Silly Hat

I opened Hannah's door this morning to find her like this:

She had her little baby doll carrier on her head.  ???  I don't know! Clearly she thought it was funny!

She's pretty darn cute though if I do say so myself!

Did you noticed her bumblebee pajamas? She saw them while we were at Old Navy the other day and I had to get them for her! I mean, with your bumblebee fascination and all, how was I to deprive my child!? :oP

Needless to say, her birthday cake will have a slight bumblebee theme to it! :o)


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  1. Is that the theme this year? Bumblebees?

    By the way I wrapped her presents and had to hide them from Lexi in the armoire and it throws me off every time I open it. :o)


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