'The Christmas Tree Patch'

I have countless fond memories of going as a kid to cut down a Christmas tree. We would go with my Aunt and Uncle and cousins to a local farm and go on the hunt for the perfect tree. It was a tradition that we did for years...up until we were older. It was and still is a tradition that I look back on and instantly think of my childhood.

I knew that that was a tradition I wanted to start with my kids! And we did!

Hannah is at the age that she now remembers things from years past. When we told her we were going to go cut down our christmas tree, she knew that it was the place where the horses took us out to the 'christmas tree patch'. She was excited beyond words and it made me so happy to see her so happy.

Because in all honestly, that is what it is all about. Do I love a real Christmas tree? Of course, but I love even more the look on her face as she runs through the field (or in her words 'the Christmas tree patch') finding the perfect tree for our house.

And I look forward to the coming years where Colson is just as excited and runs along with Hannah!

I want them to remember these times just as I remember those times in my childhood. Because without tradition...really, what is the point? We do it for the younger generations. So hopefully they have something that they are excited about to pass on to their children.

So, as I sit here and type this blog post, I can't help but have the sappy part of me take over and get a little teary eyed...because we are making memories. Cherished memories that will last for years and years, not only for myself, but for my children as well!

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Thanksgiving 2012

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. We hosted dinner at our house again this year so I was crazy busy getting everything ready.

My dad deep fried a turkey and my BIL made his orange and sage turkey...both of which were delicious! :o) Then we had the other staples like mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, broccoli casserole, sausage and sauerkraut, cranberry sauce and deviled eggs.

For dessert I made this Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake. The consensus was that it was good...I even got a 'best dessert I have ever had' compliment.  :o) So if you need to take a dessert, I recommend this one!

A while back my MIL and I got all of the girls these coordinating outfits to wear on Thanksgiving. The big task was to get a photo of them together with them on. Here is what we got:

Not too bad for one sleeping and one crying. Oddly enough Hannah was the one who cooperated. Who what have thunk!? :oP

We had a very nice Thanksgiving and it was nice that all of our siblings were able to be there. It had been quite some time since we have had everyone here for Thanksgiving.

Now, let's bring on the Christmas tree! :o)

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As we celebrate Thanksgiving today with our family, I will be so very thankful for all that I have in my life.

A roof over our heads and food on our table...

My family...I wouldn't trade them for anything! This includes my in-laws!

My best friend, who I consider a sister...I would do anything for and love very much!

My husband, my high school sweetheart, the love of my life, my rock...I am so lucky to have you as my soulmate and the father to my children!

My children...I never knew I could love anyone as much as I love them. I am so lucky that I get to be their mommy!

May you all have a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving! :o)

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Please, Just Eat!

It is a very good day if I can get Hannah to eat three meals. A very good day...like a 'stars must have aligned because it doesn't usually happen' kind of good day.

We usually pass on breakfast but if we do not pass on breakfast we can have anything from cereal, to pancakes, to oatmeal. Yay for something being consumed!

Lunch depends on whether or not we passed on breakfast. If we do eat lunch, it's maybe Mac and cheese...because that's healthy...or maybe we'll do apples and peanut butter with a cheese stick or yogurt. Then there are days where mom of the year here will get the kids nuggets and fries from the ever dreaded McDonalds because she is pretty desperate to just get something in her belly. Don't judge. I had that as a kid quite often and I am just fine. Moderation people!

Anyways, by the time dinner comes around, one would think my kid would be starving. Wrong! I ask what she wants for dinner and I usually get an 'I'm not hungry'. Ugh.

It wouldn't be so bad if she would attempt to eat what we were having for dinner but that is yet another problem. I can't get her to try anything new. Oatmeal? I had to bribe for with cookies to even take a single bite...but now she loves it. Spaghetti took three tries before we could get her to take a bite...now she loves it. But since I am usually making the kids their own dinner that is different from ours (which was a super huge mistake and I regret starting that!) it makes it very frustrating when she doesn't eat it.

