaire

Prenatal Yoga with Mimi Solaire

Element: Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

Element: Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

Yoga for Pregnancy: a gentle prenatal yoga workout

Yoga for Pregnancy: a gentle prenatal yoga workout

I've never done yoga before but I'm sure it will be very beneficial for me and baby. Have any of you ever done yoga? Any advice or recommendations?


10 Weeks

How far along? 10 weeks

Weight gain? I couldn't tell ya. I should really buy a new scale.

Sleep? It's been rough.

Best moment this week? One of my best friends had her little baby girl, Annie, yesterday. :o)

Food cravings? Yeah, pretty much anything. The queasiness seems to have gone away for the most part (knock on wood) so anything and everything sounds good.

What I miss. Fall! I am so ready to be able to wear jeans and sweaters. 

What I'm looking forward to. Meeting Annie tonight. :o)

What I love about being pregnant this week. That I am actually pregnant! :o)

Milestones? The baby is now a fetus and is about 1 1/2 inches long. I am also 1/4 of the way done with my pregnancy. :o) Grow baby grow!



We rotated some toys out the other day and I brought back out this dog that plays music and talks. Hannah was fascinated by it, where before she never really gave it the time of day (hence, why it was put up in her toy box). She loves dancing to the music and I managed to get a little bit if video of it. I love it when she dances. It is so cute! :o)

dancing from Jennifer Loving on Vimeo.


Wubby was talking on the phone.

Miss Tude! :oP

Looking out the window at papa working across the street.

Hannah and daddy.


Family Pics—Outfits

We are having family pics taken next Thursday evening so I figured it was about time we found something to wear. I love pictures where the families coordinate but they're outfits aren't exactly the same. With that being said I found this:

For Hannah:
Product Image Infant Toddler Girls' Xhilaration® Grey Sleeveless DressProduct Image Toddler Girls' Circo® Jaela Strappy Flower Sandals - Pink Patent

For myself:
Product Image Mossimo® Black: Women's Casual Tank - Grenadine

Then I'm wearing a grey short sleeve cardigan type sweater over it...I just can't find a pic of it.

For Nick:
Product Image Merona® Washed Poplin Shirt - CharcoalProduct Image Mossimo® Crew Heather Tee

I think these should look nice together...or at least I'm hoping they do! :o)