Naming a 3rd Child is HARD!

Okay, so naming a third child is hard!

I have a short list of names that I like, but the hubby has pretty much vetoed most of them.

The hubby is pretty much set on names, but I go back and forth on them.

We have kind of avoided this subject the whole pregnancy, but with less than four weeks to go, I feel like we need to finalize a name.

With Hannah, we agreed on the name pretty quickly.

With Colson, it took a bit more work. We changed our minds on a name (you can read about it HERE and HERE) and it took some convincing on my part to get the hubby on board with Colson...but now we can't imagine him being named anything else.

We want our third child's name to follow the feel of Hannah and Colson's name but the problem is that Hannah is a solid classic name and Colson is a pretty rare name. Yet, I feel like they go very well together. ???? Maybe its just me.

But how to you come up with names to follow the same feel of names that are essentially on the opposite ends of the name spectrum???

Yeah, it's hard! Or maybe I'm making it harder than it should be?

The other problem is that we are not sharing our names. We haven't really even talked about names with people at all. It's driving the grandmas crazy and honestly it is starting to drive me crazy. I know that our child's name is up to us and really if someone didn't like our name choice, I wouldn't change it because of them...but I feel like if we were able to talk it out with others we might be able to come to a conclusion.


So, I am open to name suggestions! :o) The only thing we don't want is for this child to be one of 20 in their class with that name, so we try to stay away from top names.

Please help! :o)

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34 Week Baby Update

Due Date? October 2nd--But at my appointment yesterday we decided to stick with the 38 week induction due to my chronic it looks like this baby's birthday will be September 18th (unless they decide to come before that on their own)! It's not on the books yet but that means less that one month to go. Exactly 4 weeks from today we will meet this peanut!

How far along? 34 weeks today

How big is baby? According to my ultrasound, baby is estimated at 4 pounds 15 ounces which is in the 56th percentile.

Weight gain? +29--pretty excited to still be under that 30 mark!

Maternity clothes? Yep

Stretchmarks? not yet

Sleep? I am currently using 3 pillows to help get comfortable and that seems to be helping. I also need to stop drinking so much water before bed because I have to get up to pee like 20 million times.

Best moment this week? Saw the peanut on ultrasound again! Although the tech said the baby was very low and she had a hard time getting a pic of it face. :oP

Not sure if you can see the chubby cheeks and little lips...

Movement? Yep. I've got feet kicking me in the ribs and a head resting on my bladder. Fun stuff!

Food cravings? Nothing really. I can't eat too much at a time these days. Although I did tell nick that Chinese sounds pretty good! :oP

Gender? Team Green--only 4 more weeks to wait! Ahhhhhhhh! Getting so anxious!

Labor signs? Ultrasound tech said my cervix was measuring over 3cm so no dilation yet.

Belly button in or out? in but starting to get more flat

What I miss? Laying and sleeping on my stomach, being able to breath, and not waddling. Oh and I long to wear normal clothes again.

What I am looking forward to? Fall!!! I and so ready for cooler weather and I am excited that I get to spend most of it without a big belly. I am hoping I can get a few new tops for the Fall and actually feel normal again! I am also looking forward to the fact that this baby will have a birthday when the weather is nice and we can get outside for walks and in the future...maybe have birthday parties outside!

Milestones? 34 weeks! And while I joked with my doc yesterday that the baby could come anytime and I would be fine with that, I know they need to bake a few more weeks. 38 weeks looks like the end game for me unless that decide to come before that on their own. With this being my third...i'm kind of nervous that that might be the case. :o/ but we're just going to keep on chugging! We are almost there!

Next doctor's appointment? September 3rd--which will put me just shy of 36 weeks.

sorry I never posted a 32 week bump pic. Here is a 34 week pic from yesterday...on our way to our ultrasound.


1. This past weekend we knocked a few more things off of our to-do list.

I brought up the infant seat and cleaned it.

I was also determined to get all three car seats in the Journey.

After over an hour of moving seats and 20 million different configurations, some tears, help from the BIL, and very hesitantly moving Hannah into a high back booster; we finally managed to get all three seats across the middle row.

I originally wanted to get Colson a new seat, but moving Hannah to a high back booster gave us a few extra inches of room that we desperately needed to fit all three across the seat. So we got Hannah a new seat and Colson is in his sisters old (purple) seat. :o/

We tried putting someone in the back row but the two seats in the middle were still too wide to be able to move the seat forward to actually get to the back. We tried Hannah in the middle but she/I would never be able to get to the buckle to buckle her in. We finally put the infant seat in the middle, Colson behind the passenger seat and Hannah behind the driver. This allows for access to the buckle to buckle her in, plus it will make dropping her off at school a lot easier.

