6th Birthday Party Preppin'

Tomorrow is not only Hannah's 6th birthday (WHAT!?), it is also her party. 

I can't believe Hannah will now have to use 2 hands to show how old she is. For some reason 6 just sounds so old to me...like 'mom, I can make my lunch myself' old. :o/ I don't like it! Okay, if she offered to make her own lunch, that would be pretty awesome...but I deep down I wouldn't like it!

It seems just like yesterday that she was Hailey's age and that it was just the 3 of us...and now , here we are celebrating her 6th birthday and she is a big sister x 2 and quite the independent (and sassy) young lady.

Today has been spend getting food ready and picking up things around the house...although, sometimes I wonder why I even bother with the 3 kiddos continually dragging toys out. But rest assured, your butt will sit on a freshly cleaned toilet and there will be less than 5 dirty things in my kitchen sink...maybe. :oP

We are doing a pink and gold princess themed party with castle towers, and gold beads, and food 'wands'. It is sure to be a good time! :o)



While Hannah was at school we headed over to my parent's house so Colson and Hailey could play in the leaves.

When we got there my dad was still picking up the leaves...so Colson ran out there to 'help'. :o)

Then it was time to play in the leaves!

Hopefully when Hannah is on Fall Break at the end of this week we are able to go back over there so she can play in the leaves too! It's supposed to be perfect 60 degree weather!


Family Photos

am so happy with how our outfits came together for our family pics this year! 


Family Photos--The Outfits Revised

I posted last week about our family photo outfits. Well, after staring at that photo, I determined that something was still missing from our outfits. I wasn't quite sure what it was but I started playing around with some things we already had in our closets and came up with some revisions. And let me just say, I am so much more happy with the outfits now!

Just to recap--here were the outfits I posted as of last week:
I liked them, but like I said, I felt like something was missing.

So now here are our revised outfits:

I went back to the jeans for the pants for the boys and I really think that created a nice foundation. Then, I changed Nick's shirt to a maroon and white stripe button down, changed Hannah's grey sweater to a jean jacket with fur that matches Hailey's vest, and changed Hailey's pants to a corduroy floral skirt.

I think these are it! I love the jean element...especially in Hannah's jacket. 

I will not change things up again! I don't think! :oP


Friday Randoms

Planning is underway for Hannah's birthday party--which is only 3 weeks from tomorrow. Hannah picked a pink theme (shocker) and I added in gold. We have also added in some princess elements, as well. I will do a separate post with more details but I will just add that I am loving the food ideas we are doing! :o)

Hailey, I swear, is growing up way too fast. 

She is playing with toys more and can understand simple commands. (Go give panda a hug.)
She also knows where her toes are and can say toes. She has also started playing peekaboo and will say boo while doing so. It's pretty cute!

A while ago, I hung three hooks in our bathroom for the kids towels. Then I put frames above each one to put a pic. Well, I finally have the three photos that I am going to out in those frames...

Each one totally fits each kids personality! I love them! :o)

The weather has taken a nose drive here. The high tomorrow is in the upper 40s which is awesome because Hannah had a soccer game tomorrow morning. :o/ I'm kind of hoping it's canceled. But with cooler temps means fires in the fireplace and those are awesome so I am not complaining! We might even have to bring out the hot chocolate! :o)