26 Week Baby Update

Due Date? October 2nd

How far along? 26 weeks today

How big is baby? a foot long and just under 2 pounds--the size of a large zucchini.

Weight gain? +18.5 I think--but that is using my home scale not the doctors. Official weigh-in will have to wait until my doctors appointment in 2 weeks

Maternity clothes? Yeppers! Finally got some shorts...which is good because it has been HOT!

Stretchmarks? nope

Sleep? Still fighting restless legs. I have a hard time falling asleep.

Best moment this week? We were finally able to get in the pool this past weekend! Yay for getting a tan! :oP

Movement? This babe is a strong little kicker!

Food cravings? Nothing specific. Just hungry all the time.

Gender? Team Green!

Labor signs? nope.

Belly button in or out? in

What I miss? Laying and sleeping on my stomach. it was nice to float in the pool because I was able to lay on my stomach! It is also getting pretty difficult for me to lay Colson down in his crib. :o(

What I am looking forward to? the 3rd trimester.

Milestones? Almost to the third trimester. UNDER 100 DAYS TO GO! Man, time is flying!

Next doctor's appointment? July 8th--which will put me just shy of 28 weeks.

Here is my bump picture.

Strawberry Pickin' 2013

The kiddos had a blast going to pick strawberries! 

This is the second year that we have gone and we have lucked out both years with getting unseasonably cool weather. It was only 65 degrees when we went last week! 

Plus, we lucked out because the u-pick was only open for a week--they went through strawberries that fast!

So far we have made strawberry and banana popsicles with the strawberries.

Tonight I am going to make the strawberry white chocolate chip coffee cake muffins that I posted about in the last post! Yummy! :o)

I am tempted to take the kiddos blueberry picking too. That starts in a few weeks. Maybe we will luck out and get a nice cool day and we can head out to the fields!

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Strawberry Season

Strawberry season is in full swing and we yesterday took the kids out to the strawberry patch. We came back with some yummy goodness and I'll post pics of our fun tomorrow.

In the meantime, I thought I would post some fun strawberry recipes.

I bought the kiddos some Popsicle molds the other day so I am looking forward to making some Popsicles!

Then with the warmer weather, this strawberry sorbet might be tasty!

Source: scoop.it via Jennifer on Pinterest

This bread just looks delicious!

As do these muffins!

And how perfect are these skewers for the 4th of July?


I will be 25 weeks tomorrow and while we still have quite a few weeks before baby #3 comes, I am already having anxiety over some things.

This baby will not have a bedroom so it will be cribbing (haha, pun intended! :oP ) with us for an undisclosed amount of time. That means we somehow need to fit the cradle and eventually a crib in our room, the changing table, and then a dresser to store the baby's clothes. Plus, we need to buy said dresser. :o/ We have a decent sized bedroom but its not huge so who knows how all of that stuff will fit? I try to rearrange the room in my head, trying to come up with the best layout, but until we actually start moving things and we get the dresser and crib actually in the room, my mind will not stop thinking about it!

Then there is getting all three kiddos in our Dodge Journey. Yes, it's a seven passenger and its not about all of us not fitting...it's more about how to get us to fit comfortably and most efficiently. Hannah will be going to school so I need to be able to get her out of the car easily. Do I put her in the third row and get rid of some truck space? Or do we try to fit 3 across in the second row? How easily will we be able to get the infant seat out? Would the infant seat go in the middle or behind the passenger? We know Colson needs a new carseat and I want to get a diono seat because they are narrow. I would hate to have to get one for Hannah too but is that the only way to get all three across the second row? I just have no idea the best way to lay all of the seats out.

Then Hannah is starting school...just a few weeks before baby #3 comes. So with the stress of figuring out a new schedule with Hannah going to school, lets add to that a new baby who makes its own schedule. Ahhhh! I'm sure I'll figure everything out but just thinking about it is enough to stress me out!

And I don't even want to think about going places with three kids right now. Or a double stroller which all seem to cost an arm and a leg to get. Hannah wants to walk all the time so her days in a stroller are pretty much over. But Colson still rides in one and the baby will ride in one. It was fine with two because it was one adult for each kiddo. But now we're outnumbered. So Hannah walks with Nick and then I push a double with the younger two? Or do we skip buying a crazy expensive double and I push Colson in our Maclaren and wear baby #3???

Someone hold me! I can't even handle thinking about all of this right now.

Mommas of 3+... how did you figure all of this out? What did you do? Advice?


24 Week Baby Update

Due Date? October 2nd

How far along? 24 weeks today

How big is baby? the size of a cantaloupe--about 11 inches long and weighing just over a pound

Weight gain? +17 :o(

Maternity clothes? Yep. Still need a pair of maternity jean shorts though. Summer will come and stay eventually! :o/

Stretchmarks? nope

Sleep? Sill fighting restless legs. I have a hard time falling asleep.

