Ultrasound Scheduled!

We have scheduled our anatomy ultrasound for Wednesday, September 29th at 9:00 in the morning!  YAY! That is also our 3 year anniversary so Nick is taking the day off of work.

I'm super excited for our ultrasound yet super nervous. I just want our little peanut to be okay and healthy and until we hear from the technician that everything looks perfect, I'm sure I will just be a nervous mess. (Please be healthy, little one!) But finding out the gender is an added bonus (providing baby cooperates) and we're super excited about that. I still believe this baby is a boy...Nick's isn't sure. Grandparents are kind of hoping it's a boy...Nick is the only boy right now so it would be nice to have another one around with all of us girls! :oP

Although we won't be finding out the gender at the ultrasound! Nick and I have decided to do something a little different this time around! :o)

We are having the U/S technician write down the results and put them in a sealed envelope. We're going to take that envelope to a bakery and we're going to have them make a cake with the correct color of either blue or pink on the inside. Then on October 2nd we are going to have a little cookout with our friends and family and we're going to cut into the cake and all find out at the same time! So not only do I have to wait another 3 weeks, but I will have to wait another 3 days after that for the party. AH! How am I going to do that!?

But I have made these cute invites to send out to everyone. I've have had them designed for a while but I had to wait patiently until we scheduled the ultrasound to actually share them...just to make sure of the date.

So hopefully our little one cooperates and we get a clear shot of what he or she is. If not we'll still have fun at our cookout and I guess we'll just eat yellow cake! :oP And I can't wait to see who picks which team. I have a feeling the boy votes will outweigh the girl votes!



  1. What a neat idea!!! I can't wait to hear the results! If you have a boy, I have a ton of clothes and stuff you are more than welcome to.

  2. Yeah, we think it will be fun! Although I'm sure those 3 days in between the U/S and the party are going to make me go crazy! :oP

  3. i wanna join that party, too!! ;-)

  4. I say boy - I'll wear blue that day since I won't be there.....but I'm sure I'll be at work and our shirts are blue....so it works out perfect!! I can't wait for my txt!! :o)

  5. Come on by Tanja! :oP I'll definitely be sure to email once we find out!

  6. I think it's a boy too~just a feeling ;) ADORABLE idea...I might have to steal that one next time around for us! =)


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