It is a tight squeeze, but for now it works. I'm trying to not think about when the baby moves out of the infant seat. :o/

So I can cross that off the list. And it feels good because that was the last major thing! Everything else is rather small in comparison.

2. How does one get poison ivy on there big pregnant belly???

I had it on my arm around the 4th of July and had no idea where it came from. Well now I have it on my belly. It's not like I go running through the weeds the only thing I can think of is that it is in our yard somewhere and the dogs got into it and scratched my belly with their nails--thus, poison ivy on my belly. ??? Who knows!?

It is way better than a week ago, thank goodness...but I still feel bad for the nurse who will do my NST test today...they are going to think I have some disease. :o/

3. Hannah starts school in a little over two weeks. This momma is not ready! I know Hannah is ready though. She needs to go and learn and socialize with other kids. Plus it's only three days a week for three hours a day. I think I can handle that! I think. :o/. It will still make me sad when I drop her off though. She is just growing up way too fast!

She'll love it though. We picked a school that does a lot of outside activities. They go on nature hikes almost everyday and each month is a different theme (outer space, the rainforest, etc.). Hannah will be beside herself!

Plus, I can't wait for all of the artwork she will bring home! :o)

We have a parent orientation next Tuesday and then Hannah has a student orientation the following Wednesday...then she starts on the 3rd. I can't believe how fast the summer has flown by!

To-Do List

We are well on our way to finishing our to-do list but with just 5-7 weeks to go, I am slightly freaking out!

Bold items are things we still have to tackle!

1. Set up crib

2. Wash new born clothes

3. Bring up and clean off swing

4. Set up baby monitor

5. Bring up and clean of baby tub

6. Buy coming home outfits

7. Buy crib bedding

8. Buy Colson a new carseat

9. Bring up and clean infant carseat

10. Install all three carseats into Journey

11. Clean bottles

12. Buy last minute baby items--diapers, butt paste, baby wash, shampoo, etc.

Most of these things are pretty minor, but they still need to be tackled.

The carseat issue is the one that is top on my priority list. With every passing week, I get bigger and it gets more difficult for me to crawl into the car, move around seats and then install them. :o/ Hopefully this weekend we can cross at least buying Colson's seat off the list!

32 Week Baby Update

Due Date? October 2nd--I will most likely be induced a week or two early again though because of my BP so we're looking at a September baby.

How far along? 32 weeks today

How big is baby? almost 4 pounds and the size of a head of lettuce

Weight gain? +27--gained quite a bit in 2 weeks. Not sure if that's actually weight gain or more water weight as my feet have definitely started to swell and get poofy. Either way, the numbers is creeping up there and I don't like it!

Maternity clothes? Yep

Stretchmarks? not yet

Sleep? I am currently using 3 pillows to help get comfortable and that seems to be helping. Still waking up a lot though to change positions.

Best moment this week? Got the baby bedding on the crib and some newborn boy and girl stuff washed so I have something to get started with.

Movement? All the time although they are turning more in to rolls instead of kicks and punches.

Food cravings? I have had a sweet tooth lately.

Gender? Team Green

Labor signs? Been having some tightening or Braxton hicks or contractions periodically. Sometimes at night they get decently bad. ??? Not sure what that's all about but they always seem to go away so i'm not overly worried right now.

Belly button in or out? in but starting to get more flat

What I miss? Laying and sleeping on my stomach, being able to breath, and not waddling.

What I am looking forward to? The end! If I could tap out now, I would. I'm pretty done being pregnant. I want to wear normal clothes and be able to bed over. I am trying to enjoy these last fees weeks though because I do love feeling the little peanut move in there! Although I do find myself trying to rush the days away. :o/

Milestones? made it to 32 weeks which means we could very well only have 6 weeks to go! 6 weeks seems like a long time but really it's not all that far away. And since Hannah starts soccer and school at the being of September, i think the time is really going to fly by!

Next doctor's appointment? August 20th--which will put me just shy of 34 weeks. BP was 142/86 and that was the second time she took it. The first time she said the first number was higher. :o/ it maybe looks like my bp is starting to creep up a bit. Doc mentioned a 24 hour urine...I wouldn't be surprised if I have to do one soon. Boo! NSTs are going well. I have another ultrasound before my next appointment (the 20th) so we get to see the peanut again which is always exciting. Nick is going to go with me to that one...maybe he's afraid I am going to peak at the sex! :oP

No bump pic yet. When I actually get dressed, I will take one and post it.