Halloween 2013

I am super happy with how Hannah and Colson's costumes came out! I even crocheted their hats! :oP

My little Madeline and Pepito.

And of course, Hailey can't be left out. I wasn't going to put her in a costume but grandma picked up this little unicorn number and she was so freakin' cute in it! I almost died from the cuteness! :oP
First stop was to auntie and uncle Dawesome's house for some pictures with cousin Brenna (aka the cutest Pebbles you ever did see!)

Then it was on to the houses!

The weather Halloween ended up being really nice. I was afraid that we were going to get rained out because all week they were calling for rain Wednesday through Friday but about a half hour before trick or treating started we got a break in the rain...just long enough to get in an hour of candy getting. Plus it was a warm 60 degrees out!

 Last stops were to the grandparents houses.

But the kiddos had a blast trick or treating. They had no problems this year going up to houses which was unlike last year where we pretty much had to push them up to the first few before they were okay going up to the door.

As usual, we have more candy than we know what to do with.  :o/ 

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  1. What a perfect night for trick or treating! Looks like they all had a blast!

  2. They made trick or treating Friday night here because of the rain. There was a lot of rain on Thursday. :o) Love the costumes! They were very cute!


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