Decorating The Tree

Sorry about the delay in posting this...I have had it saved as a draft for like 2 weeks.

Anyways, on to the fun stuff...

We got the tree home and in the stand and then the next day Hannah helped me put the lights and garland on it while the two younger kiddos napped.

I kind of love that she is getting old enough to help me with stuff like this. Plus, she was so excited that she got to help me. :o)

When Colson woke up, he put the star on top of the tree. Since Hannah helped with the other stuff we agreed that it would only be fair to let him to do the star.

Then it was time for ornaments. 

This is the first year I let the kiddos hang quite a bit of them. I usually hang most of them and then leave 4 or 5 for them to hang. But like I said, Hannah is getting older and understands to not put them all in one spot so I figured Colson would follow along. And it's way more fun to have a huge pile of ornaments as opposed to hanging just 4 so I let them go to town.

I must admit...the controlling part of me had a very hard time with this and I may have 'suggested' a few good spots for them to hang some ornaments but otherwise they did pretty well. I, at least got to tackle the top and back of the tree and fill in missed areas. :oP

I think overall it turned out super!! :o)


Christmas Party--Mom's Side

Christmas party #1 was this past weekend--with my moms side of the family. 

We did things a bit different this year and decided to have lasagna for dinner. I made a yummy white chicken artichoke lasagna and my mom made a traditional lasagna.

I made some cute and simple place cards for the tables. 

I dressed up the kiddos in their cute Christmas outfits.

I just love when the kiddos get all dressed up.

And we had fun opening gifts!!

Christmas is so much fun with kids! :o)

Next up is Christmas with my dad's side this weekend.


Hailey's 15 month Stats

Hailey had her 15 month we'll visit this afternoon. Here are her stats:

At 1 year she was 19.9 lbs so at 21.1 she is up just over 1.5 pounds in 3 months. And for height she was right around 28 inches so at 29.25 she grew 1.5 inches.

She is wearing 12 month clothes, 4.5 size shoe, and we just upped her to size 4 diapers.

She has 8 teeth.

She is walking and running all over the place and can climb up stairs.

She loves every food we put in front of her and will often eat more that her older siblings combined.

She can say many words: mama, dada, 'annah', daer (Dodger), bow (and she requests one every morning), book, down, kiss, poopoo, ni night, hello, baby, nana (banana), and pretty.

She can follow simple commands like 'go get the book' and 'give dada a ni night kiss'.

She loves babies or any stuffed toy. She will give them hugs and kiss and carry them around.

She loves anything that plays music and will dance when she hears music.

She is pretty fond of her siblings and loves to say mama, mama, mama over and over again--especially when in the car or sitting in her high chair.

The doctor said she looks great and is right on track so that good! 

We just love her spunk! :o)


Secret Santa Mommy and Me Book Swap

I decided to join up with Courtney at Sweet Turtle Soup, Jenny at Chronicles of We, and Elizabeth at Chasin' Mason for a Christmas book swap.

We were to share some books that we would like for ourselves and for our child and then they would pair us with another fellow blogger. Once we had our person, we would be their Secret Santa and we would have to send them a book from their lists.

Hannah was excited to see what book she was going to receive! :o)

So we got our package in the mail and we opened it up. We learned that our secret Santa was Jenesha from Books, looks, and babies...Oh, My

We were greeted with a super cute hand painted Christmas tree from her daughters, Adrienne and Ellyn.

I received a fabulous SkinnyTaste cook book.

I can't wait to try some new recipes from my cookbook!!

Hannah received a new Pinkalicious book.

Hannah had to immediately read her new book. :oP

And, of course, the other kiddos had to get in on the action. :o)

Thank you so much Jenesha, Adrienne and Ellyn!!

I was paired up with Shelly from Windy City Baby so if you want to see what we got her, head over to her blog!! 

And be sure to check out Courtney, Jenny, and Elizabeth's blogs for the link up so you can see what everyone else received from their secret santas! :o)

The book swap was a really fun way to kick off the Christmas season! I'm so glad that I decided to participate! :o)


Christmas Tree Farm

Last weekend we headed out to Henslers nursery to cut down our Christmas tree. 

It was a bit crowded because we went earlier in the day but it was pretty nice out so we were able to walk around and take our time picking out our tree. 

The kids had fun running in between all of the trees but could have really cared less which one we actually picked. :oP

I think we picked a nice one though!

I snapped a few more pics before we ended the day with eating cookies and sipping some hot chocolate. :o)

Next up...decorating the tree! :o)