'The Christmas Tree Patch'

I have countless fond memories of going as a kid to cut down a Christmas tree. We would go with my Aunt and Uncle and cousins to a local farm and go on the hunt for the perfect tree. It was a tradition that we did for years...up until we were older. It was and still is a tradition that I look back on and instantly think of my childhood.

I knew that that was a tradition I wanted to start with my kids! And we did!

Hannah is at the age that she now remembers things from years past. When we told her we were going to go cut down our christmas tree, she knew that it was the place where the horses took us out to the 'christmas tree patch'. She was excited beyond words and it made me so happy to see her so happy.

Because in all honestly, that is what it is all about. Do I love a real Christmas tree? Of course, but I love even more the look on her face as she runs through the field (or in her words 'the Christmas tree patch') finding the perfect tree for our house.

And I look forward to the coming years where Colson is just as excited and runs along with Hannah!

I want them to remember these times just as I remember those times in my childhood. Because without tradition...really, what is the point? We do it for the younger generations. So hopefully they have something that they are excited about to pass on to their children.

So, as I sit here and type this blog post, I can't help but have the sappy part of me take over and get a little teary eyed...because we are making memories. Cherished memories that will last for years and years, not only for myself, but for my children as well!

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  1. There is nothing better than Christmas traditions and making memories with the kids and family =) Love all your pictures. Enjoy the Christmas season =)

    1. You're definitely right! There is nothing better! :o)

  2. Hi Jennifer! You have an adorable little family! I had a son just right before your son and am LOVING this age. Granted, you are already familiar with it seeing as how you have Hannah also! Anyway, love the blog!

  3. Your kids are so adorable and I love that y'all have that tradition! I so wish we had places to do that kinda thing down here! lol


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