9 Weeks

How far along? 9 weeks

Weight gain? Maybe a pound, maybe nothing. I don't know, my scale is broken.

Sleep? It was better this week but I still got up to pee about 4 times a night.

Best moment this week? Making it another week. Keep growing little one!

Food cravings? Fudge Popsicles. Yum!

What I miss. Feeling normal. I'm still fighting the queasiness. Hopefully I'll feel normal again very soon. 

What I'm looking forward to. August! Come on 12 weeks!

What I love about being pregnant this week. That I am actually pregnant! :o)

Milestones? Baby has arms and legs and is now the size of a grape.

Baby, fetus at 9 weeks - BabyCenter



  1. The queasiness while being pregnant with Alessia stopped exactly on the last day of the third month. And that is what they say - it usually stops after three months. But I hope for that it won't last that long!

  2. Some days are better than others but I'm definitely hoping that by 12 weeks this queasiness is over.


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