2011—A Year In Photos

Wow...tonight we welcome in 2012. I'm still kind of wondering what the heck happened to 2011. :oP

This year flew by, but man, it was a great year. Definitely the best one yet! :o)

Here is our past year in photos!

We welcomed our son and Hannah became a big sister!
We colored Easter eggs.
We celebrated Father's Day--wearing our matching Yankees t-shirts.
I started my baby food making adventure.
Colson went for his first swim.
We went to the County Fair.

Colson started to rock on all fours--and then move backwards, which then progressed to army crawling and then actual crawling.
Nick and I went to a Chicago Bears game--my first NFL football game.
Colson got his first tooth.
We went on our apple picking adventure.

We went to the pumpkin patch.
Hannah turned 3 years old and we celebrated by throwing her a tea party!
Colson took his first bath in a 'big boy' tub.
Snow White and her dwarf went trick or treating for the first time.

We hosted Thanksgiving.
And Nick's grandma was able to join us all the way from Florida.
We cut down our Christmas tree on an unseasonably warm 50 degree day.

And we celebrated Colson's first Christmas!

It has been a great year--a very full year! I look forward to what 2012 has in store for us! Hopefully it's full of love, laughter, and maybe just a few surprises! :o)

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A New Year--A New Look

No, you have not stumbled upon a new blog!

This is the same blog--just with some new BIG changes! :o)

I decided that with the new year right around the corner, it was time for a blog makeover.

I wanted a design that was clean, simple, and fresh with a bit of vintage whimsy tossed in. And while I was coming up with a look, I decided that I also needed to change the name of my blog.

So the end result is what you see above!

The little details are not all in place but the header is final.

I hope my loyal readers like the change! :o)

The Best Christmas—Photo Heavy!

Whew! What a busy past few days!

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! I know we sure did! It was by far the best one yet—celebrating with our 2 kiddos and celebrating Colson's first Christmas!

It sure did fly by this year though. I still feel like we haven't even celebrated, despite the craziness!

But Hannah and Colson must have been very good this year because Santa left them tons of goodies! :o)

Here is our Christmas fun—in photos!

Christmas Eve at my parent's house:

Then we came home to find that Santa (aka Auntie Mandi, Uncle Dawesome and Aunt KK) left a christmas present early for Hannah and Colson. Hannah loves it!

While we were outside, we decided to leave some food for the reindeer!
 Then we came inside to leave cookies and milk for Santa.

 Christmas morning at our house:

Christmas at Nick's parents house:
Hannah was raiding the cookie table! :oP
The big gift at Nick's parents house was that my SIL and BIL were finding out the gender of their baby. They had the ultrasound technician seal it in an envelope so they could open it with the family on Christmas day. :o)
 So we all picked team pink or team blue.
 And then they opened the envelope!
It's a GIRL! I am so excited to have a little niece!

We don't get very many photos taken of just the two of us...as you can see, I had picked team blue and Nick had picked team pink. :oP
Christmas evening at my parent's house:

 Hannah loved her Rudolph hot chocolate mug! :oP

 Colson wasn't as excited about his Frosty mug! :oP

But we all got tons of great gifts and we can't thank everyone enough for making it such a great Christmas for Hannah and Colson. It really was the best Christmas yet! The joy on their faces as they opened and played with their toys was just perfect! :o)

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