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TAT--Christmas Lists

Christmas is less than two months away (ahhhh!) and I have already been thinking about the kiddos Christmas gifts for some time now.

The first thing that I am super excited about is actually a handmade gift by yours truly. :o) I am making these for both kiddos.

I already have the fabric, I just need to buy the pillows and sew everything. I really think they are going to love laying on them while they watch movies. :o)

The kids could also use some bath toys.

For Hannah we are trying to go the education route for a lot of her toys. So I'm sure Santa will be bringing a few of these goodies down the chimney.

And then we'll do something fun too! Maybe one or two of these...

Colson is going to be a bit easier to buy for. Anything that is a car related will be a win.

Plus, I'm sure we'll find a few other fun things for him.

I would love to get my Christmas shopping done for the kids early this year and most of this I can get off of Amazon so that is awesome. Any time I can avoid Toy R Us during the crazy holiday season is a huge bonus in my book! :o)

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Four years ago, we had no idea what we were getting into. We were about to be parents for the first time and were nervous as all could be. Sleepless nights. Crying baby. Poop. Spit-up. It all seemed so overwhelming.

But when we saw Hannah's sweet face, all of that didn't matter...because she was perfect. She was ours and we loved her with every ounce of our being.
All of the above, that we would experience, were just a right of passage into the most incredible journey we would ever embark on...parenthood!

And now 4 years later, we look back at that teeny tiny baby and wonder where the past four years have gone.

Well, those past four years have been spent watching our sweet baby girl grow. From first words to first steps. Sweet baby girl to a sassy little lady. They have gone by way too fast but it has been so exciting to watch our girl grow up and learn new things. Hannah is so incredibly smart, and funny, and too sassy for her own good!

Hannah brings us joy and love that we never knew existed!

So, to our sweet and sassy 4 (going on 13) year old, happiest of birthdays!
We love you more than you will ever know! Thank you for making us parents!

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Pumpkin Pickin' 2012

Well, the plan was to go to the pumpkin patch this past Sunday. We did go to the pumpkin patch but once we got there, there was a line of cars about three blocks long just to get into the parking lot...so we decided to just go to a local nursery and pick out pumpkins.

I am sad that we weren't able to do the hay ride back to the pumpkin patch, but the kiddos still had fun and that's all that matters! Next year, Nick said he will just take a half day to be able to go during the week when it's not so busy!

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Hannahs 4th Birthday Party

Hannah's birthday party on Saturday was great! We had a lot of our family and friends there to celebrate so that was nice.

The cookies were a huge hit! I think the consensus was that the oreo cheesecake cookies and the apple pie cookies were the best. :o)

Here are some photos from her party.

The cookie table set-up.

I found these old milk bottle at a flea market and had to get them to use at her party!
I also had a few appetizers.

Here is the birthday girl with her cake. She wanted a princess cake so grandma got her a princess cake. :o)

Then it was time for presents. As you can tell from all of the bags and wrapped goodies around her...she made out pretty well!

So yeah, it was a very nice party! I had a few people come up to me and tell me that I outdid myself and asked how I was going to top it next year. :oP I am kind of wondering the same thing. :o/ But it brings me great satisfaction when I know everyone had a good time and enjoyed themselves. Because, besides the birthday girl, they are the reason I go through all of the effort!

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate Hannah's 4th birthday. :o) I am glad you all enjoyed the cookies!

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Birthday Party Cookies

With Hannah's birthday party being tomorrow (ummm, when did that happen?), I have been up to my eyes cookie dough. I have spent the past week making cookies and freezing the dough so it would be easier on me when the party got closer.

Well, yesterday I spent the majority of the day baking all of the cookies. I have over 400 cookies sitting on my kitchen counter...and I have not eaten a single one! What is up with that?

But my house smelled delicious yesterday and I am so glad that those are done! Now I can spend today cleaning and decorating and tomorrow I can make the appetizers.

Curious as to the cookies I made for the party??? I know you are! :o) I will share them with you! And I'll be sure to take photos of everything tomorrow so stay tuned for a birthday party post!

Here are the 9 different cookies.

Red Velvet:

Pumpkin--I added chocolate chips:

Butter Pecan:

Peanut Butter Cup:

Apple Pie:

Snicker doodle:

Oreo Cheesecake:

Chocolate Chip:

Oatmeal--I added raisins:

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