Hannah's 5 year Stats

Hannah had her 5 year check-up and kindergarten physical last week. 

Here are her stats:

So basically she is tall and skinny. Which isn't a shocker! :oP

She passed her hearing and eye tests and the doctor was impressed that she could recite her address.

Then it was time for the dreaded shots.

She did really well considering she knew going in that she had to get shots. I told her that if she was my brave girl, we could go to Target and get a new Lalaloopsy. :o)

You could tell that the nurses were used to the 5 years shots. I can't imagine that any 5 year old would cooperate nicely. So yeah, it was me and two other nurses helping to hold her still while they have the shots. 

Hannah cried for a bit afterwards but then she was her old self. She especially loved the bright pink band aides. :o) 

I told her how proud I was of her for being so brave and asked her if she was ready to go to Target. 

She picked this lalaloopsy...which seemed very appropriate!

I am relieved that her shots are out of the way. I just still can't believe that in the Fall my first baby will be going to all day kindergarten. :o(

Hailey's 6 Month Stats

Hailey had her 6 month well baby visit yesterday.

Here are her stats.

The funny thing is that Hannah at 4 months was 14.9 pounds and 24 inches long. So Hailey at 6 months is pretty close to the same size that Hannah was at 4 months.

No wonder Hailey can still fit into some 3 month outfits!

Otherwise the doctor said that everything looks good. She is consistent on the growth charts. 

He was not concerned with her lack of rolling over yet either. He said she just must be a content baby. I figured that is what they would say but I wanted to mention it to them anyways. 

Her next appointment is at 9 months.

Big Boy Bed

After putting it off for way too long, we finally broke down and took the side off of Colson's crib.

He absolutely loves being able to get into bed on his own and he has done really well at night. He will stay in bed and call for us when he has to go potty or wants to come out. It really could not have gone any smoother.

This summer we will most likely get him a twin bead but for now he is loving his 'big boy bed'. :o)

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Exersaucer Fun!

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We have retired the swing and have brought up the exersaucer from the basement for Miss Hailey to play with.

I am not even sure how Hailey is even old enough to be in this thing. But I guess I have put bringing it upstairs long enough!
She is all about toys these days and really enjoyed sitting up in the exersaucer. She was reaching for and interacting with all of it. :o)

She really likes it when the older two push all of the sound buttons and mess with all of the toys. She will just stare at them and then look at the toy, stare at them, look at the toy. It's like she is taking notes in her head as to how the toys work. :oP

Hailey is just getting too big, too fast!!!

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Happy 6 Months, Hailey!

Little Miss is now 6 months old.

Half way to being a 1 year old.

Someone hold me!

Hailey is quite the little miss these days. Her personality is coming out more and more and it is so fun! She is a happy baby and loves to smile...well, except when I am trying to get a picture. Then she just stares blankly at me. :o/

We have moved on to 6 month clothes but it's mostly because mommy wanted to start putting her in 'new' outfits. Hailey can still fit into a lot of 3 month stuff still. I can tell that she is definitely on the smaller side.

I doubt she even weighs 15 pounds. She has her 6 month well baby visit next week so I'll update you on her stats after he appointment.

Hailey still does not roll over...in either direction...on a regular basis. She has maybe a handful of times and that's it. I would be slightly worried if it wasn't for her rocking up onto all 4's already. I think she is just a content baby and is perfectly fine with what is in front of her. Why roll?  I'll mention it to the doc though and see what they say.

We started solids the other week. I will do a separate post about this but I will just say that she LOVES her food! :o)

It really is hard to believe that Hailey is already half a year old. Wasn't she just 3 months old? But now is when the fun stuff starts...solids, crawling, teeth. Oh boy! :o)

The Road To A Better Me--Weeks 1-3

Hello pre-pregnancy weight!!!!
Man, does that feel good! 

This is the first time I have been able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight! I was never able to get their with Hannah or Colson.

Now granted, I am also at my heaviest weight now, but still...I managed to lose all of the weight I gained with Hailey and I find that to be a great accomplishment! 

The last few weeks have been rough. Ever since I posted my first 'road to a better me' post, I slacked in every way possible. I can make excuses (the craptastic weather) but honestly the main excuse would just be laziness. 

But this past week, I was able to get back on track and I lost 1.5 pounds!
It feels so good to see the 140's again! 

Now to reach my pre-pregnancy weight with Colson--141. Then with Hannah--136. Very achievable goals!!!