Boy, it's been awhile...

But life has been happening, and we have been keeping busy which is a good thing. :o)

However, I have been finding time to craft. 

I started doing a lot of string art. I found it really relaxing. 

Here are a few pics of some things I have made. I have these and others listed on etsy so go check them out (plum ruffle)!! :o)

I have also been trying to use up some yarn so I made these--also listed on etsy.

And then I painted this cute family sign that I plan on hanging in our mudroom. I am pretty much in love with it and once I get it hung I will be sure to post a picture of the mudroom 'collage'. 

So yeah, lots of fun stuff. :oP 

I'll do a life update here very soon! :o)


Colson's 4 Year and Hailey's 18 Month Stats

Colson is still...small, at a whopping 30 lbs and 38 inches. But we all knew that, didn't we!? :oP 

He gained a pound and a half since last year and grew 3 inches so he is making progress...someone just has to be the smallest.

Otherwise everything looks good. They said he's healthy!

Hailey came in at 21.14lbs and 30 and a half inches. She didn't gain any weight since her 15 month appointment but grew an inch and a half.

Hailey dropped a bit in percentiles but they're not worried. They said she's just probably following in her brother's footsteps. :oP

So Hannah is going to be super tall and then the other two are gonna be shorties. Haha!

Hailey is really starting to say more words and play with toys--her newest words being lovie, pretty, Minnie and Olaf. :oP She is obsessed with anything Minnie Mouse and Olaf related these days! She is also pretty fond of Goodnight Moon. She loves to find the little mouse. 

She is becoming more of a little peson rather than a baby and I don't like it. :o( If I could keep her at this a act age forever I think I would because she is just so fun!


Our Serious Dipper

Hailey saw us dipping our French fries in ketchup so she wanted to as well. :o)

Ketchup in one hand. French fry in the other.

She actually did rather well and didn't make as big of a mess as I thought she would.


CAUTION! Colson's Construction Birthday Party!

So I am a little late in posting about Colson's 4th birthday party but better late than never, right!? And these photos are all from my phone because I have yet to upload the photos from my camera. :o/


Colson wanted a construction themed birthday party so we ran with that idea. 

I made some construction signs.

And we brought out Colson's fleet of construction trucks to decorate the party.

For food we did a 'construct' your own nacho bar and boy was it a hit!! Everyone loved it!!

And Colson was absolutely in love with his cake! :o)

He got more toys than we currently have room for but they were all pretty awesome toys! He was very excited! :oP 

He had a great time and we are so blessed to have such awesome family and friends!!



At 4:16 today our little man turned 4 years old!

4 years ago we headed to the hospital one day before my scheduled induction, to avoid an impending snow storm. We ended up getting 2 feet of snow. Anyone remember 'snowmagedon'?

4 years later, we celebrate Colson's birthday with another snow storm. A storm so bad we had to cancel our plans of taking the kids to see Frozen On Ice. A snow storm so bad that they issued a blizzard warning. 

We were bummed about not being able to go see frozen, but we still had fun. We bundled up and headed outside before the winds got too bad. 

We made a snowman.

We also had cake and opened a few presents.

I think he had a pretty good birthday and wasn't too disappointed!

It's still hard to believe he is 4...it just sounds so old. 

It seems just like yesterday that I headed to the hospital to meet our little man and now, here he is... A 4 year old who loves teenage mutant Ninja turtles, anything car related, and the color blue! He can spell and write his name, is super excited to start school in the fall, and is just now rocking 3t clothes. 

Time flies way too fast and I realize I say that with all of my kid's birthday...but it really does. And it's not fair!

Happy 4th birthday, sweet boy! You are our little man and we love you more than you will ever know! We can't wait to celebrate again next weekend at your big construction birthday party! :o)