More Hannah!

Tomorrow Hannah turns one week old!  

This past week has been wonderful! I can't believe Hannah is going to be one week old already. It has obviously been a big life adjustment but Hannah is such a joy in our lives and I wouldn't change it for anything!  It is such an incredible feeling having your little baby girl sleeping on your chest, listening to her breathe. We have taken her out on little stroller rides already too, trying to enjoy the weather while it lasts.

Here are some more photos of our precious little girl!  :o)

DSC03015.jpg picture by jdlovingDSC02993.jpg picture by jdlovingDSC03014.jpg picture by jdlovingDSC03016.jpg picture by jdloving


Hannah Danielle 

born on October 25th at 9:26am. 

Here is my birth story (the shortened version)...
I was induced at 8:00am on the 24th. I came to the hospital at 2 cm dilated already before any medicine but only got to 3 cm and then I seemed to stall even though my contractions were 2 minutes apart and pretty strong. I got some pain meds through my IV and thing picked up a bit... I finally got to 4 cm around 1:15 am.  My doctor broke my water at 1:30 and things moved more quickly. By 3:30 am I was 6 cm so I got an epidural because the IV meds just weren't cutting it! I got to 10 cm by about 8:15 am. My doctor let the contractions work for a bit longer to bring her down (and so I wouldn't have to push as long) and at 9:00 am on Saturday morning, I started to officially push. After 30 minutes of pushing Hannah was born! :o)

She was 6 lbs 12 oz and was 20 inches long. 

We couldn't be more blessed!  She's a sleeper... I have a hard time waking her up for feedings, which is making breast feeding quite difficult and frustrating. We'll see how it goes though. She is absolutely perfect! I couldn't be more in love!


Here we go!

T-minus 10 hours until we head to the hospital to have our baby girl.  Its crazy to think that tomorrow is the day.  These past 9 months have flown by!  Maybe it is due to having a rather uneventful pregnancy... I really have been very lucky to not have any morning sickness, no back pain, no swelling, AND no stretch marks  :o)... other than peeing all the time and the occasional not being able to breathe, my pregnancy has been a breeze.  I have been very lucky!

I will be sad to not feel Hannah move anymore but I can't wait to hold her in my arms.  I hope that everything goes smoothly tomorrow and Hannah is a healthy baby.  I'm going through a mix of emotions as I'm sure every new parent does.  Its the fear of the unknown.  I an nervous about the birth and scared about the pain.  I'm nervous about being a good mom. But I'm excited to finally meet this human being that I have been baking the past 9 months... that Nick and I have created together...

So tomorrow our lives change!  I'm sure I'll have a hard time sleeping but I think we have everything ready to go.

Stayed tuned as I will eventually post photos of our little bundle of joy!

Here we go!

Induction Scheduled!

I have been fighting a headache all weekend so I called the doctor this morning. She wanted me to come in, so I spent the better part of this morning at the doctors office and the hospital. I got a non-stress test done and a biophysical profile done on Hannah. Those tests came out fine but my doctor still wants to deliver me early because of my high blood pressure issues. Sooo... I am being induced this Friday at 7 am. Hannah's birthday will either be October 24th or October 25th! :o) I can't believe she will be here in less that a week. AH! I will be sure to keep everyone informed and look for photos next week! :o)

Blood Pressure Update

So my blood pressure is still high but it did come down a bit. 

Since I still have a week until I am 38 weeks, I will go back for another appointment next Friday. Then she'll decide what the plan of attack will be. If its still high--I get induced, if it goes down--I guess we wait for Hannah to decide when she is going to come... which might be a awhile because I'm not dilated at all yet.

And so we wait until next Friday...

36 Weeks!

It has been awhile since I have taken and posted a belly pic so here is my most recent--taken this morning.  Could this be one of my last belly pics?  I guess we'll find out tomorrow at my doctors appointment.

