Easter Baskets

It's crazy that I had to do three Easter baskets this year...you know, because we have three kiddos now. :oP

I remember 5 years ago when it was just Hannah. My goodness, how so many things have changed in just those short 5 years. But it's wonderful and I love it, and it makes me oh so happy! :o)

I thought it would be fun to show you what we put into the kid's Easter baskets this year before they tear into them on Sunday.

So without further adieu, here are this years Easter baskets.

I am a firm believer on the whole 'give them something they need, something they want, something educational, and something fun'. I use that for Christmas and I use it for Easter and it seems to really help to not go too crazy on gifts. :o)

Here is a rundown on what we put in their baskets this year.

Hannah's basket:
Needed--pajamas and socks
Wanted--Lalaloospy minis
Educational--new LeapPad game and a 'build sentences' puzzle
Fun--a kite and magnifying glass
Plus, I threw in a pink drinking cup, some easter eggs filled with m&m's and jelly beans, and some Peeps.

Colson's basket:

Needed--pajamas and socks
Wanted--Octonaut figures
Educational--new LeapPad game and a tangrams style puzzle
Fun--a kite and magnifying glass
And again, I threw in the drinking cup, some easter eggs filled with m&m's and jelly beans, and some Peeps.

Hailey's basket:

Hailey's basket doesn't quite follow the rules because, honestly she is only 7 months old and what could she possibly want or really need? :oP  So, we got her a big girl sippy cup, some mum-mums, a new outfit, a super soft blanket, hair bows and a pink bunny rattle.

I am pretty excited about their baskets so I hope they enjoy them. :o)

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7 Months Old!

Miss Hailey turned 7 months old today.
She is getting so big!

She continues to rock onto all 4s and from time to time will manage to bring a knee forward but {luckily} she is not crawling. :oP

We can roll from tummy to back but still does not roll from back to tummy. She's just so laid back that I don't think she cares.

She has loved every food that she has tried. (Blog post coming soon--promise!)
Se can still fit into some 3 month clothes but mostly wears 3-6 month stuff or 6 month stuff.

We moved up to size 3 diapers but they are still kind of big. We just needed them for night time because the 2s were not holding everything and she was waking up in the morning with a pee soaked jammie. :o/

She is still sleeping great. She usually goes to bed around 7:30 or 8:00 and wakes up around 8:00.

She has gotten into a somewhat consistent nap schedule. She will take a small nap while Hannah is at school--usually for an hour or so around 10:00. Then another longer nap while the kids nap--usually from 1:00-3:00. And then another smaller nap around dinner time--6:00. I'm not sure why she takes that little catnap right before bedtime. Sometimes I think that if I just laid her down for bed at 6:30 she would just sleep until 8 the next morning. ??? I don't know. But it's clearly not affecting her sleep at night so for right now I am just going with it. :oP

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365 Day Project

When the new year started, I set out on this adventure to take a photo of all three kiddos together every day for a year.

If you follow me on Instagram you have seen these pictures. #sweetlittlelovings365

I have done really well taking the pictures everyday and the kiddos are usually pretty excited to take them.

I can't wait to make a little book at the end of the 365 days. It will definitely be a nice little keepsake!

Here are the first three and a half months--97 days.






Checking In

Holy geez, it's been a while!

I'm sad that I have not been able to update as often as I have in the last. I feel like poor Hailey is getting the raw end of the 'third child' deal. I use this blog as a way too look back at the kids and Miss Hailey does not have anywhere near the amount of photos or even entries as the other two do. I really need to step it up and try a little harder, I think!

I have a food post in the works for the little miss. Plus we are getting ever closer to that 7 month mark. So 2 posts are definitely coming next week. :o)

Plus, I do have two older children, as well! :oP They have been a handful these days...definitely pushing my buttons. But I chalk that up to the fact that this cold weather just will not go away. We did have a few nice days last week and I chucked the kids outside for fresh air which I think helped a bit. Hopefully Spring comes soon and we can get a change of scenery more frequently!

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Hannah's 5 year Stats

Hannah had her 5 year check-up and kindergarten physical last week. 

Here are her stats:

So basically she is tall and skinny. Which isn't a shocker! :oP

She passed her hearing and eye tests and the doctor was impressed that she could recite her address.

Then it was time for the dreaded shots.

She did really well considering she knew going in that she had to get shots. I told her that if she was my brave girl, we could go to Target and get a new Lalaloopsy. :o)

You could tell that the nurses were used to the 5 years shots. I can't imagine that any 5 year old would cooperate nicely. So yeah, it was me and two other nurses helping to hold her still while they have the shots. 

Hannah cried for a bit afterwards but then she was her old self. She especially loved the bright pink band aides. :o) 

I told her how proud I was of her for being so brave and asked her if she was ready to go to Target. 

She picked this lalaloopsy...which seemed very appropriate!

I am relieved that her shots are out of the way. I just still can't believe that in the Fall my first baby will be going to all day kindergarten. :o(