Strawberry Pickin' 2013

The kiddos had a blast going to pick strawberries! 

This is the second year that we have gone and we have lucked out both years with getting unseasonably cool weather. It was only 65 degrees when we went last week! 

Plus, we lucked out because the u-pick was only open for a week--they went through strawberries that fast!

So far we have made strawberry and banana popsicles with the strawberries.

Tonight I am going to make the strawberry white chocolate chip coffee cake muffins that I posted about in the last post! Yummy! :o)

I am tempted to take the kiddos blueberry picking too. That starts in a few weeks. Maybe we will luck out and get a nice cool day and we can head out to the fields!

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  1. Love your straberry pictures! We had a lot of fun picking at our straberry field too!

  2. Looks like a blast! I have been wanting to bring Aubrey this summer- How did Colson do? Looks like he got the hang of it!


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