Little Baby Clothes And Bedding

Lately I have been eyeing all of the cute baby clothes out there.Maybe it the start of nesting or maybe I am just obsessed with shopping, but there are some super cute things out there.

Now if baby L is a girl, we obviously have tons of clothes already...but who would I be kidding if I was to tell you that I wouldn't buy anything new for her. HA! I think we both know that I will buy her some new things, one of which being a coming home outfit! :o)

And, well, if we have a boy we will obviously have to buy all new clothes for the little man.

Here are some cute things I found while browsing:

I have also been looking at bedding and I think I have decided on what I am going to get, depending on the gender.

For a girl:
Daniella by CoCaLo
CoCaLo Daniella 6 Piece Crib Bedding Set - Cocalo  - Babies"R"Us
We won't have to repaint the bedroom if the little one is a girl.

For a boy:
Doodle Doo by Lambs & Ivy
Lambs & Ivy Doodle Doo 6-Piece Crib Bedding Set - Lambs & Ivy Bedtime  - Babies"R"Us
For a boy, I think I would go with a nice rich green paint for the walls.

Obviously, a separate post will be made about the bedding once we know! :o)

So yes, I think maybe I need to step away from the baby clothes for right now. I think I am just going nuts not knowing the sex and not being able to really plan or buy anything yet. Soon though. T-minus 9 days! :o)


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  1. I really like the boy bedding. I'm not pregnant but I looked at baby bedding the other day. :oP


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