Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so very thankful!

My heart overflows with love for these 4 people! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and three awesome kiddos.

Our families? Yeah, they pretty much rock! They are the best grandparents and aunts and uncles that we could have ever wished for, for our children.

And to my bestie,  I love you and I am so lucky and honored to have you in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Wordless Wednesday

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Getting Out With Three Kids--Yeah, Not So Much!

When Hannah was born I was the typical first time mom. I worried. I stressed. I had no idea if I was doing anything right.

When I went somewhere, I never went by myself with Hannah. I always had someone come with me.

When Colson came, I felt comfortable in the mom roll. It was very much like the Luvs commercials! I live the one where the first time mom packs everything under the sun when she leaves the house and with the second she crams Cheerios in her pocket and heads out the door! :oP

I often look back on never going to the store alone with Hannah and just how silly it was. I would love to go back in time and just suck it up and go with no help...because quite honestly it would have been a piece of cake compared to going out alone with two kiddos.

Now that I have three kiddos, going to the store alone is hardly ever an option. Am I chicken? Pretty much! Would I take two of the three? In a heartbeat! I would have no problem! I would own it and rock it! But taking all three scares the crap out of me.

Maybe if I had 4 kids (no! Don't get any ideas! We're done) I would look back and see how silly it was to not take the three out...just like it was after I had two. Who knows!? But the thought of taking all three somewhere! Ah!

I fear one kid running off in the parking lot. Or losing one in a store. I can only contain two of the three in a cart and its very scary to not have Hannah confined in something! She still does not listen all that well to the 'stay by me' command. And I am constantly telling her to 'get over here ' or 'Hannah stop'.

I can handle getting all three ready. I can handle feeding them all. I can handle the different schedules. The random wake up times. The diapers. The fits. The bickering. But going to the store alone with all three...yeah, not so much!

Taking them all to drop Hannah off at school and pick her up is about all I am willing to take on right now!

Am I alone? I sure hope not. :o/

WW: Family Photos 2013

A few weeks ago we had our family photos taken by the lovely Nichole of Nichole Frank Photography.

I was a little nervous getting our family photos taken only a month after Hailey was born, but luckily she slept the whole time. Plus the other two kiddos hammed it up for the camera so it made the 30 minutes rather enjoyable.

I'm actually not sure if our session could have been any more perfect!

Nichole did a fabulous job and we are absolutely in love with how our photos turned out! Now I just have to decide which ones to print and to use for our Christmas cards!

Here are some of my favs.


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2 months + well baby visit

Hailey turned 2 months old this past Sunday.

I won't even go into a 'how the heck is that even possible' shpeal because just thinking about it makes me want to cry! :o(

This afternoon, Hailey had her well baby visit. Little miss weighed in at 10lbs 3 oz (32%) and measured 21.25 inches long (11%). Doctor said she looks good.

She is sleeping in 7-8 hour stretches every night but has given me a few 10-11 hours stretches this week. Otherwise, during the day she goes about every 4-5 hours.

She can still fit into most of her newborn clothes. I do put her into 0-3 month stuff but it's a bit big on her.

She can hold her head up really well but often falls asleep during tummy time.

She has just started giving us smiles. Her first official smile was to her big sis a few days ago. It was pretty darn cute.

She is just a joy and such an easy going baby. We are so lucky!

Tummy Time

Hailey has been doing really well holding up her head. She is becoming so much more aware of things.

Too bad Hannah and Colson have to be all up in her business! :oP Oh the joys of being the third child, I guess. Poor Hailey.
It's just hard to believe this little peanut is going to be 2 months old this weekend.

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Hannah's 5th Birthday Party

This past weekend was Hannah's birthday party.

This is the first year that I have had it after Halloween and to be honest, it was a bit weird. Not sure why... it was just a different order so it threw me off a bit.


I decorated for the part a good week in advance so it was one less thing to worry about. Then I spent all of Friday making all of the pinwheels so all I had to so on Saturday was clean the house, set everything up and cut the pinwheels.

Hannah was pretty excited about all of her new toys. I think we have officially moved on from clothes as a gifts to toys as gifts. Oh boy! We need a bigger house! :oP

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Halloween 2013

I am super happy with how Hannah and Colson's costumes came out! I even crocheted their hats! :oP

My little Madeline and Pepito.

And of course, Hailey can't be left out. I wasn't going to put her in a costume but grandma picked up this little unicorn number and she was so freakin' cute in it! I almost died from the cuteness! :oP
First stop was to auntie and uncle Dawesome's house for some pictures with cousin Brenna (aka the cutest Pebbles you ever did see!)

Then it was on to the houses!

The weather Halloween ended up being really nice. I was afraid that we were going to get rained out because all week they were calling for rain Wednesday through Friday but about a half hour before trick or treating started we got a break in the rain...just long enough to get in an hour of candy getting. Plus it was a warm 60 degrees out!

 Last stops were to the grandparents houses.

But the kiddos had a blast trick or treating. They had no problems this year going up to houses which was unlike last year where we pretty much had to push them up to the first few before they were okay going up to the door.

As usual, we have more candy than we know what to do with.  :o/ 

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Birthday Party Prep

Today is Hannah birthday party with all of our family. We usually have her party before Halloween so having it after Halloween is throwing me off a bit. But all week I have been doing party prep.

The dessert table consists of chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate covered strawberry wafers, along with cake batter Rice Krispie treats and cake batter puppy chow.

For food, I decided that it would be fun to do different kinds of pinwheels.

I made these yesterday so they had a chance to firm up in the fridge overnight. I made 6 different kinds.

Roast Beef Pinwheels

Chipotle Bacon Pinwheels

Spicy Chicken Pinwheels

Turkey Pesto Pinwheels

BLT Pinwheels

Spinach Pinwheels

I am happy with the way everything turned out so hopefully everyone likes everything.

Party pics to come soon!

Apple Pickin' 2013

I realized yesterday, while looking through my phone pics, that I never posted anything about apple picking this year.

We did go. We actually went the weekend I got home from the hospital after having Hailey. I was feeling really good (no tearing helped in the department) so we figured that if we wanted to go and get some of those delicious honeycrisp apples, that we needed to go that weekend!
Plus, the kids love going and we have gone every year with Hannah, so I wanted to keep the tradition!

Here are a few pictures.

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