WW: Family Photos 2013

A few weeks ago we had our family photos taken by the lovely Nichole of Nichole Frank Photography.

I was a little nervous getting our family photos taken only a month after Hailey was born, but luckily she slept the whole time. Plus the other two kiddos hammed it up for the camera so it made the 30 minutes rather enjoyable.

I'm actually not sure if our session could have been any more perfect!

Nichole did a fabulous job and we are absolutely in love with how our photos turned out! Now I just have to decide which ones to print and to use for our Christmas cards!

Here are some of my favs.


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  1. HOLY COW. So beautiful!! I have a 3 year old girl and 18 month old boy. I want to try for #3 and I would love a girl like yall! lol that'd be ideal for me. Such a beautiful family. And you look fantastic in these pics!!

  2. The pics turned out so good!! Love them all!!!

  3. I just love every single one!! The colors the outfits and of course the people!! :) I'd have to print them all out and buy a photo album (do they still make those) and put them on the side table to let everyone look at them. :)


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