Silly Hat

I opened Hannah's door this morning to find her like this:

She had her little baby doll carrier on her head.  ???  I don't know! Clearly she thought it was funny!

She's pretty darn cute though if I do say so myself!

Did you noticed her bumblebee pajamas? She saw them while we were at Old Navy the other day and I had to get them for her! I mean, with your bumblebee fascination and all, how was I to deprive my child!? :oP

Needless to say, her birthday cake will have a slight bumblebee theme to it! :o)


Ultrasound Update

Yesterday was a great day! Not only was it our 3 year wedding anniversary but we got to see our little peanut kicking and squirming around on screen.

My appointment was at 9:00 and as we were sitting in the waiting room out little one was going to town kicking my really full badder. We went back for the ultrasound and even the technician commented on how active he/she was being. Peanut even did a complete flip while she was taking measurements.

Everything looks okay though. Our little one has two arms and two legs. We saw its little toes. The tech said based on the measurements that my due date was February 12th but since its so close to my original they didn't change it (I don't think it matters though because this little one will be coming early!). The technician was even able to get a clear view of the gender. It took her all of like 2 seconds to find it. She wrote the results down and sealed them in an envelope for us so right now the only people who know the gender of our child is the technician and the bakery person that we talked to! :o) It's driving me nuts but we will find out the results in 2 more days when we cut into the cake at our reveal party! We can't wait! :o)

After the ultrasound we met with my doctor. He didn't say anything about the ultrasound so I don't know if he hadn't looked at the results yet or if no news is good news. I'll stick with the latter until I go in next week for a blood pressure check and I see if he says anything.

And speaking of blood pressure...yeah, mine went up. It was 154/90. Yikes! That's not good so I walked out of the office with a prescription for a high blood pressure medicine. :o( I go back next week so they can check my pressure again. He said that I will have another ultrasound in 6 weeks and probably a couple more after that. I will also have a few non-stress tests done from here on out to make sure peanut is okay. So we're keeping an eye on things. We obviously don't want things to get any worse because that would just be bad. Hopefully the high blood pressure medicine works and keeps my pressure down a bit!

I will leave you with a few ultrasound photos! :o)


Cute Baby Bibs

I think I am going to make a few of these cute bibs for our new little peanut. I found the tutorial on The Purl Bee.

I've already got some extra terry cloth fabric and some other patterned fabric laying around so I figured this would be a good way to use it up!

I might alter the pattern a bit so that there is some terry cloth on the front of the bib, but either way, this project looks to be pretty easy. I'm sure I can bang quite a few of these out in one sitting. :o)

I'll be sure to post photos of my finished project!

And check out The Purl Bee for other great crafting ideas! :o)


20 Weeks!

How far along? 20 weeks

Weight gain/loss: +9 pounds total. We'll find out the update to that tomorrow.

Maternity clothes? Pants all the time. Tops sometimes.

Stretch marks? Nope!

Sleep? Better! I only get up maybe 2 or 3 times to pee now instead of 4 or 5! :o)

Best moment this week? We finally started the project that is our basement. We're concentrating on our two offices right now and we've already got the main wall up! Is it sad that I am already thinking paint colors, light fixtures and furniture placement??? This also means that we'll be able to start thinking about the nursery! :o)

Food cravings: Chocolate. I thank the Halloween candy for that!

Gender: My guess is still a boy. :o) I will be wearing blue on Saturday!

Belly button in or out? In

Movement? Yep. Little peanut is most active in the morning but I will feel the occasional movement throughout the day.

What I miss? Being able to breathe. This cold/allergies thing is getting old! I just want to feel better.

What I'm looking forward to: Our 3 year anniversary is tomorrow and our big ultrasound is at 9 am!

Milestones: Baby weighs about 10 1/2 ounces now. He's also around 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom and about 10 inches from head to heel.

Also, if I need to be induced 1 or 2 weeks early like my doctor predicts, then I am over half way through this pregnancy! Crazy!


