Christmas 2015

I can't believe Christmas has already come and gone. It flew by way too quickly.

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Christmas Eve Eve!

We've listened to christmas music and danced around the living room.
We've gone out on car rides to look at Christmas lights.
We've made cookies for Santa.
Our jammies are all set for Christmas Eve night!
And there is one more day left on the advent calendars.

Christmas, we're ready for you!!

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Christmas Cookies

Our annual Christmas Cookie making session was a blast this year!! Hailey was very much into doing it all by herself and Hannah and Colson have really become pros!

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Christmas Jammies

I am a sucker for matching Christmas jammies.

There is something about all three kiddos wearing the same jammies that just makes them look extra cute.

My mom always get them jammies for Christmas Eve but I always end up getting them some that they can wear all month long.

This year it was Target for the win.

Um…I can't even handle the cuteness!!


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Christmas Tree Decorating

We wasted no time decorating the tree this year. It was in the house and ready to go the day after we cut it down.

I put the lights and the garland on and them I pulled out all the ornaments and separated them out for the kids.

I relinquished a lot of control this year when it came to the ornaments. Last year I let Hannah and Colson put on a decent amount but I put up the majority of them. This year, I really tried to let them decorate the whole bottom of the tree, while I handled just the top.

I gave them a few guidelines and them let them go to town and they ended up doing rather well. Even Hailey managed to get a few onto branches but really, most of hers ended up piled onto the tree skirt. :oP

I only moved a few of their ornaments after all was said and done, so I am rather proud of myself. :o)

And a tree is not perfect until the star is placed on the top so we let every kid have a little turn at either putting the start on the tree or straightening it out one is was already up.

Hailey got to go first but she couldn't actually get in on the tree.

So Colson went next and was able to put it up.

Then Hannah straightened it out so it looked perfect. :o)

I think our tree turned out beautifully this year. Maybe my most favorite on yet!!!

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Christmas Tree Farm

The weekend after Thanksgiving we headed out to Henslers Nursery to cut down our Christmas tree. 

This year was one of the coldest years we have had in a while so we had to bundle up pretty good. That didn't seem to bother the kiddos too much though.

We actually found our tree right away. It was really the first tree we saw that was the size we were looking for and Nick and I just looked at each other and said "This one is it!". Usually I like to walk around and look a bit to see if I can find a 'better' one but this one was perfect! 

Hannah helped daddy cut it down.

Colson helped trim up the bottom a bit.

After we rode the tractor back and loaded the tree onto the trailer, we walked around a bit and got some hot chocolate.

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