Lately, I feel as if I am failing her. I am home all day with her, why can't I get her to eat. It is very very frustrating. I shouldn't have to pull teeth to get her to eat something...something that she has had before and liked!

Do you have a picky eater or in my case, a kid who doesn't want to eat at all? What have you done to get them to eat? Any tricks I should know about?

Someone please help this frustrated mama out before she goes crazy!

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Oh, How Pinteresting!

Since I have been sewing quite a bit these days, maybe I should think about making myself these.

My dessert of choice for the baking contest at our family Thanksgiving this year.

These are a must make...because, you know, I am already planning all the fun appetizers I am going to make for our family Christmas party.
Source: zomoc.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

A definite must do in our basement storage area!

And because sometimes this is all I need!

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Wordless Wednesday

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Sewing A New Adventure

I have been sewing away for a week making tons of coffee cozies.

Coffee cozies??? Yes, I posted a photo on instagram of a coffee cozy that I made and it was a hit. Multiple people wanted one. :o)

So after a bit of thought, I decided to sell them. Can you say stocking stuffers!?

Well...I have sold 18 cozies. Whoa!
After a temporary home in my (neglected) design store on etsy, I figured they needed a more permanent home. So my bestie and I decided to open a store for all of our sewing goodies.

We are in the beginning stages of getting items in the store but be sure to check it out! We currently have cozies and keychains listed, but be on the lookout for headbands, business card holders, ruffle towels, and more! :o)
We currently have a special going on for buy 3 cozies get 1 free! Get 'em while they're hot! :o)

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On Baby #3

Since I posted about my miscarriage HERE, it is out in the open now that we want another baby.

When I was picturing what my family would look like, I always pictured two kids. I had one sibling. A lot of my friends had one sibling. It just seemed perfect. One kid for each parent to handle.

When Colson was born, I thought we were finished having kids. We had one of each. A daughter and a son. I had spent so many years telling myself that I would have two kids that when the second kid came, it was natural to say we were done having kids. But the longer time went on and the older both kids got, I just didn't "feel" done.

It's one thing to tell yourself something and another to feel it. And I just didn't feel like our family was done yet.

After much discussion, the hubs and I agreed about another baby. Are there days where we change our mind? Of course! After days where the kiddos seem to push every button imaginable and you just want to lock yourself in a room while the duke it out! But it comes down to our family not feeling complete.

While it is scary to think about being outnumbered, and all of the things that come with another baby--especially a third (bigger car, bigger house, 3 college tuitions, etc)...there is that strong need for another child.

So we tried for baby #3. Our little tiebreaker, if you will! :oP And sadly my third pregnancy didn't end as we had hoped. We won't get to hold that baby. But our desire for a third baby keeps us going.

We will try again.

And as I chart and count down the days until we can try again, I am excited! Very excited. With each day that passes, we are one day closer to our third baby. The baby that completes our family. It just makes me giddy! :o)

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Trick or Treat!

Last night we took the kiddos trick or treating.

We got them all dressed up in their costumes--plus a few more layers because we were still getting the winds from Hurricane Sandy, and we headed out to a nearby subdivision.

I must say, they looked pretty darn cute in their costumes. I was happy with how they can out! :o)

Trying to get a photo of the two of them, however, was near impossible! I did manage to get a decent one of them sitting together--although that wasn't good for seeing their costumes.
Once we got out to trick or treat though I snapped a few of them walking together and they weren't much better. :o/
This was the first time Colson actually went trick or treating. He went last year but sat in the stroller. This year he did really well walking up to the houses and holding out his bucket or grabbing a piece of candy. He was pretty darn cute!

Hannah...well she would run up to a house and they would open the door and then she would cling to my leg. :o/ It took a few houses before she was comfortable enough to say Happy Halloween, and then a few more before she really started to get excited. By the end of the night though she was saying 'trick or treat' like a pro! :o)
We went to about 15-20 houses around the subdivision before we packed up and made our rounds to the grandparent's houses.

Overall it was a fun Halloween. The kids have way more candy than any almost 2 year old and 4 year old should have. :oP

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