Your Three Words

Only 5 more days until the big ultrasound (and our 3 year anniversary)!

On Wednesday, at 9:00 in the morning I have my ultrasound. I'm glad my doctor's office only does morning ultrasounds because I'm not sure how I would make it through the day waiting for it. But I have to wake up at 7:45 (ew!) to drink 32 ounces of water by 8:00. This is the cruelest punishment for a pregnant have her drink tons of water in a short period of time and them hold it for an hour or two. It's mean and highly uncomfortable!

I am very excited though! :o) I find myself thinking about it almost all the time but if I think about it too much, I just make myself a nervous wreck! I'm sure that's not good for my blood pressure... :o/ I just want everything to be okay with our little peanut.

Of course we will also ask to find out the sex, but if you remember a previous post, we will not actually be finding out at the ultrasound. If baby cooperates, we're going to have the technician write the results and seal them in an envelope and then seal the photo in another envelope. We'll keep the photo in our possession (just in case the bakery messes up) and then give the written results to a local bakery to make the cake!

So we hope that everything is right on track with baby L and that on Saturday October 2nd, we can celebrate and find out the gender!


Play along over at Jenni's Blog!


Little Baby Clothes And Bedding

Lately I have been eyeing all of the cute baby clothes out there.Maybe it the start of nesting or maybe I am just obsessed with shopping, but there are some super cute things out there.

Now if baby L is a girl, we obviously have tons of clothes already...but who would I be kidding if I was to tell you that I wouldn't buy anything new for her. HA! I think we both know that I will buy her some new things, one of which being a coming home outfit! :o)

And, well, if we have a boy we will obviously have to buy all new clothes for the little man.

Here are some cute things I found while browsing:

I have also been looking at bedding and I think I have decided on what I am going to get, depending on the gender.

For a girl:
Daniella by CoCaLo
CoCaLo Daniella 6 Piece Crib Bedding Set - Cocalo  - Babies"R"Us
We won't have to repaint the bedroom if the little one is a girl.

For a boy:
Doodle Doo by Lambs & Ivy
Lambs & Ivy Doodle Doo 6-Piece Crib Bedding Set - Lambs & Ivy Bedtime  - Babies"R"Us
For a boy, I think I would go with a nice rich green paint for the walls.

Obviously, a separate post will be made about the bedding once we know! :o)

So yes, I think maybe I need to step away from the baby clothes for right now. I think I am just going nuts not knowing the sex and not being able to really plan or buy anything yet. Soon though. T-minus 9 days! :o)


Wizard of Oz Fest 2010

This past weekend was our towns Wizard of Oz Festival.

We took Hannah to the parade.

Hannah has quite the concerned look on her face in the photos...she was very observant of all of the people dressed up in funny costumes. I don't think she was too sure about the whole thing but she did have fun and enjoyed some of the candy that was thrown to us.

Notice the two suckers in her hands! :oP

We also visited Nick at the bingo tent where he called bingo for The Moose Lodge. We had cotton candy, pink champagne cupcakes, I enjoyed a few fried pickles and we even got Hannah a little balloon teddy bear.


It was a really nice weekend. :o) 

I just find it hard to wrap my brain around the fact that next year we'll be taking two kiddos to this festival. Crazy!


The Backyardigans

Hannah has fallen in love with The Backyardigans. She has never really been one to watch television but ever since Nick's mom bought a dvd of The Backyardigans, Hannah has been obsessed.

Just to fill you in, here is a little description of the cartoon via wikipedia:
The Backyardigans features 5 animal children, who imagine that their backyard becomes an adventure place. In each episode, the show's five friends—Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha, and Austin—rely on their vivid imaginations to transform their backyard into completely different worlds, in which they go through many sorts of stories and adventures. The time-frame of the show can range from a few hours to more than one full day, but in reality, the story always ends just in time for one of them to invite the others for a snack. The imaginary story then reverts to the backyard, and the characters all rush to the house of the person who offered the snack and enter it. After a second, one or more characters open the door, quote the catchphrase specific to the episode and then close the door, ending the show. The episodes focus on music and dancing as much as they do on the stories, with each one featuring a different music genre and four new songs, usually with at least one rearrangement of a well-known or traditional song. 
So now all Hannah wants to do is watch 'Moose' aka Tyrone. It is so cute...she'll point to him when she sees him on tv. She also loves to dance during their theme song.

