Colson's First Rice Cereal

Colson got his first taste of rice cereal last night for dinner...and just like his sister's first taste, it went rather smoothly.
I guess I just have it in my head that when a child first tries a new food it should end up everywhere. They should smack the spoon out of your hand, blow raspberries with the food...but I guess that's not what's supposed to really happen. At least not with my children anyways.
Hannah ate her cereal (and every other food) like a pro. She loved everything! Last night, Colson chowed down on his rice cereal. Minus some smiling issues where the cereal came back out because he wasn't swallowing, he too, ate his cereal like a pro.
It was quite the video taping let-down for this mother, who was expecting to be wearing more of the cereal, but I am ecstatic that Colson loved it. And I will take the food going into his mouth, over going on me, any day! :o)
Our baby boy is getting so big and it makes us sad that he is starting to eat 'real food'. I waited and waited to give both of my children rice cereal until really close to 6 months. I just wasn't (and I'm still not) ready to give up that baby stage yet but it's something you have to do. :o(
Time just needs to slow down!

I will post a video later of Mr. Man's first taste. :o)

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  1. I'm in the same boat! I'm also not ready to give up the baby stage yet, but we are starting w/ rice cereal tomorrow! Glad it went so well!

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