Happy 10 Months, Miss Hailey!!

Little Miss is 10 months day and inching ever closer to the 1 year mark!

Hailey is sassy and fearless!

She is pulling up into everything...and so not afraid to face plant the ground. I think she will be walking by her first birthday but I also think I thought the same thing with the other two and they ended up walking at 14 months. :oP I guess we'll see!

When she's not pulling herself up onto things, she is crawling all over the place.

She takes 2 naps and sleeps great at night.

Hailey still sleeps in our room because really she sleeps just fine in there. But I know we will eventually have to have someone share rooms. :o/ Eventually...

Hailey loves food and I have even started giving her finger foods--cut up oranges, avocado, banana, apple, carrots. She is a fan and has no problems chewing foods! 

She rocks the 3 meals a day.

She can still fit into some 6-9 month clothes but for the most part she wears 9 month stuff. I can tell she is on the smaller side--even with those rolls. :oP

She has two teeth and has her 3rd one on the verge of breaking through--her top left tooth. It should break through in the next week I'm guessing. Luckily we have had no issues in the teething department so the only way I know she is teething is that I can see the tooth moving down. 

Hailey is just all around a happy baby. Constantly bothering her brother and sister by taking their toys but they love her to pieces anyways. :oP

2 months till the big 1st birthday! Party planning is underway!! :o)


  1. I love the first picture!!!! So cute!!

  2. She sounds so much like Mila! These girls are trouble! :)

  3. Awww. She's just the sweetest girl!


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