Recently, I have fallen in love with quilts. I have even created a new Pinterest Board.

I think I may take the challenge of making a quilt for our master bedroom.

Perhaps a nice chevron quilt?

Or just a simple stripe?

Or maybe a scallop design?

I am loving these ruffles! I wonder how Nick would feel about ruffles on our bedroom quilt?

So many options and that is just for the design. Then there is the color scheme. Ah!

Our bedroom is painted grey so really any color would look good. I was thinking maybe teals, greens and yellows? Or maybe shades of purple?

So many decisions to be made...

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  1. ooohhh, love the ruffles one!!! Let me know how hard it is. I might try it, you know, in all my spare time I have just laying around :)

  2. I know I can't wait to make a quilt too!

    Maybe the chevron one, with grey as the solid color and then get different patterns to go in between. I'd say purple, but that's because we are going in the purple/grey route. :oP


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