Dachsie Love

When I found out I was pregnant, I never really worried about whether or not our dogs would be okay with a baby. A lot of times pets don't take too kindly to a new addition, but my mom ran a daycare in her home and I took the dogs over there quite often, so they were used to young children.

They were perfect when Hannah was a baby. They pretty much minded their own business. But there were times where they showed affection.
But as soon as Hannah was mobile, they kept their distance. They weren't too sure about this little being trying to grab their tail.

Once Hannah was old enough to know not to pull their tails or hit them though they would acknowledge her and take treats from her. They even let her pet them and gave her kisses. :o)

When Colson was born this cycle started all over. The dogs minded their own business. But there were those times were you knew they really loved this new addition...almost acting as a protector.
Colson started crawling and they kept their distance. Once Colson started walking, they couldn't run away fast enough. :oP

But now Colson loves giving them kisses and hugs, and chasing them with the ball popper. :oP

And most of the times they respect each others space.

The kids know to let them be when they are asleep. But they also know when Emma wants to play ball and they will throw it her; or when Dodger wants to play a good game of 'tug of war' and Colson gets pulled around the living room.

I never had a dog growing up, but my sister and I aways wanted one. I am glad that our kids get to grow up knowing the love and joy of a dog.

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10 Things About Me

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1. I know the themes songs to more cartoons than I am willing to admit. I am not proud of this...

2. I love pickles! I am very sad that we were not able to make it to the Porter County Fair to get some fried pickles. Maybe we'll make it to the Lake County Fair next week...if not, we're going to Hooters! I know they have some! Wonder if the hubs will put up a fight when I ask him to go to Hooters!? :oP

3. I LOVE the red freeze pops. Nick likes all the other colors except the red ones. It's perfect! We were meant to be together!

4. I always have to have polish on my toenails...even in the winter.

5. I love trying new recipes.

6. Baby fever has hit HARD! Between my adorable niece and my soon to be niece or nephew shoe is due to arrive in October, this girl wants another baby of her own!

7. I am excited to start quilting. It will be fun to tackle and learn something new.

8. Ever since Hannah was born I had been straightening my hair more times than not. But is the past few months I have gone back to my curly hair and been loving it!

9. I am already planning Hannah's birthday party that will be in October. Milk and Cookies, anyone!?

10. I usually talk to my bestie, who lives 3 hours away, more times in one day than I do to my mom who lives right down the road.

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Broken Bone

Yes, that's right....Colson has his first broken bone.

Want the story? Of course you do. But it's not as interesting as you would think...

It all started last Wednesday. After he woke up from his nap, I noticed that he was limping and favoring his left leg. I didn't really think anything of it. There was never an incident where he cried out in pain to make me think that it was something serious. I just figured maybe he stepped on a toy and tweaked his ankle or something.

Well, the following Tuesday he was still limping. On Wednesday, one week later, I decided to call the pediatrician to see if maybe they should look at him and yes, they did want to see him.

So, yesterday we went to the pediatricians. From just examining him they really could not tell that anything was wrong...other that the limp. So they decided an X-ray would be the best idea.


Well, they called with the results of the X-ray this morning...yep, he has a hairline fracture on the left fibula...which is the small bone of the lower leg.

*parent fail*

I feel like such a bad parent that I waited so long to get this looked at. But, in our defense, we seriously did think that he just stepped on a toy.

I just want to know how I have managed to go 30 years without breaking a bone, and now here is our not even 18 month old son and he has a broken leg.


The only thing I can think if is that the kids where playing and maybe Hannah fell on his leg??? It really is a mystery!

But is this a sign of things to come?

Accident prone?

All boy?

Either way, I'm already stressing out!

The good news... He does not need a cast. The fracture is already healing because the injury is a week old.

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Pinterest Randomness

We took Colson out the other day to pick out some cars. He is in love with cars lately! All I hear is 'car' or 'vroom' all day! :o) But how cool is this!?

What a great idea! Although, I would think that this would only be good for a handful of cars...otherwise the whole wall would be filled with these metal strips. Because lets face it, boys have TONS of cars. Colson isn't even 18 months old and he already two bins full of cars.

And I would be lying if I said I wasn't ready for fall...because I am SO ready for Fall.

Jeans, boots, sweaters; being able to have the windows open with the cool crisp air blowing through the house; crunchy leaves and pumpkin spice candles... Ugh, is it October yet?

Speaking of October, we have scheduled our family photo session for October 10th. I am already very excited about it and thinking about what we are going to wear.

I am still obsessing about quilts.

Maybe good practice would be to make a quilt to use for family pictures...that way I'll have one under my belt before I tackle our master bedroom quilt. Hmmm.....something to think about!

Lastly, this quote couldn't be any more perfect!

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Recently, I have fallen in love with quilts. I have even created a new Pinterest Board.

