Y3W—Hannah's First Pet

Hannah officially has her first pet.

Say hello to Cletus!

She won him at a carnival last weekend. Actually she didn't technically win him...but because we spent the $5 for 30 balls...you automatically win a fish. Which is totally awesome! (Can you sense my sarcasm???) They should have had a warning sign up or something! It totally would have been cheaper to just go to the pet store and buy a gold fish for like...oh...$1.

But Hannah had fun playing the game and she was excited to 'win' her fish so I guess it was worth it.  Right!?  :o/

I dread the day when the fish dies and I have to explain it to Hannah... ugh!

Play along over at Jenni From The Blog!

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  1. Aww your little girl looks adorable in her hat! Welcome, fishy!

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