On Baby #3

Since I posted about my miscarriage HERE, it is out in the open now that we want another baby.

When I was picturing what my family would look like, I always pictured two kids. I had one sibling. A lot of my friends had one sibling. It just seemed perfect. One kid for each parent to handle.

When Colson was born, I thought we were finished having kids. We had one of each. A daughter and a son. I had spent so many years telling myself that I would have two kids that when the second kid came, it was natural to say we were done having kids. But the longer time went on and the older both kids got, I just didn't "feel" done.

It's one thing to tell yourself something and another to feel it. And I just didn't feel like our family was done yet.

After much discussion, the hubs and I agreed about another baby. Are there days where we change our mind? Of course! After days where the kiddos seem to push every button imaginable and you just want to lock yourself in a room while the duke it out! But it comes down to our family not feeling complete.

While it is scary to think about being outnumbered, and all of the things that come with another baby--especially a third (bigger car, bigger house, 3 college tuitions, etc)...there is that strong need for another child.

So we tried for baby #3. Our little tiebreaker, if you will! :oP And sadly my third pregnancy didn't end as we had hoped. We won't get to hold that baby. But our desire for a third baby keeps us going.

We will try again.

And as I chart and count down the days until we can try again, I am excited! Very excited. With each day that passes, we are one day closer to our third baby. The baby that completes our family. It just makes me giddy! :o)

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  1. Good for you!! =) I have been so torn about another baby or not. I didn't have the best pregnancy with Emma, and have been scared out of my mind about having another one. But Brian and I talk about it quite a bit. And Emma is getting older, so time is ticking! hehe =)

    1. I can understand being scared. Any pregnancy can be scary but to have complications it makes it even more so! Hugs to you as you try to figure everything out!

  2. much love to you with your recent loss. i'm so sorry.

    and H & I are in this "are we? are we not?" boat right now. i figured time & prayer will tell. HE knows, we just don't yet ;)

  3. I know what you mean by 'feeling' done! I thought one was good and we would be great. But by the time she was one, I just didn't feel right not having a second.
    Hope good things are in both of our futures! Can't wait to hopefully share this experiance with you! :)

    1. I know good things are in our future! I definitely hope we're are able to share the experience! It would be pretty dang awesome!

  4. I'm so excited to think about you guys having another little one. :) Your kiddos are so precious, and you seem like such a great mommy! Best wishes to you all!

  5. I know it seems daunting to think about being outnumbered as a parent. I was unsure for a long time about having #3, and now I couldn't imagine our family without her!! I know these days people seem to "eye roll" about large families, but to me, I love the chaos and the love that large families bring. Its that many more kisses and hugs, laughter and triumph, struggles and hardships. But to me, its totally worth it! I can't wait for you guys to have another!! :)


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