Happy 2 Months, Colson!

Today Colson is 2 months old! I can't even believe it. He is getting so big!
I'll be sure to post about his official weight and length after his 2 month well baby visit but it's not until the 19th.
Yesterday I packed away his last newborn outfit. He has finally grown out of all of them. We have now moved on to his 0-3 month clothes.

It's kind of sad because as I pack away his clothes, I know that there won't be the possibility of another one of our children wearing them.  When I packed away Hannah's clothes there was a chance that our second child would be a girl...so I didn't get so emotional about packing them away. Obviously now that we have Colson, I am sad about those clothes as well, but as I pack away Colson's clothes it really makes it real that our family is complete and that these clothes won't be worn again until we give them to one of our sisters.

But I am excited to watch Colson grow and change. He is changing everyday. He is smiling at us...although I was the last person he smiled at. (Why is it that I am home with him ALL day but he smiled at the grandmas and his daddy before me? That just doesn't seem right! :oP ) He is finally acknowledging toys a little bit. He seems like he is trying to grab for the hanging toys. He can definitely track toys that we put in front of him and he will follow our faces.
He is just getting so big already and I want time to slow down! I want to cherish all of these last little newborn moments!

Happy 2 Month Birthday, Little Man! We love you!

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  1. Colson is so cute! I wish you lived closer so he and Colin could be buddies. :)


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