Hailey's Adventures In Baby Food

I have been promising this post for over a month so I figured it was time to just sit down and write it.

Hailey has loved every food she has tried--even if the photos below make it look like she is not enjoying themt. :oP

I have started the other two out on rice cereal first so I kept with that for Hailey, as well. I figured it's a nice plain starter for them to figure out how to move the food in their mouth.

Here is her first taste of the rice cereal.

Then we moved onto actual veggies. Peas were her first veggie and to my surprise she really liked them.

Every time I gave the kids food, I always waited for them to spit it back out at me. It never happened...which I guess was good, but for some reason I wanted the hilarious videos. :oP

I did manage to get some funny photos though so I have those.

Below is her first taste of butternut squash.

And while, yes, she made the funny face, she actually really loved them. I couldn't get them into her mouth fast enough!

Hailey has gone on to love everything and I have loved making her food!


Butternut squash

Sweet potatoes








I have given her some pre-made baby foods that have strawberry and blueberries in it and she has loved those as well.

Next on the menu is to start giving her food combos with spinach and kale and some more adventurous foods.

I stopped at the basics with the other two kiddos so I am excited to give the other foods a try. Maybe Hailey won't be such a picky eater like her siblings when she is older. :o/ Wishful thinking??? Perhaps!

Anyone have any favorite baby food recipes that they would like to share??? I'm a newb and the combo recipes.

I checked out a book from the library to make the simple foods and I think I am going to have to check it back out for the more adventurous food combos. I know it has recipes that included spinach and cauliflower, etc.

But yeah, there we are. Hailey loves everything so fingers crossed that that carries into toddlerhood. :o)

Morning Play

8 Month Comparison

I am always a sucker for a good comparison picture so I thought I would compare all of the kids 8 month pictures.

I think Hannah and Colson have some pretty obvious differences and Hailey tends to look more like Colson than Hannah. But they also all have certain similarities so they definitely look like siblings.

I have been told that Hailey looks the most like me. Colson definitely looks the most like Nick. And I am still a firm believer that Hannah is a good mix of both of us.

And now that Hannah and Colson are older, they are looking more alike.

I just love how they all have a matching left cheek dimple. :o)

What do you think? Who looks like who? Or do you think they all look different?

Hailey's First Tooth

Hailey's first tooth has finally popped through--right at 8 months old.

It's very hard to get a picture of the instide of an 8 month olds mouth because if they are not trying to bite you, they are drooling all over you and teying to stick their tongue out. :oP

So, this picture was the best I could do.

Can you see it?

Hannah got her first tooth just after 7 months old and had her second one coming in shortly thereafter. And Colson got his first tooth at 6 and a half months old.

I knew Hailey was getting her first tooth later than the other kids but then when I looked back to see when theirs came in, I was surprised at just how much later Hailey was getting hers.

Luckily, that first tooth didn't give us too many problems. She wanted to chew on things a bit more and there were some random 3am wake-ups but that was about it. I didn't have to bring out the Tylenol or frozen teething rings or anything.

I have been lucky when it comes to teething and the kids. The only reason I knew Hannah was getting a new tooth was because her right cheek would turn red. Otherwise she was completely fine. And with Colson, I knew a new tooth was going to pop through soon when his butt would break out in a pretty bad diaper rash--I'm guessing from all of the extra saliva. But both of them never really whined or needed much when their teeth came in, so hopefully Hailey is the same way! *fingers crossed*

Mother's Day 2014

I was welcomed with 'happy mother's day' and hugs as I emerged from the bedroom in the morning. A nice surprise being how the first thing out of Colson's mouth is that he's hungry! :oP

Nick made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then the kiddos played dress up.

I sure do love these goobers! They make me laugh with their spunt and sass and endless amounts of quirkiness!:oP They truly are my greatest accomplishment and I love them more than they will ever know!

The kiddos then gave me my very own handmade mothers day cards...even Hailey made one! :o) Nick had the kids make them when they were at my moms the other day. They were a really great surprise! The first of many handmade cards, I hope!

The rest of the day was spent getting things together for dinner and spending it with family. We had everyone over and I made pizzas--buffalo chicken, crab and artichoke, and chicken and spinach alfredo. :o)

It was a very nice day and it was nice that we could celebrate it with our own moms, as well.

8 Months Old!

Little Miss turned 8 months old this past Saturday.

That means we have 4 months until her 1st birthday! What!?

But Miss Hailey is fabulous! She just started saying mama--just in time for Mothers Day. So now she can say both mama and dada. :o)

She is still in mostly 6 month stuff but with the temps getting warmer, I have put her in some of her 9 month summer stuff.

I'm not sure how much she weights but I can tell she is on the smaller side--especially compared to where Hannah and Colson were at this age. She has her next well-baby visit in June--at 9 months.

Hailey loves every food she has tried and I am thinking it might be time to experiment with puffs.

She is very close to sitting up all on her own without toppling over. As I said in my other post, she is just so content laying on the floor and playing. But I think she is slowly realizing that sitting up to play is fun too. :o) My mom got her a fun discovery toy for Christmas that she can sit at and climb through so I think she is finally getting old enough to play in it...I should probably get it set up soon!

We're still not crawling yet--well, forwards anyways. :oP She can go backwards but has not mastered forwards yet.

She has mastered rolling both ways though. So, now she knows that she can roll to get to toys. She has managed to move all over the living room by using a combination of rolling and scooting backwards. :oP

And because she can roll from back to tummy now, she has become a tummy sleeper. I will put her to bed on her back and when I check on her she will almost always be on her tummy. It kind of freaks me out when she sleeps on her tummy but it is what it is.

And lastly, Little Miss finally got her first tooth! Well, it's not a whole tooth yet but her first tooth finally broke through last week. By 8 months old, the other kiddos had two teeth so Hailey got her first tooth last out if all three kiddos. Luckily though, her first tooth didn't give us any real problems. She woke up once at night for about a week as it was cutting through but I would just feed her and she would go back to bed. So it wasn't really am issue. I'll post a pic of her first tooth in another post! :o)

So, there it is...8 months old and getting so big!

Hannah's Africa Show

Last week, Hannah's preschool class performed their big Africa show.

It is their one big performance. They spent all of April learning about Africa and rehearsing for the show.

The kids did a great job and the show was super cute. Hannah had a blast and looked super cute in her tie-dye shirt that she made for the show! I was very proud of her! She is definitely a performer! :o)

Getting So Close

Hailey is so close to sitting up!
She will sit up for small periods of time but this girl is perfectly content laying on her back and playing with toys. :oP She will kick her butt out so she can lay down. She really likes to do the curly shuffle around her blanket to get to toys...or the ever famous crawling backwards! :oP

She is behind the other two in the sitting up department because Hannah and Colson started sitting up closer to 7 months old.

She is getting there though!

She is just getting too big way too fast!