Playing Make-Believe

I'm not really sure what Hannah was doing here...but I snapped some photos of her playing.

Hannah has a great imagination and plays make-believe all the time so I'm sure, to her, she was doing something. To me though...she was just covering this toy with a blanket...  ??? Ah well, it was still cute! :o)

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Wordless Wednesday

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Sunglasses Obsession

Hannah might have a slight obsession with sunglasses.

I posted a few days ago about her rocking her pink sunglasses.

Well, last week at the store, Hannah picked this fabulous pair out all by herself.

Pretty fancy, huh!?  :oP

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My Sweet Baby Boy

I'm not in nearly as many photos with Hannah as I wish I was...mainly because I am always the one taking the photos. I always had to ask Nick to take my photo with her.

With Colson it is the same thing, so the other day I asked Nick to take a few photos for me.

In other news, Colson just was't having anything to do with tummy time yesterday. He got so mad that he was on his tummy, that he actually rolled over...back onto his back. :oP 

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Wordless Wednesday

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Snow White

Hannah has fallen in love with Snow White. Ever since we watched the movie on television she has been wanting to watch it over and over again.

We went on a shopping trip with grandma the other day and we paid a visit to The Disney Store. This was Hannah's first time in there and she fell in love with just about everything that she saw. Well, we came across the Snow White figurines and grandma just had to get them. :o)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Figure Play Set -- 8-Pc.

Hannah has been playing with them ever since.

I'm sure we'll be paying The Disney Store another visit here very soon!

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Thoughts and Updates

An update to the pacifier:
Colson was/is not a fan of the Gumdrop pacifiers. I will randomly try to give him one but he has a hard time keeping them in his mouth. So I got him some Nuk pacifiers and he seems to like those much better.

I'm trying to make it to where he's not totally relying on one to soothe himself/go to sleep. And actually there are times where I'll try to give him one and he uses his tongue to push it out of his mouth. I would say he only has one in his mouth for an hour or two a day.

An update to sleeping:
Ever since I posted about Colson giving us a 7 hour stretch of sleep at night, he has been a sleeping pro. I would say that over the past couple weeks he has averaged 6 hour stretches. However, in the past two nights he has given me an 8 hour stretch and a 9 hour stretch.

I just think my children love to sleep. Hannah was and still is a good sleeper--sleeping 12 hours at night. I think Colson is following in her footsteps! Both kids must get this sleeping gift from their daddy. It makes me totally jealous!

Random thoughts:
When you have your first child you're nervous and scared of the unknown. Everything is new and you really have no idea if you're doing things right. You listen and take advice from people but you have no idea what they are really talking about until you live it/experience it yourself. You worry about every little thing and become paranoid that something is/might be wrong. Your baby cries and you jump up and run over to them to make sure they are ok. You wake your baby to feed them. You take their temperature randomly 'just in case'. You buy the expensive diapers because 'they're the best'.

When you have a second child not only are you taking care of them, but now you have the added to-dos of your first born. You kind of go about things a little bit differently this go around. When your newborn cries, you might not be so quick to jump up to see what's wrong because you just feed them and you just changed their diaper...what else could there be for you to check on? You realize that a little bit of crying is not going to hurt your baby. You buy the not so expensive Luvs or generic diapers because quite honestly they are pretty much the same. You definitely don't wake your baby to feed them. You value all the sleep you can get, why would you wake up your SLEEPING baby? They will not starve if you don't wake them up. Plus, you know that when they're hungry they will let you know.

It's pretty crazy the differences in how you react to your second child. Your love and desire to care for them the best you can is still just realize that you were a worry-wart the first time around almost to the point of it being something to laugh at.

I am doing my best and all that I can for my 2 babies. I give them all of me! I love them more than anything and that is all that I can do. I should never think otherwise!

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A work in progress

We're still working on the whole smiling thing...

We'll get there eventually! :oP

And because he is just so darn cute, here is our little man.

