Happy Halloween!

Here are my little trick or treaters!
Snow White and her dwarf. :o)

I made both costumes. They're nothing too special but I made them so that means a lot to me! And hopefully one day it will mean a lot to them, as well. :o)

This was the first time that we actually took Hannah out trick or treating. Last year we just went to the grandparents houses but this year we hit up a nearby subdivision before we made the stops at the grandparent's.

Colson was just along for the ride...but he looked super cute! :o)
Hannah had a blast and did a great job saying 'trick or treat!' She went to bed tonight saying that 'Tomorrow when I wake up, I go get more candy.' :oP 

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!

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Rubber Ducky, You're The One

So, I was tired of trying to squeeze Colson into his infant bath tub. For the longest time, I would bathe him in it in the kitchen. Then he started splashing around in the water and I moved it into the tub. Well, he finally just got too big for it and always wanted to sit up so I decided it was time to stop using the infant tub.

So I set out to Babies R Us for an inflatable tub that sits inside your bath tub. The one I wanted wasn't there so I ended up getting this rubber ducky one. :o/ It's fine. It works. But the head gets in my way, the suction cup doesn't keep it hanging up on the tub wall after use, and I think it kind of freaks Colson out because when I first set him in it, he screams and cries. It takes some sweet talking from mom to get him to calm down and actually enjoy bath time and play with his toys.
But once he calms down he loves it. And it's nice that I don't have to worrying about his little butt slipping and bopping his head. Plus, it uses less water than bathing him in the actual tub.

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On The Move!

For the past month or so Colson has really only been resorting to rolling to get to things/places. He would randomly rock on his knees and face plant into the carpet but that was about it. He could never move forward, only sideways.

Well, in the past few days, Colson has figured out how to move forward. It's not a true crawl (Hannah never crawled either--just army crawled) but he is definitely on the move!

This momma is in BIG trouble now!

Random Ramblings

Colson now has 4 teeth. His first top tooth popped through last week and his second just popped through.

Colson has also finally figured out how to crawl forward.  It's still not a true crawl...more of an army crawl, but he is starting to use that to get himself places instead of rolling everywhere.

I still wasn't happy with the small blog changes I made a few weeks ago, so yet again I made some adjustments. I think this is much cleaner and easier to read. I hope you all agree.

I can't believe that in less than a week, we will be in November. NOVEMBER! What the heck?

I am hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year. Time to start thinking about the menu...AND how I am going to get everyone to fit around a table in our not so large dining room. :o/

In just over three months, my baby boy will turn 1 year old. It is his golden birthday! I may or may not already be thinking about his party.

Tuesday, it was a beautiful 72 degrees. Today—49. Brrrr!

Hannah's hair is getting super long. I think it might be almost time for her first haircut trim.

My weight loss has really stalled. I have kind of put it on the back burner for the past few weeks...not really taking it seriously, not really counting my calories, not really watching what I eat. With the holidays quickly approaching, I really want to drop a few more pounds!

The kiddo's passports arrived in the mail today! :o) I didn't get my first passport until I was 25 (to go on our honeymoon). My kids got theirs at 3 years old and 8 months old.  I'm very excited for them!

I really want to get back into meal planning. I am tired of trying to come up with something on the fly and/or not having all the ingredients to make something that I want to make.

I am kind of on a soup kick right now. Monday I made chicken noodle soup using our leftover whole chicken that I made in the oven. Yummy! I also made tortellini soup last night and it was delicious.

I feel like I haven't really been able to blog lately. Yes, I have been writing posts, but they are short in content and heavy on photos. I would really love to be able to spend more time actually typing out some blog posts instead of relying on the photos. :o/ I am kind of using this post to quickly sum up things when I would really like to be able to blog about some things separately (which I will still try to do!).

My bestie wasn't able to make it up for Hannah's birthday party (mommy duties call!) but I am excited that she is making the trip next week! I miss her very much and I need some much needed girls time!

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Sneak Peak—Family Pictures!

Last Monday we met up with our photographer, Amy, for a family session.  We were supposed to do them Sunday but we were rained out so we did them the next day. I am so glad we were rained out because Monday was absolutely perfect!

Even though Mr. Man wanted nothing to do with sitting on the ground, Amy still managed to get some great photos! I am in LOVE with them. :o) Thank you so much, Amy!

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Happy 3rd Birthday Hannah!

Three years ago today, at exactly 9:26am, I held my beautiful daughter for the very first time. It was a moment that changed my life forever. I became a mommy. It was perfect.
The past three years have flown by but they have definitely been the best three years of my life. I have watched this little baby girl grow up to become a wonderful, funny, and loving 3 year old.

From your first smile to your first word.

From walking to running and jumping.

From our only child to the best big sister ever.

We love you more than words could ever express and everyday we become more and more proud to be your parents. No matter how old you get, you will always be our little butterfly! 
Mommy and Daddy

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Hannah's 3rd Birthday Party—PICTURES!

Hannah had a great birthday party!

It seemed like everyone enjoyed the food and had a blast dressing up.  :oP

We are so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends! They truly made this day very special for our daughter! We can't thank you all enough!

The Set-Up:

The Cake:

The Presents:

The Fun:

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