Backyardigans Dancing from Jennifer Loving on Vimeo.

So needless-to-say, I went out the other day and got a dvd to have at our house. I now have the Backyardigans theme song stuck in my head all day but it's totally worth it. If Hannah is going to watch a cartoon, I would much rather her watch this over some of those other stupid-ass cartoons out there. (uh-hum, Yo Gabba Gabba!)


18 Weeks

How far along? 18 weeks

Weight gain/loss: +9 pounds total. Ugh.

Maternity clothes? Pants all the time. Tops sometimes. I don't have to many Fall tops so I'm trying to work with what I've got.

Stretch marks? Nadda!

Sleep? Eh. It is what it is!

Best moment this week? It's finally September and the temps have fallen into the comfortable level.

Food cravings: Nothing specific.

Gender: My guess is still a boy. We'll find out in 17 days! :o)

Belly button in or out? In

Movement? I think I can feel the little peanut occasionally but nothing constant enough to give you a definite yes.

What I miss? Feeling decent. My allergies have been crazy for the past few days so I'm ready to feel normal again.

What I'm looking forward to: Being able to buy some things for this little one: crib, bedding, clothes. I want so bad to start getting the nursery in order but unfortunately we have to get the basement at least started before I can do that. UGH! Who wants to come help us with the basement!? Any takers? I'll make you food! :o) Anyone? Please!?

Milestones: At five and a half inches long and five ounces in weight, he now may be large enough for you to feel him twisting, rolling, kicking, and punching his way around the womb. 

My uterus, now about the size of a cantaloupe, is causing my body's center of gravity to shift, pulling the lower back forward and pushing the abdomen out.


Onesie Month Stickers

If you have been a reader of my blog since I had Hannah, you know that I did the monthly photos to document how much she has grown. I just wrote the month on a piece of paper. Well, since then they have come out with these super cute stickers that you put on onesies. I think that I might get these instead of just writing on paper. They are much cuter! :oP

Options for a girl:
Onesie Stickers Little Eva Flower-Check Store Home Page for Monthly Specials
Monthly Onesie Stickers Rainbow Brights-Original
Monthly Onesie Stickers Adorable Baby Birds

Options for a boy:
Monthly Onesie Stickers-Ethan
Monthly Onesie Stickers-Hunter
Monthly Onesie Stickers NeckTie

The hard part is going to be picking a design... they are all so cute! There are a ton more options if you check out the sellers etsy site! I'm kind of fond of the birds for a girl and the ties for a boy though. Which ones are your favorite?


Your Three Words

At every doctors appointment I have had for this pregnancy, my blood pressure has been high. Not severely high but high enough to have it be a topic of conversation. It's either been in the 140s/80s or the 130s/90s. That's not high enough to warrant a prescription for medication (thanks goodness) but like I said, we have talked about it at every appointment and if it gets any higher, I get to start taking meds. 

At my appointment this past Tuesday I asked my doctor what the chances were of me needing to be induced again because of this, and he said pretty good. He said most likely around 38 or 39 weeks. Of course we won't know specifics until we get closer to delivery time, but as it stands now, it looks like baby #2 will not make it to my original delivery date of February 15th and he/she will come more towards the beginning of February. I just hope that that is the earliest he/she makes an appearance!

My doctor also said that I will most likely have more ultrasounds after my anatomy scan just to monitor the baby and make sure its growing ok. High blood pressure can restrict the growth of the baby so we want to make sure he/she is cooking away nicely in there!

So yes, blood pressure drama already and I'm only 17 weeks. With Hannah it didn't happen until after 30 weeks. I hope hope hope that this stays only a minor issue and we don't go into full blown craziness over here!