This past Saturday, the preschool that we are interested in for Hannah, had an open house. So we all headed out there to look around and meet the teachers. 

The preschool is great! We pretty much love it and we know that Hannah will too. They concentrate on a lot of nature things and do a lot of outside activities all while teaching the typical preschool stuff. Like this month, the classroom was decorated as a rainforest and all month they did rainforest activities and learned about the rainforest. Next month is outer space so they are going to build a giant spaceship. It's pretty cool!

It is all done one a first come first serve basis and the registration is held on February 23rd...but because we were the first ones at the open house and Hannah is going to the 3-day classes, the director told us that we did not need to go to registration and that she would just send us all the paper work that we need to fill out! So it's pretty awesome knowing that Hannah has already gotten in! :o)

Classes start in September so I have some time to prepare myself...but I know I will be a mess when I drop her off...

In other news, this little guy is going to be two on Friday. I can't even believe it. It makes me want to cry, for sure. He has definitely grown up so much in the past few months so look for an update on our little man, on Friday!

I have been keeping myself busy getting things ready for his party on the 9th. Like I said before, it is a rustic bard theme and flannel is required! :oP Next week I will do a post about all of the details but until then, here is a teaser photo. :o)

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Gap Love

I got an email from GapBaby today and instantly fell in love with their new kids Spring collections.

For the boy:

For the girl:

Now, it's just too bad that most of these cost an absurd amount of money considering that these are only kids clothes. I cannot spend $30 on a shirt that my kid will only wear for a short amount of time! That doesn't mean they're not super cute though!

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Oh How Pinteresting!

I know I have been a blogging slacker lately. Truth is, I just haven't felt like writing about anything. Blogging block, I guess. But hopefully that changes soon! :o)

In the meantime, enjoy some of my recent pins and head on over to The Vintage Apple to link up!

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Where It All Began.

August 1996.

It was our first day of high school.

I have been told by the hubs, that from the first moment he saw me in English class, he knew we would be together. *aw*

But he didn't have the courage to ask me out until the last day of freshman year. And actually, he didn't even ask me out...he had one of his friends do it for him! :oP

Young love? Definitely!

We had our rough patches throughout high school and broke up a few times. We finally got it right at the end of our junior year though, and we have been together ever since.

We went to college together.
Then built a house together.
Got engaged.
Got married.
And had 2 wonderful kiddos.

Who knew that the last day of my freshman year of high school would change my life forever!?

But he was right! We would be together! :o)

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Friday Randoms

1. Hannah got a little purse full of one dollar bills for Christmas from one of her GG's. She was super excited to have a purse and some money of her very own. :oP So yesterday when we went shopping, Hannah brought it along so she could pick out and buy her own toy. It was super cute. She walked around with the purse hanging from her neck. She found the toy she wanted (a My Little Pony book that comes with a playmat and little pony figures) so we went up to the cash register and she paid for the toy a big girl! I was so proud! When I was 4...or even 14 for that matter, I was very shy and would not do anything like that.

2. The Disney channel is airing Tangled and Sofia the First today, back to back...Hannah is pretty darn excited!

3. Flannel sheets are not even remotely as wonderful as fleece sheets! I needed to wash our fleece sheets so I put on a set of new flannel sheets that we got for Christmas. While the flannel was nice...nothing will ever come between me and my glorious fleece sheets! They are so warm and cozy! I am sorry I cheated on you, my lovelies!

4. My entire house needs a major decluttering session! The kitchen cabinets, under the bathroom sinks, closets, dressers, the basement. We have so much crap in the house, it is starting to drive me crazy. Who wants to watch my kids for, oh...a week, so I can tackle all of those things?

Also, why are organizational items so freaking expensive? I just want a few baskets or bins without paying $50+ for them! Ugh!

5. Sushi! Yes, I need some! NEED! ASAP! Hint hint, hubs! :o)

6. Colson turns 2 in 21 days! What the heck!?

Party planning is underway. I designed and ordered the invites yesterday. We're going with a rustic barn theme. I can't wait to share details with you. A separate post will come soon! Lets just say that flannel is required! :oP

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Oh How Pinteresting!

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

I made the soup for dinner on Monday and it was delicious. Probably my new favorite soup, plus, it was super easy!!!

What are some of your recent pins? Link up with Michelle.

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TAT--Favorite Christmas Gifts

My kids are at the age where any new toy is he coolest toy they have ever seen. So on Christmas they were on overdrive to play with all of their new toys. Everything needed to be played with right when it was opened. :oP

We need to build an addition to our house, that's how many toys the kids got from all of the Christmases. We have a Tinker Bell Fairy house, more Minnie Bowtique pieces, more My little Ponies, dress up clothes, princesses, a car mat, more cars, blocks, books, and the start of a Chuggington Interactive Train collection.

And it didn't surprise me that Colson wanted to play with Hannah's toys and Hannah wanted to play with all of Colson's toys. :oP

But there were a few joint gifts and those seem to be the hits. I'm not sure if it's because they prefer those toys more or if it's because they actually play together with them so I think they like them more...either way, the following toys are the cool toys right now...

Notice a theme? Yeah, Jake and the Never,and Pirates. It's cute to watch them play and dress up. I am a bad mom and have not gotten any photos of them dressed up, but I assure you, Colson is the cutest little pirate ever. :o)

What were your kids favorite gifts this year?
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Hello, 2013!

Well, 2012 has come to a close.

I would say it was a very good year!

Colson turned 1 year old.

We went on our first family vacation to Grand Cayman.

Someone started walking.

We celebrated Easter.

We welcomed our first niece, Natalia, into the family.

We had tons of summer fun.

We went on our annual apple picking adventure.

We celebrated 5 years if marriage by going on our first vacation without kids since we had kids.

We welcomed our second niece, Brenna, into the family.

Hannah turned 4 years old.

Little Red Riding hood and the Big (little) Bad Wolf went trick-or-treating.

We hosted Thanksgiving.

We celebrated Christmas not once, not twice, but 6 times.

And we got a brand new car – my mom-mobile.

And while September of this past year brought us sad news about my miscarriage...I am excited to hopefully expand our clan this year. I am excited to see what our family becomes and I am ready to just enjoy everything as it comes.

This past year I have learned that you can't plan out your entire life...and that's okay. Sometimes you just need to go with the flow and what will be will be.

So 2013, I am ready for you and whatever you have to offer! :o)

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