A Few Randoms

1. We finally ordered Hannah's bed. We took her out last week to pick one out. Of course the one we picked was the one on backorder till July 30, but that's okay. I love it and so does Hannah!

Now I'm on the hunt for perfect bedding. :o)

2. I bought a pattern for these shoes on Etsy:

I also bought everything I need to make them, so hopefully I can get to the sewing machine for a few hours. They will be perfect for Colson! :o)

3. Nick is planning a getaway for our anniversary.

I am definitely in need of a vacation without the kiddos, that doesn't just involve Target. So what better way to celebrate 5 years of marriage then to go on vacation ALONE with the hubs. :o)

I have no idea when or where we're going...the hubs is keeping it hush-hush, but I couldn't be more excited!


  1. YAY for a vacation!!

    Oooo, we can get you something for your vaca on our girls day! :oP

    I really need a girls day!! I dragged Erin to Target today and it was exciting to buy Mackenzie new wash clothes and a new bed sheet. :-/

    1. Definitely! I think an outlet mall trip is in order! I could use some new shirts. :o)


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