A Little R & R

What could be more relaxing than being rocked in a swing while holding on to a blanket burp cloth?

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Easter Fishin'

Hannah got a fishing pole in her Easter basket from her Aunt Mandi and Uncle Travis. So what better way to break it in, than to do a little Easter fishin'! :o)

After we had breakfast and did the egg hunt we all headed down to the pond.

Hannah did end up catching a catfish. It was one of the ugliest fish I have ever seen. Ew!

But Hannah had a blast and has already asked to go fishing again! I'm sure that makes the papas very happy! :oP

And what is fishing if you don't get a little dirty!? In between her fishing, Hannah was busy throwing dirt and rocks into the pond.

I really can't wait until we can take Hannah up to Wisconsin, where I always went as a child, to go fishing. I know she would have a blast! I think she'll really love going out on the boat. *sigh* Hopefully one day soon we'll be able to go.

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Easter Day

We had a crazy busy Easter Day!

In the morning we did baskets at our house.
The Easter bunny left some fun things! :o) 

The onesie says 'Daddy and I agree, mommy is the boss'  :oP
Then we went to papa Tom and grandma Deb's house where the Easter bunny left more goodies for the kids! We had breakfast and Hannah went on an egg hunt.
Auntie Mandi and Uncle Travis got Hannah a fishing pole (separate post to come!).

After breakfast, we came home and opened our Easter basket from papa Brian and grandma Karole.
Fun craft stuff!
As well as our basket from papa Dave and grandma Debbie.
Baking utensils so Hannah can help grandma make more cookies!
And finally we drove out to the great grandparent's house where there were even more goodies and we did another egg hunt.

Colson was obviously too young to go open his baskets on his own
so I feel like he kind of got left out on the picture front...
so I had to include this photo of our little man with grandma.
The best kind of eggs...the ones with money inside!

Hannah and Colson had a great Easter! All of the 'Easter bunnies' were way too generous in their gifts but Hannah and Colson thank them very much! :o)

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Easter Egg Coloring

Easter egg coloring was fun this year! Hannah is finally old enough to know what she is doing. Plus is was Colson's first egg coloring! :oP 

The egg coloring kit that we bought had the option to 'paint' the eggs so we figured this would be easiest for Hannah to do. This way she could control the color better instead of just dropping the eggs into the cups.
daddy helping Hannah
mommy and Hannah

Colson's first Easter egg
his excitement is just overwhelming, isn't it!?
our eggs
our family! :o)
I hope every one has a great Easter!

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Wordless Wednesday

A few weeks ago we had a big diaper box that Hannah decided she wanted to sit in. So Nick plopped her in it and then pushed her down the hallway. She LOVED it! Now her new thing is to ask us to push her down the hallway in the laundry basket (the box ripped).

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2 Month Well Baby Visit

Colson had his 2 month well baby visit today (yes at 2 and a half months old).

Here are his stats:
Weight—11 lbs 12 ounces
(up 3 lbs and 14 ounces from his 2 week appointment)
50th percentile
Height—22 1/4 inches
(+2.5 inches)
25th percentile
Head Circumference—39.4 cm
35th percentile

He also got his 2 month shots. He did pretty well. He cried but as soon as I was able to pick him up he was fine.

The doctor said everything looks good and that I am very lucky that I have a baby sleeping 8 and 9 hours each night. 

It's funny because I looked back on my posts about Hannah and at this age, I was super excited that she was sleeping 5 and 6 hours at night. How am I so lucky to have two kids that LOVE to sleep? I just hope that Colson will keep on his sleep schedule once we stop swaddling him at night...because that day is coming fast! We'll stop swaddling him somewhere between 3 and 4 months!

Colson is smiling all the time now and even 'talks' to us. He still hates tummy time. He will usually cry and scream for the first half hour and then I think he tires himself out because then he just falls asleep. I think he's getting better and starting to like it more, but we definitely have a ways to go! :oP He is still in 0-3 months clothes although I am putting him in some 3 month stuff because they are just too cute to wait! He eats 5-6 ounces every 5-ish hours during the day and will take his last feeding around 10pm. He then wakes up at 6am and we start all over again. :o)

And just for comparison sake, here is what Hannah's 2 months stats were:

weight—11 lbs
height—22 ins
head—37.7 cms

I would say that for the most part they are pretty much the same...being how Hannah's appointment was 3 days before she turned 2 months old and Colson wasn't until he was 2 and a half months old.

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Easter 2011—My Mom's Side

Yesterday we headed out to my aunt and uncles house for Easter on my mom's side. 

I only took photos of the egg hunt so sadly there are no photos of our little man. I'll have to be sure to take some photos of the two kiddos together on Easter Day.
Two little girls were peaking while the daddies were hiding the eggs.
This photo is just too cute!
I remember when I was little, we would all wait anxiously for the dads to hide the eggs. It was always their job so I love that now that all of us cousins have kids, the new dads are in charge of hiding the eggs. For some reason, it's little traditions like that, that make the holidays special.

Watching daddy.
It was a bit cold outside (especially for the middle of April) so we had to bundle the kids up for the egg hunt.
Where are all of the eggs???
Daddy helping Hannah.

Hannah found a ton of eggs! :o)
After the hunt they all headed back inside to check out the goodies!

Hannah got her favorite candy! M's (aka M&M's)!!! :o) We don't give her tons of candy—M's are pretty much the only thing we give her and when we do give her some we only give her 2 or 3. So I loved watching her open things that she had never had before. Sometimes it's nice to just let them be a kid and enjoy a piece or two or three of candy. :oP

It was a great day! Hannah had fun with all of her cousins and she especially enjoyed the egg hunt.

I just really love that now that we are all grown and have children of our own, we are doing the traditions that we always did when we were little. It definitely brings back memories of all of us in our cute little frilly dresses. I just wish we would have gotten the kids together to take a group shot...or at least tried to get a group shot because they all just looked so cute!

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