Reading and Learning

Hannah really has a love for books. She'll ask us to read them to her or she will sit on her own and 'read'.
When she reads them by herself, she will actually flip the pages of the book and say, almost exactly, the wording on those pages. It might be from a book that I have only read to her a handful of times but she is still able to recite lines from it.

Hannah also gets the National Geographic Kid Magazine and they come with little animal trading card things. Each magazine has 4 different animal cards. She has about 20 of these cards and she knows all of them but maybe two—the Sifaka (which is a kind of monkey for all of those wondering) and the Peacock. Some of the ones she does know are the capybara, damselfly, nudibranch, squid, cheetah, wild boar, and parrot fish. Tthat is to only name a few.

It is pure craziness the things she can remember!

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