I think I may take the challenge of making a quilt for our master bedroom.

Perhaps a nice chevron quilt?

Or just a simple stripe?

Or maybe a scallop design?

I am loving these ruffles! I wonder how Nick would feel about ruffles on our bedroom quilt?

So many options and that is just for the design. Then there is the color scheme. Ah!

Our bedroom is painted grey so really any color would look good. I was thinking maybe teals, greens and yellows? Or maybe shades of purple?

So many decisions to be made...

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Wordless Wednesday

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Wow, I have really been slacking in the whole Internet socialization scene lately!

But I thought I would do a little 'life' update for each of us.

I have started some side work from home for my old boss so that has kept me busy during what was my only free time for myself...you know, to blog, clean, crochet, relax, etc. I am now having to disperse my time a little differently and I haven't really gotten used to it just yet...at least, that's my excuse as of right now. I've got my hands full with two independent and strong-willed kiddos so they are definitely keeping me busy, as well!

July is already half over and I can't believe that Colson is going to be 18 months old in...15 days! In the past week his vocabulary has really taken off! I swear, he is just growing up too fast! He is definitely becoming a little man and is definitely starting to stand up to his sister. He makes it known when she does something that he doesn't like! He loves to read books and play with cars. Nick and I are planning to take him out to the store to pick out a few new matchbox cars. I'm sure it will be 'vroom, vroom' overload for the little guy! :o)

Hannah is practicing writing her letters and on a good day (aka, one where she has the patience to sit and actually TRY) she will write her name or any other word I write down on a piece of paper. But most days there is too too much going on for her to sit any longer than 5 minutes to practice! She is also starting to understand counting so we try to real dimly work on that as well.

Nick is enjoying his new job. He has been super busy with meetings and business dinners but it's awesome that they are including 'the new guy'. I can tell that he is so much happier when he come homes and that makes me happy. He works very hard for us and I am very proud of him!

We are sneaking up ever closer to our 5 year wedding anniversary. Although when put into perspective, that is only 1/3 of our total relationship. We have been together 16 years which is just craziness. Those years haven't been without their ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade them for anything. I am very much looking forward to a little getaway with just the hubs come September. I think we deserve it! :o)

Life is definitely good!

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Colson's DIY Baby Toms

I don't claim to be the best sewer on the face of this planet but I am always willing to take on a good sewing challenge.

When I saw THIS on Pinterest, I knew that I had to give sewing these a try. They were too cute...and much cheaper than buying an actual pair of Tom's.

So I bought the pattern HERE, and headed to the fabric store to buy fabric.

I was able to get an hour and a half to myself yesterday to sew all of the pieces together.
Ummmm...could they be any cuter!?

I decided to make the 18month-2T size so they would fit longer, but sadly they are a bit too big right now.

I love them though. I might have to make another pair. :o)

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Wordless Wednesday—Outside Play Time

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A Few Randoms

1. We finally ordered Hannah's bed. We took her out last week to pick one out. Of course the one we picked was the one on backorder till July 30, but that's okay. I love it and so does Hannah!

Now I'm on the hunt for perfect bedding. :o)

2. I bought a pattern for these shoes on Etsy:

I also bought everything I need to make them, so hopefully I can get to the sewing machine for a few hours. They will be perfect for Colson! :o)

3. Nick is planning a getaway for our anniversary.

I am definitely in need of a vacation without the kiddos, that doesn't just involve Target. So what better way to celebrate 5 years of marriage then to go on vacation ALONE with the hubs. :o)

I have no idea when or where we're going...the hubs is keeping it hush-hush, but I couldn't be more excited!

4th of July

We had a nice 4th of July despite the crazy heat.

Tuesday, we had a BBQ at my parents house. My sister and BIL were in from out of town and my aunt and uncle came. My BIL made pulled pork and ribs and my dad cooked some chicken on the grill. I made some buffalo chicken dip that was too good for words and some cheesecake stuffed strawberries--you know, the healthy necessities. :o)

Hannah went swimming for a bit, later in the evening, after the crazy heat lessened a bit.

Wednesday, we headed over to Nick's parent's house. We spent a few hours in the pool and then headed back home to put the kiddos down for a nap. Then we went back for dinner--deli sandwiches because it was just too darn hot to grill anything.

Here are just a few pictures that my MIL took.

These glasses were too cute. I love the above photo!

We tried to get all three cousins to wear them for a photo but Colson was kind of over photos by that point.

So, we got one of just the girls.

I also got to love on my beautiful niece, Natalia. Ummm, yeah...baby fever, right here!

And one of the little man...who looks not so little in this photo. I die from his cuteness!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday.

I am still kind of in denial that it is even July. How did it sneak up on me so fast?

Oh, How Pinteresting!

In honor of the 4th of July:

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