Party Prep

Colson's birthday party is tomorrow and I have been crafting away making some decor.

He wanted a Mixel party. 

If you don't know what Mixels are--they are Lego creatures that you can make and mix up to create new creatures.

So for his party I made a few large Mixels out of poster board. 

Here's one of them:

They are not quite finished yet...nothing like cutting it close...but I am really happy with them.

Colson loves them so that's all that matters.

I wanted to do some other Lego things but unfortunately we packed all of our Legos away in the storage unit and we can't find them. :o( Makes me sad but he'll still have a great party. Maybe I'll make the front door look like a giant Lego...

For food we're doing a pasta bar again. I did one for his first birthday and it wa as huge hit so I figured we'd do it again. I'm not going to go as crazy with it this time but it will still be great! I mean, it's pasta, how could you go wrong?? :oP


Colson's School Birthday Celebration

Colson's preschool started their Arctic unit today which also happened to be Colson's birthday celebration at school.

As his special birthday treat I decided to make polar bear and penguin donuts.

I found the idea HERE.

Here they are all finished.

The Penguins--

And the polar bears--

They were a bit time consuming but really easy to make.

Colson absolutely loved them and they were a huge hit at school! :o)


5--A Whole Hand Old!

5 years ago today we welcomed our baby boy into this world and today we celebrate him turning a whole hand old!

You are such a sweet and caring boy and we couldn't be more blessed to have you as our son.

Happiest birthday to you, Colson. We all love you so so much!!


100th Day Of School

Hannah had her 100th day of school yesterday. (What!?)

She had to make a shirt with 100 of something on it.

Being the crazy Pinterest person that I am, we got online and started looking for ideas. We came across a gum ball machine with 100 gum balls--cute. We came across a hot air balloon with the balloon part made up of gems and jewels--right up Hannah's alley. But then I came across this image:
I loved it! Hannah liked it. She was pretty 'eh' about the whole thing. She didn't know what she wanted to do.

So, I told her we would go to the craft store and see what strikes her fancy.

We looked at gems and she wanted them all. 

We looked at pom poms and she was instantly drawn to the pink and purple ones with little sparkle pieces in them.

And then we got to the feathers. She initially grabbed the beautiful peacock feathers and got a big smile on her face. Yeah, those peacock feathers are crazy expensive and I needed 100 of them. I told her that we couldn't get those. <sad face> But I showed her some others and she loved them.

So if you didn't catch on...she liked all of the ideas. 

I asked her which one she wanted to do and she grabbed the feathers from my hand.

A little part of me squeeeeeeed. :oP 

Now, I might be lying if I said I didn't talk up the idea of the peacock a little bit more than the other ideas, but she ended up making the decision on the one she wanted to make.

Here is our end result.
She cut out the peacock body and glued on the eyes and the beak but when I came to glueing on the feathers she only lasted for about 10 and then asked if she could go play. :oP

If I had to do it over again I would have cut down the feather 'stems' a little bit. They made the shirt a bit stiff. But I was really pleased with how it turned out and Hannah was excited to wear it to school.

She was the only one who did a peacock! :o)


Instagram Happenings

When the kiddos were still on their winter break we took them up to the legoland store to pick out a new Lego. Mom and dad had to stop by The Tile Shop and IKEA so we told the kids we could go to legoland since we were going to be up their.

Hailey had fun looking are herself in the phone. I had to snap a series of photos because she was just too cute.

Hannah went back to school so it was back to Colson having a bit of time to himself in the morning before Hailey wakes up.

So many memories with this hat. I made it for Hannah when she was just about Hailey's age. Little Miss is obsessed with hats lately.

With the colder weather the dogs have been snuggle bugs.

Hailey was my little helper and the fabric stop the other day. 

A house post is up next. A little overdue but I will be all about framing!