The County Fair

The weather was pretty nice yesterday so we took advantage of it and we took the kiddos to the fair. It was the 4 of us with grandma, gigi, auntie Mandi and uncle Travis.

Hannah had an absolute blast! Yesterday was one of the best days ever. Seeing the smile on Hannah's face and her pure joy and excitement was just too much! I have no idea how we got so lucky to have such a wonderful daughter but she truly is the light in our eyes and I absolutely love the fact that we were able to make her so happy yesterday.

Enjoy the photos and videos!

Fried pickles + cotton candy + ice cream + the giant slide and carousel + yet another addition to our family—Festus, our newest gold fish + an elephant ride + a new cowgirl hat = the greatest day EVER! :o)

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New Picnic Table

Our neighbor, a family friend, gave Hannah and Colson a gift this past week.

 Hannah couldn't wait to open it.

She loves it!

The picnic table currently resides in our living room. I'm not sure if it will ever make it outside...which this mom just loves. *rolls eyes*

I'm going to see how much crap we can actually fit into our living room.  :o/  Ugh!

I cannot wait until our family room/playroom in the basement is finished so we can put all of the toys down there!

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Reading and Learning

Hannah really has a love for books. She'll ask us to read them to her or she will sit on her own and 'read'.
When she reads them by herself, she will actually flip the pages of the book and say, almost exactly, the wording on those pages. It might be from a book that I have only read to her a handful of times but she is still able to recite lines from it.

Hannah also gets the National Geographic Kid Magazine and they come with little animal trading card things. Each magazine has 4 different animal cards. She has about 20 of these cards and she knows all of them but maybe two—the Sifaka (which is a kind of monkey for all of those wondering) and the Peacock. Some of the ones she does know are the capybara, damselfly, nudibranch, squid, cheetah, wild boar, and parrot fish. Tthat is to only name a few.

It is pure craziness the things she can remember!

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Oh, How Pinteresting!


I dedicate this week to cupcakes!

Yummy! :o)

Champagne Cupcake

Pink Lemonade Cupcake

Strawberry with Chocolate Ganache Cupcake

Cherry Coke Cupcake

Rootbeer Float Cupcake

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Pretty Pink Heart Cupcake

Beautiful Snowflake Cupcake

Chocolate Peppermint Cupcake

I can't wait to make some of these!
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Wordless Wednesday--Video

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Colson's First Rice Cereal

Colson got his first taste of rice cereal last night for dinner...and just like his sister's first taste, it went rather smoothly.
I guess I just have it in my head that when a child first tries a new food it should end up everywhere. They should smack the spoon out of your hand, blow raspberries with the food...but I guess that's not what's supposed to really happen. At least not with my children anyways.
Hannah ate her cereal (and every other food) like a pro. She loved everything! Last night, Colson chowed down on his rice cereal. Minus some smiling issues where the cereal came back out because he wasn't swallowing, he too, ate his cereal like a pro.
It was quite the video taping let-down for this mother, who was expecting to be wearing more of the cereal, but I am ecstatic that Colson loved it. And I will take the food going into his mouth, over going on me, any day! :o)
Our baby boy is getting so big and it makes us sad that he is starting to eat 'real food'. I waited and waited to give both of my children rice cereal until really close to 6 months. I just wasn't (and I'm still not) ready to give up that baby stage yet but it's something you have to do. :o(
Time just needs to slow down!

I will post a video later of Mr. Man's first taste. :o)

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Playtime Fun

Colson is really loving his toys. He is constantly reaching for different ones and tries to move himself forward to get to them. 
He is able to completely lift his tummy off of the ground. I don't remember Hannah being able to do that (Hannah was an army crawler for the most part).
Colson has also taken on a love with his bumbo. Okay, it was actually his sister's bumbo, hence why it's purple, but he'll live with the color. 
 Before he would arch his back and refuse to sit in it.
We are slowly getting to the sitting up unassisted stage. I think in a few more weeks he'll be able to balance himself with toppling over.

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