House Update--Drywall & Flooring

Now, we move onto drywall--which they completed in the winter.

And once drywall was completed, we were able to start some of the design decisions--paint, and flooring. :o)

master bedroom

Hailey's bedroom window

kitchen arch looking into dining room

paint colors

planning out the laundry room time

laying the foyer tile

which color grout?

dining room--getting ready to start tile


laundry room window and closet

master shower

foyer tile with grout, trim and wall paint

playroom closet

grouting the kitchen and dining room

Long Overdue House Update--Framing, Windows, and Sideways

So, it's been a long times since I posted a house update…like over a year long…
If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen updates but I have left everyone in blog land in suspense.

I made my first and only house post way back in October of 2015 and I am just now getting to another update. How awful is that!? I am so sorry. But I plan on getting the rest of the updates posted so you can all see them.

So, I will pick up with where I left off--which would be with framing.

If you need to catch up you can check out my first post HERE. Next post will be plumbing, electric and drywall. :o)

Nail Polish Blog Swap


I have joined forces with a few lovely ladies to host a nail polish swap.

I mean, how fun, right!? Who doesn't love nail polish?? 

I love nail polish! Maybe a bit too much. Ok, no that's not possible! Ha! And my 2 girls love it too and are always asking to have their nails painted so it just adds to our polish frenzy over here!

So, when Johannah asked if I would like to host a nail polish swap, of course my answer was YES! Plus, I 'met' Johannah through a nail polish swap so it was perfect!

Now on to the details of the swap! 


Make sure you sign up by January 23rd using this easy link--> Nail Polish Swap Sign-Up Form

Partners will be chosen by January 24th.

Once you receive your partner you'll want to get to know each other. Check out their social media. Send them an email. Find out what they prefer and like in a polish. Have fun with it!! 

There is a $15 dollar limit before shipping so there is tons of room to find some fun goodies for your partner!

You will need to make sure you ship your goodies by January 31st and then link up with us on February 7th to share what you received.

So go know you want to sign-up!! It will be fun! :o)