8 Month Comparison

I am always a sucker for a good comparison picture so I thought I would compare all of the kids 8 month pictures.

I think Hannah and Colson have some pretty obvious differences and Hailey tends to look more like Colson than Hannah. But they also all have certain similarities so they definitely look like siblings.

I have been told that Hailey looks the most like me. Colson definitely looks the most like Nick. And I am still a firm believer that Hannah is a good mix of both of us.

And now that Hannah and Colson are older, they are looking more alike.

I just love how they all have a matching left cheek dimple. :o)

What do you think? Who looks like who? Or do you think they all look different?


  1. They sure do all look alike! =) I love comparison photos!!

  2. I think that Hailey is the perfect combination of Hannah and Colson!

  3. Precious babies!!! Love the comparison pictures.


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