Best moment this week? Nick and I took a little kid-free vacation...well, minus the one residing in my tummy. :oP It was nice to get away for a bit!

Movement? I think, perhaps, the baby is trying to escape out through my belly button!

Food cravings? Nothing specific. Just hungry all the time.

Gender? Team Green!

Labor signs? no! Although I have noticed some pretty crazy Braxton Hicks which is something I never really noticed with my other two.

Belly button in or out? in

What I miss? Not much right now.

What I am looking forward to? Finding out whether this peanut is a boy or a girl. Although I am doing okay now...I'm sure as we get closer to time, I will start to go nuts!

Milestones? Over half way done now. If I am induced early again (which I haven't asked my doc if I will or not), we're looking at only another 14-15 weeks. Unless baby 3 decides it wants to come earlier.

Next doctor's appointment? July 8th--BP yesterday was 136/70. Since my BP hasn't been too crazy he decided to see me in 4 weeks which will put me just shy of 28 weeks. I'm guessing I will still do the NST and ultrasounds starting sometime soon after that. Once I reach that point, I think time will fly.

Here is my bump picture.

And a little comparison with the other two.
Hannah-23 weeks, Colson-23 weeks, Baby #3-24 weeks (I flipped the photo for better comparison)

Other than just weighing less when pregnant with Hannah, I think my bumps are pretty close to the same size.  Yes? No?

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Current Baby Projects

Here are some of the current baby projects I have been working on...

I made a new boppy cover--because, well, I had a new one for Hannah and Colson and I felt this baby deserved a new boppy cover as well. So I found some nice fabric that would match the grey, yellow and teal theme...

Here is the front:

And here is the back--it a super soft chevron minky fabric.

It is far from perfect but I am happy with how it turned out. :o)

I have also started a quilt.

I started with these 6 fabrics.

Cut them.

Sewed everything together and attached it to the same chevron minky fabric I used for the boppy and...

Ta-da! I heart it! :o) All I have left to do know is the binding.

I also crocheted some hats--one boy and one girl hat. I can't wait to find out which one I will need! :o)

The boy hat just needs a button.

On my to-do list is to recreate the elephant mobile that I pinned yesterday.  I already have the elephants cut out. I just need to sew everything and add some stuffing.

So I have been pretty busy...or at least trying to keep busy to keep my mind off of remaining team green. :oP

15ish weeks to go!

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Pinterest Finds--Nursery Edition

Since we are not finding out the sex of this baby, I am sticking with a grey, yellow and teal nursery theme. 

The catch to this, however, is that this baby will not have a nursery...well, until we move. 

Ultimitely, the goal is to move and build a bigger house. We're just not sure exactly when this will happen. Hopefully next year sometime. So until then, this baby will be sleeping in a cradle next to me for quite a few months and then we will probably have to rearrange our room to fit in a crib.

So why am I pinning nursery ideas??? Because that is really all there is to do for this baby. I have the clothes. I have the major baby items. Heck, we even have the names picked out. So since I can't actually start a nursery...I figured the next best thing is to at least plan and pin some fun ideas. :o) 

Yes, we will know the sex of the baby once we actually do have a nursery to start...but I am loving the grey, yellow and teal. So, that is what I am going with. :o)

Some of these items, I have actually already started or completed. I will post about those tomorrow! :o) But I have pinned these things with the intention of them being DIY. 

In the mean time, enjoy some of the cute things I have pinned!


burp clothes

baby hats






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Instagram Happenings

I have been a bad blogger as of late so I thought I would do a mini Instagram catch-up. 

Honestly, not much has been going on--just busy living life so even my instagram photos have been pretty lame... 

I splurged and bought a new maxi skirt and sandals. I figured it would be a nice outfit for a dinner out while on vacation! Plus I just wanted a maxi skirt. :o)

Colson catching up on the news. This kid cracks me up! He has such a little personality. We love it! We'll just look at each other and laugh at the things that come out of his mouth!

Last week I turned 31. Ew! But I had a very nice birthday. We went over to celebrate at my parents...because it was my mom's birthday as well. We got chinese for dinner and had cake.

 My lilacs bloomed a while ago and they smelled fabulous. I love lilacs. This is the first year that I had a really good lilac bloom so I took advantage of them and cut some for the kitchen.

The weather is still pretty crazy here. We will have some spans of 80 degree days but them yesterday is was barely 60. So we try to take advantage of the nice weather when we have it. I love these photos I took of the kiddos at my parents house.

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