Getting Out With Three Kids--Yeah, Not So Much!

When Hannah was born I was the typical first time mom. I worried. I stressed. I had no idea if I was doing anything right.

When I went somewhere, I never went by myself with Hannah. I always had someone come with me.

When Colson came, I felt comfortable in the mom roll. It was very much like the Luvs commercials! I live the one where the first time mom packs everything under the sun when she leaves the house and with the second she crams Cheerios in her pocket and heads out the door! :oP

I often look back on never going to the store alone with Hannah and just how silly it was. I would love to go back in time and just suck it up and go with no help...because quite honestly it would have been a piece of cake compared to going out alone with two kiddos.

Now that I have three kiddos, going to the store alone is hardly ever an option. Am I chicken? Pretty much! Would I take two of the three? In a heartbeat! I would have no problem! I would own it and rock it! But taking all three scares the crap out of me.

Maybe if I had 4 kids (no! Don't get any ideas! We're done) I would look back and see how silly it was to not take the three out...just like it was after I had two. Who knows!? But the thought of taking all three somewhere! Ah!

I fear one kid running off in the parking lot. Or losing one in a store. I can only contain two of the three in a cart and its very scary to not have Hannah confined in something! She still does not listen all that well to the 'stay by me' command. And I am constantly telling her to 'get over here ' or 'Hannah stop'.

I can handle getting all three ready. I can handle feeding them all. I can handle the different schedules. The random wake up times. The diapers. The fits. The bickering. But going to the store alone with all three...yeah, not so much!

Taking them all to drop Hannah off at school and pick her up is about all I am willing to take on right now!

Am I alone? I sure hope not. :o/


  1. Haha, that luvs commercial is me now! With Mackenzie as a newborn everything was packed!! Now I grab my wallet and hope she doesn't need a diaper change for a quick trip to the store. (Most of the time I do take the diaper bag, but even then there will be one diaper, maybe wipes,) :) We also went out once a week and it was to target for diapers/formula, that's it.
    I'm sure I'll be more comfortable with two, my question is where does the food go when two are in the cart?? :) I guess that's where baby wearing comes in handy.
    Thankfully Mackenzie listens to me for the most part. Although lately she is testing her usually happens in a parking lot. :)

  2. I totally laughed at this post, Jen! You definitely learn with each additional child just how to make it all work. With hubby working 12 hour shifts and not getting home until 7:30pm, most times I don't have an option but to take all four with me to the store if we need milk, etc. I have, on occasion grocery shopped for two weeks, with all four. Nightmare! Here's my unsolicited advice on taking 3 to the store: put baby carrier in main basket, Colson up front and have Hannah push. It will keep her occupied. Then you push a separate cart. Or vice versa.

  3. Option 2: wear hailey and put Colson in the cart. Have Hannah hold the side of the cart or give her a picture list of items that you need. Then she can help you shop. It's totally doable! Sometimes I resort to bribery and tell them if they listen and are good, they can pick something from the dollar area at target once I've finished my shopping.

    It's only scary because it's the unknown. It's like they can smell your fear! The more you practice, the easier it gets. Or you just stop for coffee/coke after they are all strapped into their car seats to help regain your sanity. You know, whatever works :)


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