Colson's 100th Day of School

Colson recently had his 100th day of school.

To celebrate the had to make a project that included 100 items and then dress like a 100 year old person.

For his project, Colson decided to do 100 worms. 

I managed to find some worms at BASS Pro to use. We had a hard time getting them to stay glued to the board but I think it turned out pretty well! He was excited about it!

And how cute is my little old man!?

The glasses and suspenders! I can't even handle the cuteness!!

He was cutest 100 year old man!! 


  1. So cute!! What a great idea! 100 worms:)

  2. Love his project and he makes such a cute old man! :o)

  3. What a cool project!! And he looks like the cutest old man!


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