We're Building A Home!!

We built our current home when I was pregnant with Hannah. We have been here six years. 

When we built it, we saw ourselves with 2 kiddos so it's a 3 bedroom 2 bath home. It worked for us and was plenty big but when we decided to have a third child, we knew that we would eventually have to move.

That moment has finally come and we couldn't be more excited! 

I designed the house myself--combining bits and pieces that we liked from other house plans. I spent A LOT of time on it and after some stress and a few tears, we finally got it perfect. 

The kiddos will have their own room plus a playroom, we'll have a kitchen with a large island, and we'll have a mudroom with lockers for the kiddos to put coats and backpacks.

We met with a designer over a month ago to finish things out and make our blueprint files and we just got all the documents back from him.

Now we're at the permit stage so hopefully we will be breaking ground in the next couple weeks.

I am very excited--not only for myself because I designed it and I get to see it come to life, but because we are doing this for the kids. I am excited for them to watch our house being built. My parents built their home when I was Hannah's age and I still remember a lot from the process. Playing in the poured basement after it rained because there was 2 inches of water in it...building forts with the cabinet and appliance boxes...doing cartwheels in the freshly carpeted living room...putting our handprints in the wet cement of the driveway...

I am excited to photograph every step along the way because this is a big deal for them--and for our family.

So stay tuned for home updates here on the blog and be sure to follow me on Instagram for what will probably be an annoying amount of home building photos. #thelovingsbuildahome


Mother's Day 2015

Mother's Day started with breakfast in bed.

Hannah kept telling me how she wanted to bring me breakfast in bed on Mother's Day and I told her that she needed to talk to daddy. :oP 

She was so excited when she walked into the bedroom with my food. Plus, the kids loved having a 'picnic' on mommy and daddy's bed. :o)

After hanging out at home we headed out to a late lunch with my mom, MIL, SIL and families. 

I got some beautiful flowers (and an awesome buffet which I will post about later) and the kiddos gave their grandma's the gift they made for them.

We ended the day with some pictures. :o)


Finished Projects

Remember when I posted about this project??

Well, it is finished and hung up in our mudroom. :o)

I have also completed another project...

I am in love with the kiddos silhouettes. 


Easter 2015

Easter morning started with the Easter baskets.

Hailey saw the minnie stuff and completely ignored the rest of her basket. :oP

After baskets we got dressed and headed to grandma and papa's for breakfast and an Easter egg hunt.

The kiddos had a blast finding eggs.

And if the other cousins weren't careful, Hailey would snatch an egg from their basket. :oP

Colson couldn't wait to have a piece of candy.
Or two... :oP

We attempted to get a pic of all the cousins together...it's starting to get a bit hard.

We ended the morning with a bit of kite flying. The weather was absolutely perfect for it! The kiddos had a blast!

We ended the day by going to my grandparents house and the kiddos got to do another egg hunt.

We also snapped a family picture.

We really lucked out with the weather. We still seem to kind of be stuck in cooler weather...spring hasn't really shown up and stayed yet...everything is still brown...but it was super nice out on Easter so it was nice to finally not have to wear a coat!

Coloring Eggs

Coloring eggs is starting to get a bit easy because the two oldest kiddos follow directions a little bit better. Although, those pesky egg dippers still give us trouble so I think next year I am going to have to splurge and get the 'good' ones and not use the flimsy wire ones that come with the kits.

But either way, the kiddos had fun and mad some pretty awesome eggs. :o)

Hailey didn't actually color any eggs but she sat and watched Hannah and Colson and played with a fake egg. Hopefully next year she can participate without making a super huge mess. :oP