Christmas Cookies

Hannah has really come to love making cookies--so much so that we now make Valentine's Day cookies, St. Patrick's Day cookies, and Easter cookies. My mom tried to get in 4th of July cookies and Halloween cookies but I had to end it somewhere! :oP

But this past week we went to grandmas to make my favorite--Christmas butter cookies. Yum!

Hannah did a great job helping this year!

And what is making cookies without licking the beaters! :o)

And since it's Colson first Christmas, we had to get him in on the cookie making action. At least he's old enough to hold the cookie cutter, unlike Hannah's first cookie making experience at 1 and a half months old. :oP

Hannah even helped her brother out!

After we cut out all of the cookies and bakes them we called it a day. But the next day we headed back over to grandma's to DECORATE! :o)

Colson didn't help decorate cookies but he got his first taste of one. Needless-to-say, the cookie was devoured!

Hannah did a great job decorating! She was even able to 'spread' the frosting on the cookies a bit better this year.

We made a mess, but I think the cookies look perfect!

Hannah can't wait to leave some out for Santa Claus! :o)

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