But things are going well.  She's moving around in there alot--not so much kicks anymore, just squirming.  It feels really weird! :oP Its harder to bend over now where before it was still pretty easy.  Sleeping is a lot more uncomfortable... I can't wait until I can sleep on my stomach again! I have seemed to avoid stretch marks up until this point so I am keeping my fingers (and everything else) crossed that I can avoid them all together.  I also hope that means that I will drop the baby weight pretty face after I have Hannah.  I am dying to wear 'normal' clothes again.  Maternity pants are comfortable but I don't have a lot of fall maternity shirts so I'm hoping I can quickly get back into my pre-pregnancy sweaters.

I have also gotten all of Hannah's clothes, etc washed so I can mark that off my list.  Her changing table is finished-storage boxes and all, so maybe I'll take a photo and post that on here tonight. My dad is putting the cradle together and we'll pick it up this weekend and then we'll probably also get the crib together so we don't have to do that once Hannah arrives.
I don't have a true nursery for Hannah but once everything is up I will be sure to take some photos!  

Stay tuned for Doctor Appointment updates tomorrow!

Baby Crocheted Hat

I finally ordered that crocheted baby hat that I blogged about months ago!  It is from Portland Beanie Company. I can't wait until it arrives in the mail.  Hannah is going to look so cute in it during her newborn photos!  :o)

I also received my ring sling in the mail today... so once I get internet back I'll be sure to post some photos.

Bed Rest Update

Well, even though I lounged all weekend, my blood pressure still went up a little. The baby still sounds good but I go into the doctor again on Friday. She said that if my pressure still hasn't gone down, she will induce me at 38 weeks--which I'm guessing could be as early as the end of next week or early the following week because I am currently about 36 1/2 weeks.

I can still go to work since I work at a desk but other than that I am supposed to be lazy. I think tonight though I am going to go to Babies R Us to get the last minute things that I need... then that will make me feel a little better because I can cross that off my list and it will allow me to be lazy.

But now I play the waiting game again... ugh! 

Could Hannah's birthday be in October??? AH!

Bed Rest

I had a doctors appointment yesterday and found out that my blood pressure and protein were a little high. So as a precaution, my doctor wants me to be lazy all weekend and stay in bed then come back on Monday to see if that lowered my pressure or not. If it doesn't she said she would seriously consider delivering the baby early to avoid any complications. So, so much for the plans I had this weekend. I can go to work today and Monday because I just sit at a desk but I'm not going to be able to go to Babies R Us like I wanted to buy some things I still need and we're not going to be able to go pumpkin picking. :o( Sadness. Those things will just have to wait until next week or weekend. Baby definitely comes first! Other than that though Hannah looks good. Her heart rate was good and the doctor said everything is on track. We just want her to stay in for at least another week to have her lungs mature. So I guess we'll see on Monday what the deal is. I'll keep you all informed!

The Two That I Picked...

So I went ahead and ordered two different slings from Etsy.  I have no idea when Hannah will make here debut so I didn't want to wait since it will take a week or two to get the slings.  Thank you to everyone who gave me their opinions!  :o)

Here are the two that I picked:

Fresh Air Red and Blue and Teal Dots Pouch Sling in Moda Fabrics Sizes M and L

I decided to get one of each type of sling—a ring sling and a pouch sling.  I really loved the fleece pouch sling that I posted about but it was $54.00 and I could get these two slings for that same price so I decided to not get the fleece one.

I can't wait to get them in the mail!  I hear slings are fabulous!

Which One?

So I want to get a baby sling... maybe two...because I can't decide if I want one with rings or not.

I have found a few on ETSY that I like but I can't seem to narrow them down.  Which ones do you like?

1.  NEW - Eggplant - Deliciously soft Tencel Twill Ring Sling Baby Carrier - instructional DVD $45.00

2.  Earthy Floral Batik Sling - Red - also comes in olive green or blue $33.00

3.  City Girl Pink Espresso Baby Sling - Reversible with In-Seam Pocket (Add matching burp cloth just Five Dollars) $34.00

4.  Mint flower print pouch style baby carrier- Size Medium $35.00

5.  Pink and Brown Dots Ring Sling All Sizes $38.00

6.  Black Microfleece Pouch Baby Sling for Newborn to Toddler by Gorgeousbaby $54.00

7.  Purple Dots and Purple Damask Pouch Sling made with Moda Fabric Sizes M, L and X Small $22.00