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First Walk

Wednesday we were able to enjoy our first walk of the Spring. It was also our first walk with Colson and the double stroller (which I love!).

Hannah rode in the front chair.
Bundled up because it was a little chilly buy the evening.
Hannah and her two aunties.
Colson sat in his carseat in the back.
I just love this hat! :oP
Colson and mommy and daddy.
Me and my little man!
It was so nice to be able to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather we have been having. Hopefully it's here to stay... but Indiana's weather kind of sucks. One day it will be 60 degrees and then the next day it will snow. But hopefully that's not the case and the 30 degree weather stays away until next winter!

I look forward to all of our walks...and now all of our walks are as a family of 4. :o) Hopefully we'll be able to make it out to Coffee Creek for a few walks as well. :o)

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Last weekend we took Hannah to Bellaboos for a birthday party. We have never been there before but I had heard great things about the place. It's an indoor activity center where they have different plays areas. Like one area has a giant water table, another has giant building blocks, and then they had a grocery store among other things.

It took Hannah awhile to warm up to the idea but once she did, she had a blast.

The only bad part about it being a birthday party was that they only got 10 minutes to play in each as soon as Hannah really got into it, we had to move to the next area.

We will definitely have to take her back there one day when she can spend as much time as she wants in each area.

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Falling Behind

I have fallen behind just a bit on posting but I promise you I will update with more photos very soon!

It's a lot harder to get down into the basement for a long enough period of time to upload photos, edit photos and actually write a blog entry.  When I do get enough time to come down here, I usually write a few blog entries and set them to post at a later date so as to not leave you guys hanging. But for the past couple of days I haven't even been able to do that. I have been living off of my phone lately when it comes to reading blogs/surfing the net...which by the way, is not the easiest thing to do on a Blackberry! (I think an iPhone is in my very near future!) So forgive me if you are 'bored'...I have photos that I need to post and I'm hoping to be able to get down here tomorrow to upload them all.

As for this evening, Nick and myself are going to enjoy this wonderful weather, bring out the double stroller for the first time and take the kiddos on a walk around the subdivision. I am so excited to finally get out of the house and get some fresh air. I'm sure Hannah is excited to be able to go on walks again too! She loves them. I hope Colson loves them as much as Hannah does. And tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer (60 degrees), so hopefully we're able to get out for another walk.

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My Little Rock Star!

Hannah—rocking her pink shades! :oP

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Dodger, The Protector

How cute is this picture?

I was snapping some photos of Colson while he was laying in his boppy and Dodger came and laid right next to him. To protect is little brother perhaps? I thought it was very cute!

Here are a few other photos that I took, as well.

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All Dressed Up

Wednesday I was able to get all dressed up (for the first time in a long time) to go with Nick to the Blue Chip Team Member Awards Dinner.

Last March, Nick won Team Member of the Month so this past Wednesday they held a dinner to celebrate/congratulate everyone who won that honor throughout the year. Then all those people who won team member of the month got put into a drawing for team member of the year. That person won a trip to Hawaii.

Nick didn't win the trip to Hawaii, but it was still a nice 'date' night out. There were appetizers and we both opted for the steak and lobster dinner. Yummy!

And just because we can never be too is a goofy photo. :oP

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Sweet Sleep!

For the past 2 nights Colson has blessed us with a 7 hour stretch of sleep, followed by a 5 hour stretch of sleep.

When it happened Tuesday night, I thought that maybe it was a fluke. I mean, what 5 week old kid sleeps for 7 hours at night, followed by an additional 5 hours? Needless-to-say, I didn't get my hopes up that it would happen again. Well, I was very pleasantly surprised when last night our little man slept for a 7 hour stretch again—from 10pm-5am and then, after eating, until 10:30.

I'm trying to not get too excited...I still think this might be a fluke. I mean, it has only been for two days. Besides, I can't imagine that Colson could already technically be sleeping through the night.

But I will definitely take as many 7 hours stretches that he will give me! :o) Aw, sweet sleep!

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