Hannahs 4th Birthday Party

Hannah's birthday party on Saturday was great! We had a lot of our family and friends there to celebrate so that was nice.

The cookies were a huge hit! I think the consensus was that the oreo cheesecake cookies and the apple pie cookies were the best. :o)

Here are some photos from her party.

The cookie table set-up.

I found these old milk bottle at a flea market and had to get them to use at her party!
I also had a few appetizers.

Here is the birthday girl with her cake. She wanted a princess cake so grandma got her a princess cake. :o)

Then it was time for presents. As you can tell from all of the bags and wrapped goodies around her...she made out pretty well!

So yeah, it was a very nice party! I had a few people come up to me and tell me that I outdid myself and asked how I was going to top it next year. :oP I am kind of wondering the same thing. :o/ But it brings me great satisfaction when I know everyone had a good time and enjoyed themselves. Because, besides the birthday girl, they are the reason I go through all of the effort!

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate Hannah's 4th birthday. :o) I am glad you all enjoyed the cookies!

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  1. The party was the blast. I know my favorite was the apple cookie!
    So glad we live close enough to make it up for parties. Erin said next time, we stay the night. :o)

  2. What a great party!! Everything looks outstanding!! =) Happy Birthday to Hannah =)

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  4. It looks like you thought of everything needed to celebrate a great party! And all of the cookies look delicious in the photos, so I can imagine they look even better personally. I think it is a smart idea to serve cookies on children party because kids, especially toddlers can sometimes be hard to feed. So giving them something that is easy to eat, tasty, and enough to fill their tummy would certainly make a great party treat!

    @ Nita Digirolamo


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