Hannah's 1st Day of 1st Grade

Well, school is underway. Hannah started back last Wednesday. My big first grader!!

This year was a bit different than last year when she started kindergarten--her first year of all day school. I was a mess last year. She got on the bus and I cried that my first baby was going to be gone all day. That someone else was going to be watching her and teaching her. This time...I was kind of looking forward to her going back to school. Not because I didn't want her home...but because I needed that routine back. Granted, not having the bickering between the two oldest was also a plus but the routine worked for us. We had structure. 

And Hannah loves school. She is so smart and loves to learn and I love that. I want her to love learning because I did not have a love relationship with school. 

So now, here we are back into our routine. It's nice. 

Hannah loves her teacher. She gets her own desk where she can put her books and her pencil case. She gets to check out books from the library whenever she wants instead of on certain days. She gets to play on the "big kid side" of the playground at recess. And she is excited about science.

I think it's going to be a great year! Nick and I are on the PTO and I hope to be involved in the classroom!

My big first grader. Sometimes I still have a hard time with my first baby beig so big!


At the end of July we headed up to Mercer, Wisonsin for a week long, much needed vacation!

The kiddos did great during the 7 hours car ride! We left at 4:30 in the morning thinking they would sleep the first half of the trip but yeah, not so much! I mean who would be at to fall back asleep when you're on vacation!? :oP

This was the second year the kiddos have been up there and it was so great to see them remembering things from last year!

First and for most...the beach! Everyday they played at the beach. From the moment they woke up, they were asking to go down to the beach. Beach! Beach! Beach!

They also remembered kayaking and we were very into it this year! Nick took the kids out quite a bit. Maybe next year Hailey will be able to go. Plus, I tried it out as well! A new favorite, that's for sure!

We took a morning and went back to the zoo we went to last year because the kids loved it so much. Plus, Hailey was old enough to enjoy it more by being able to feed the goats.

And there was, of course, some fishing!

Hannah caught quite a few!

It was really a great vacation!

We can't wait to go back next year!