Summer Fun

The kids have been enjoying time outside...playing with the water table, running thought the sprinkler, and slipping down the water slide.

The kids are really loving these water shooters that I got them. 

I got this water slide for $5 and I am now "the best mom ever!" :oD


Hannah's Last Day of 1st Grade

Well, 1st grade has come and gone for Hannah. Can we say--fastest school year ever!?

Hannah excelled this year and exceeded all 1st grade goals! We couldn't be more proud of her! 

We loved her teacher. I wish I could drag her to 2nd grade. :oP

Hannah is ready and excited for 2nd grade. I just can't believe she is already in 2nd grade though. Or that Colson is in kindergarten. :o( 

They are getting too big too fast!


Last Day of Preschool

Thursday was Colsons last day of preschool. 

It's crazy just how fast this school year has gone! 

After a rough start, Colson ended up absolutely loving school and his teachers. He had fun everyday painting and going on hikes. 

It was sad to say goodbye, but we will be there again in a few years when Hailey starts school. :o)
Goodbye, preschool. Hello, kindergarten!


Soccer Days

The spring soccer season is coming to an end and it has been an interesting one. Multiple games were rescheduled because of rain and most of the others were played in very chilly/windy weather. 

We've had to dig out gloves and hats for some games. The shorts I bought for practices and games were worn over pants. We've had to layer clothes under the jerseys. It's just been a crazy soccer season. It's felt more like October than May.

But it's been fun nevertheless. 

Colson scored his first goals and I think Hannah has really started to figure out how to play the game. She still needs work on field positions, but she is getting in there and taking the ball and has even had a few breakaways. I am very proud of both of them.


Doctor Well Visits--Hannah and Colson

Hannah and Colson had their well visits last week.

Here are their stats:

Hannah is 50 inches tall and 55.8 pounds and is around the 60% for height and weight. So she is a bit taller than average--which I figured. She has always been slightly taller than average.

She is still a size 7 with some 8s but she is quickly outgrowing her 7s.

Colson is 41 inches tall which is about the 10% and 36.8 pounds which is the 17% so he is staying on the small track. That's no shocker to anyone. I swear, this kid will never be able to be moved to a booster car seat. :oP

He is wearing mostly 4t although I did buy him some 5t tshirts for summer. For shorts though he is still in mostly 3ts.

All is well. Colson got his kindergarten shots so that was a bummer but now they are done and over with.