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Hannah finally lost her other front tooth. After some drama of falling and hitting her face on the floor it finally fell out. It was already very loose so hitting her face knocked it even more loose. After not even 2 days and refusing to pull it out, it fell from her face while she was sleeping.

We enjoyed one last day playing in the leaves. The weather was perfect. Now the leaves are all off of the trees and the weather is turning colder. We have a chance for snow this weekend. Yuck!

House is making slow but steady progress. I'll do another post about the house soon but we poured the driveway and porch and the electrician just finished up. Next it's the plumbers turn.

We had our first fire of the season. Like I said, the weather is turning colder so we loaded up on some firewood and had our first fire. The kids got so excited and wanted to "cuddle by the fire". :o)

Little Miss was enjoying some time without the other two kiddos. She becoming quite opinionated these days and definitely testing her boundaries. Unfortunately for her, this is not my first rodeo so she's not going to get away with much.

I may have decorated for Christmas this week and all before I host Thanksgiving at our house next Thursday. I have always waited to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving but with this being our last Christmas in this house, I just wanted to enjoy it a bit more. So everything is up but our tree. We'll be getting that right after Thanksgiving.


Our 'Incredible' Halloween!

We hope you had an Incredible Halloween!! :oP

We sure did!

Although it did rain most of the day.

However, the kids didn't seem to mind! A little rain never hurt anyone, right!?

They ended up with tons of candy. Like…tons! Who needs some?? I can't drop it off to you! :oP

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Hannah's 7th Birthday Party

Hannah is 7.

What!? How is that even possible?

I thought 5 sounded old and now here she is--7! 

Hannah is such a smart and independent girl. She excels at school and loves to read. She is wanting to do more and more things on her own. She is wanting to have her own space more, instead of always playing with her brother and sister. It makes me sad but I know that is part of growing up. 

We celebrated her birthday with a fairy party. She had a blast. A few of her school friends came, as well as her family so it was a packed house full of love, excitement, and screaming kids! :oP

Here are some details of the party.

Goodie bag fun.

The cupcakes that the kids could decorate with 'pixie dust'.

The cake.

I made giant flowers to decorate the kitchen.

 And I made a giant tree to go over the food table.

We had a 'decorate your own fairy house' station which the kids absolutely loved. It was a big hit!!

Here are Hannah, Colson and Hailey's finished houses.  :o)

Then it was time for cake. I still can't believe I had to put a '7' on it!

It was a free for all when I told the kids they could decorate their own cupcakes. We actually ended up taking everything outside so the mess was out there and not in the kitchen. :oP

Finally, we ended with presents.

Hannah did a great job reading all of her cards!

So another birthday is in the books! We hope you had a great birthday, Hannah! From the looks of the photos, I think she did! :o)

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Fall Blog Swap

I decided to join up with some fellow bloggers to do a Fall blog swap! I have met some great bloggers through swaps so when Johannah (who I met through a swap) decided to host one, I knew I couldn't pass it up!!!
I was partnered up with Erin from Homemade Happenings. Erin lives in Iowa with her hubby and 3 boys and she is pregnant with a baby girl due to arrive in just a couple weeks! We had a lot of fun chatting via emails!

I love getting packages in the mail so when my goodies arrived from Erin, I was very excited!

I received a cute little card and these following Fall lovelies:

I'm not sure a Fall box could get any better! 

See that red card?? Yeah, McDonald's cokes, here I come!! :o) Plus I got a super comfy scarf--a fall must have in my book, some yummy caramel apple suckers--my fav!, some Chapstick, and some yummy smelling waxes for my burner which I waisted no time melting! :o)

Hannah enjoyed my suckers! :oP

I had a lot of fun getting to know Erin and I had tons of fun finding her little goodies for her box! Check out her blog for some pics!

Thank you so much, Erin, I love everything!!


House Update--Breaking Ground & Pouring Concrete

So I just realized that I have left you all hanging in terms of house updates. If you follow me in Instagram, you have seen updates, but I have not updated you on my blog.

A lot has happened in the last few months! I'll start off with our ground breaking and the pouring of our basement.

We broke ground in June.
Here is a picture of the kiddos sitting in the middle of our lot.

We officially broke ground on June 16, 2015.

Colson was pretty excited that he got to help dig the hole!

They started pouring the footings for our basement on June 24, 2015.

Then it was time for the basement walls.

They placed the beams and poured the garage floor.

Next up was framing! I'll stop this post here so it doesn't get crazy long. I'll post a separate entry about all of the framing fun! :o)