Here we go!

T-minus 10 hours until we head to the hospital to have our baby girl.  Its crazy to think that tomorrow is the day.  These past 9 months have flown by!  Maybe it is due to having a rather uneventful pregnancy... I really have been very lucky to not have any morning sickness, no back pain, no swelling, AND no stretch marks  :o)... other than peeing all the time and the occasional not being able to breathe, my pregnancy has been a breeze.  I have been very lucky!

I will be sad to not feel Hannah move anymore but I can't wait to hold her in my arms.  I hope that everything goes smoothly tomorrow and Hannah is a healthy baby.  I'm going through a mix of emotions as I'm sure every new parent does.  Its the fear of the unknown.  I an nervous about the birth and scared about the pain.  I'm nervous about being a good mom. But I'm excited to finally meet this human being that I have been baking the past 9 months... that Nick and I have created together...

So tomorrow our lives change!  I'm sure I'll have a hard time sleeping but I think we have everything ready to go.

Stayed tuned as I will eventually post photos of our little bundle of joy!

Here we go!


  1. :) Talk about a rush of pregnancy hormones at all once! A few things to keep in mind, that might help a little bit.

    Remember that the pain of contractions start out slow. How they feel at 10 cm is not how they are going to feel when they start your induction. You have some time to build up your tolerance. And remember to breathe!! :)

    Also, remember that labor is the means to the end. Yeah, labor sucks, but in the end you get to meet your beautiful little girl and it is all worth it. You wont even remember the pain once you see her, trust me!!

    And last but not least, your lives are about to change, for the better! You will not remember what life was like before Hannah arrived. Being a mommy is the hardest, but greatest job in the world! You will know what it feels like to have your child hold your heart in the palm of their hands. :) Just enjoy this experience, it wont last forever!!

    Oh, and try to get some sleep!! hehe

    P.S. Nick, remember to shave your arm hair in the morning before you leave!! lol

  2. I'm so happy and excited for you both!!! You are going to LOVE it!!


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