A Visit From The Tooth Fairy

So this happened yesterday.

My baby girl lost her first tooth!

It had been loose for a while but yesterday it finally got loose enough for her to pull it out.

How is my first baby already loosing teeth?? She can't possibly be old enough! :o(

But I knew that she was going to be losing it soon so yesterday morning we went to the fabric store so she could pick out some fabric for her tooth fairy pillow.

It's a good thing I worked on it all afternoon because she lost it that night after dinner.

She was pretty excited to put it in the pillow's pocket for the tooth fairy...as was her brother. :o)

In the morning the tooth fairy had left a little note and a dollar! :o)

Hannah has another loose tooth that isn't too far behind the one she just lost. I'm thinking she'll lose that one in the next day or two.

We're just keeping that tooth fairy busy! :o)

It's Like a Jungle Gym

Why do kids do this? It's hilarious! I remember Hannah and Colson doing it too! :oP

I guess it's like a mini jungle gym! :oP

She was pretty pleased with herself.

The exersaucer has since been retired to the basement. 

I must admit...it's nice to no longer have the exersaucer in the living room. Sadly, however,  it's been replaced with the pack 'n play. 

Little Miss is everywhere so if mama wants to go the the bathroom, do laundry, wash dishes, or cook with any peace of mind, it's into the pack 'n play we go!  Ahhh, baby jail! :oP

Outside Fun

Our weather has been really weird this summer. It seems like we have a pretty decent storm every other day or below average temps.

For example--tomorrow and Wednesday barely make it to 70. It is the middle of July right!?

The kids don't seem to mind much though because we can spend more time outside without sweating our butts off. And when I say 'our' butts, I really just mean my butt because I don't think the kids mind either way. :oP

They are enjoying it even if we haven't really been able to get in grandma's pool much (only once to be exact and that was yesterday).

They are loving their swing set!

This One's Trouble!

Trouble, I tell ya!!

Happy 10 Months, Miss Hailey!!

Little Miss is 10 months day and inching ever closer to the 1 year mark!

Hailey is sassy and fearless!

She is pulling up into everything...and so not afraid to face plant the ground. I think she will be walking by her first birthday but I also think I thought the same thing with the other two and they ended up walking at 14 months. :oP I guess we'll see!

When she's not pulling herself up onto things, she is crawling all over the place.

She takes 2 naps and sleeps great at night.

Hailey still sleeps in our room because really she sleeps just fine in there. But I know we will eventually have to have someone share rooms. :o/ Eventually...

Hailey loves food and I have even started giving her finger foods--cut up oranges, avocado, banana, apple, carrots. She is a fan and has no problems chewing foods! 

She rocks the 3 meals a day.

She can still fit into some 6-9 month clothes but for the most part she wears 9 month stuff. I can tell she is on the smaller side--even with those rolls. :oP

She has two teeth and has her 3rd one on the verge of breaking through--her top left tooth. It should break through in the next week I'm guessing. Luckily we have had no issues in the teething department so the only way I know she is teething is that I can see the tooth moving down. 

Hailey is just all around a happy baby. Constantly bothering her brother and sister by taking their toys but they love her to pieces anyways. :oP

2 months till the big 1st birthday! Party planning is underway!! :o)

Who's Who??

I posted two of these photos way back when Colson was 10ish months old as a comparison.

I knew that I wanted to get the same pic of Hailey, as well.

Can you tell who is who?


My bestie pinned the above on Pinterest and I laughed out loud. It is just perfect for how I have been the past month or so. :oP

I have been on a mission to complete two crocheted flower blankets--one for Hannah and one for Hailey.

I definitely work on them when I should be doing something else, but I have made many crotcheted gifts for other people and I very rarely make anything crochet for my own kids, so I am determined to finish these blankets for them in a timely matter.

But rest assured...the kids are all fed, there are no dirty dishes in the sink and there are plenty of clean clothes in the closets for everyone to wear. :oP